2nd Wedding Anniversary Ideas for the Cotton Anniversary

Gift Ideas for the Cotton Anniversary


Many anniversaries have a theme, and it is traditional to purchase a gift that reflects the theme of the anniversary.  For the 25 year anniversary which is silver, and the 50 year anniversary, which is gold, this is a pretty easy task. However for some of the other years, it gets a little bit more complicated. 

The second wedding anniversary is referred to as the cotton anniversary. For the cotton anniversary, it is traditional to give your spouse a present made out of cotton. Seriously. Cotton. 

Here is a list of suggestions for cotton anniversary gifts. 

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Art on Canvas

Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Canvas is made out of cotton, so anything that is painted on a canvas is made out of cotton as well. You can purchase a painting, or if your budget allows, hire an artist to paint a portrait of your family.

Cotton Sheets

Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Probably not the most unique idea for cotton presents, but practical. It is a good excuse to upgrade from the sheets that you currently have, for something that is very luxurious. It is a gift that both of you will get frequent use out of, and if you do it right can be a sweet and romantic present. 

Nice Cotton Shirt

Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Cotton themed presents clearly lend themselves to clothing as a gift. A nice cotton button down from a store like Brooks Brothers or a monogrammed handkerchief are nice presents that people are unlikely to buy themselves.

A Comfy Hoodie

Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Get a comfy hoodie, especially if you can find one for his or her favorite college or team.

Two Person Hammock

Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Hammocks are made out of cotton, and a hammock that is big enough for two people is a very sweet cotton anniversary gift. You can enjoy many afternoons relaxing in the sunshine together, reading books. 

ALGOMA 4902C Cotton Rope Hammock, 13-Feet
Arett Sales - LG
Amazon.com: $30.00

Stationary Set

Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Fine writing paper normally is made with a high cotton content. A nice stationary set, or set of unique thank you cards or monogramed writing paper are always very fancy and traditional anniversary gifts. 

Designer Jeans

Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Designer jeans are great, because they make you feel fabulous when you wear them. However the price makes people reluctant to buy them for themselves. This makes them a pretty awesome gift for a cotton anniversary. 

With a gift of nice jeans, you will be able to remind your significant other that you think they look just as great today as they did two years ago. 

Nice Towels

Gifts for the Cotton Anniversary

Nice towels, or a bathrobe are a great gift made out of cotton. They are soft and soothing and you will enjoy a little moment of luxury after your morning shower. You could put together a nice "spa" set of luxury towels or a robe, and a nice bubble bath. 


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Seelyon on said:
Just passed my cotton anniversary the other month. It's one of the more awkward ones in my opinion, thanks for the leaf on the topic.
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Rose on said:
It's hard to think of something suitably romantic in cotton...

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