365 Things To Write About

365 Things To Write About

The 365 Things to Write About book is a great writing tool that unleashes your imagination and inspires creative writing. It's a writing tool and journal all in one. I bought this book a couple weeks ago and really enjoy it. Not only does it unleash my imagination and prompts me to write about different subjects that I normally don't write about, it also unleashed a lot of memories of things I have not reminisced about in a long time, such as my favorite childhood memories, school day years and time spent with my grandparents. This book also gave me a lot of ideas on things to write about, which is great for me because I often run out of creative ideas and subjects to blog about. 

365 Things To Write About

365 Things To Write About Book Cover

I bought 365 Things to Write about on Amazon and paid under $15 for it. It arrived in about 3 days. The book is very basic in design, including the cover that you see in the photo at the right. It does not include a forward, acknowledgement, introduction, preface or chapters. There are no page numbers but I'm assuming there are at least 365 pages since the book is titled "365 things to Write about". There is one extra page in the front of the book with the book title on it and one blank page at the end of the book. This paperback book is pretty large for a book, measuring 9.2 x 7.5 x 0.8 inches. The size gives you plenty of space for writing. It resembles a thick notebook with lined pages.

How To Use The 365 Things To Write About Book

365 Things To Write About

The book has 365 subjects/topics to write about. The subjects are listed in alphabetical order A-Z. You can start at the beginning with with the word "abundance", at the end with the word "zoo" or pick a random page, such as "sunset", and just start writing about that subject. The great thing about it is that you never know what your imagination is going to unleash on each subject.  

You Can Draw In The Book Too

One of the nice things about this book is that it inspires creativity. Today I flipped open the book and it landed on "hand". So instead of writing about hands I felt inspired to just outline my hand and date the page. Not something I would normally do but that's what I like about this book. It inspires you do and write things that you normally wouldn't. This book allows you to be as creative as you want to be. 

Example - On the "hands" page, you can write about hands, outline your hand like I did, paste a photo of your hands or cute out magazine pictures of different types of hands and glue them to the page. You could also outline your hand and then write a poem inside the outlined part of the hand. Do whatever inspires you. Unleash your creativity on 365 subjects.

What I Like About 365 Things To Write About

Why I like this book....

  • It's paperback (don't think it's available in hardcover).
  • Its large with plenty of space for writing.
  • It's affordable.
  • It serves as as a journal too.
  • It prompts me to write about things I like to write about as well as things I normally wouldn't write about.
  • It's great to take with me when I'm on the go. I often get impatient waiting at the doctor's office, who is normally running an hour behind, so this book will help me to pass the time and keep my mind off something other than wanting to scream at the doctor for making me wait so long. I also like to travel and this book will help to keep me occupied on those long road trips.  
  • This is a great book that can be passed on to my child and grandchildren (if I'm fortunate to have grandchildren). It has my thoughts on 365 various subjects/topics. It's a book of my thoughts that they can read, and reminisce about me, long after I'm gone.
  • I like to flip open the book to a random topic and just write about it. I flipped open the book yesterday and it landed on the "Homerun" page, so I wrote about the time I hit a homerun in softball in the 8th grade and the time I caught a homerun ball at a Dodger Game. Today I flipped it open and it landed on hands, so I outlined my left hand on the page and then dated it. 
  • The one word prompts give me a starting point of subjects to write about. 
  • I like that I never know where my writing will go next with this book. That's exciting part. I pick one page/subject and write for about 10 minutes. I never know what the one word subject is going to unleash in me and I never know what's going to come out in my writing. 

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365 Things To Write About

A great book for people of all ages!

365 Things to Write About!
A. S. Newman
Amazon.com: $13.46

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