48 Easy Ways to Make More Money on Ebay

Increase Your Ebay Sales with These Easy Seller Tips

increase Ebay sales

eBay is one of the largest worldwide marketplaces available online today, with over 200 millions registered users. Millions of people use eBay as a source of secondary income, or as a full-time income opportunity. In the world of online auctions, you need to find the latest trends, the newest items, and know when to change up what you're selling. Here you can find 48 easy ways to sell more on eBay and increase your sales. Boost your bids, find more customers, and make more money on Ebay!

eBay is the perfect place to sell for anyone looking for a good supplement to their income, or for a realistic work at home opportunity. Follow these tips here to increase your Ebay sales today!

Start to Increase Your Ebay Sales Now

48 ways to make more money on Ebay today!

Sell more on Ebay
  1. Take better photos by learning a little eBay photography. Better photos will result in more bids and higher ending prices.
  2. Reduce your eBay fees by choosing certain categories, offering second chance offers more frequently, and take advantage of multiple quantity items under the fixed price format.
  3. Take advantage of the Ebay Partner Network and drive targeted traffic to your listings or others. This can pay you a cut for every click, depending on the quality of the click. Note: this works best if you have your own website outside of Ebay before applying.
  4. Write more eBay guides and include a link to your store in it. These will demonstrate your expertise in your field to your customers.
  5. Take advantage of the eBay Store custom pages that come including with your store. More customized pages=more ways for buyers to find you.
  6. Make your store look more professional and brand it with a store logo that's custom made by you or someone else.
  7. Fill out your description more and fully describe your item. Use at least 200 words and repeat the main keyword of your item a couple of times throughout the auction for search engine optimization purposes.
  8. Take advantage of all 55 keyword title characters and write the best possible title for your listing. This is probably the most important way to bring in the most buyers to your listing.
  9. Research the competition by searching completed and current listings. Terapeak also offers helpful tools for eBay sellers to research more about the competition.
  10. Find the best time to sell your items. It might be the busiest time on eBay, or it could be when your specific pool of niche buyers is at their computers.
  11. Promote your items outside of eBay using article websites like Zujava, Squidoo, Wizzley, and Hubpages. 
  12. Feature more of your items on your auctions using Vendio or Auctiva.
  13. Blog about your business, store, and auctions to get traffic flowing to them.
  14. Take advantage of listing sales (temporary reductions in listing or final value fees) and move product to auction.
  15. Link to your store in every auction multiple times to get traffic to your store. Encourage clicks to your store by offering an incentive like free shipping.
  16. Encourage multiple purchases by filling out your checkout message. Remind them of shipping discounts and sales.
  17. Customize your packing slip with PayPal. This takes minutes.
  18. Customize your PayPal checkout page to include your own logo and look.
  19. Make a fan page for your business on Facebook.
  20. Make a MySpace page for your business
  21. Write a leaf on Zujava Zujava showing your expertise in the area that you sell.
  22. Schedule some of your auctions to end on the most popular night of the week, Sunday night.
  23. Become an eBay Trading Assistant to have even more inventory that costs you nothing.
  24. Make your auction listing stand out by adding a little HTML. It's not as hard as you think.
  25. Invest in a photo editing program to make your photos even better, or use the free GIMP editing program.
  26. Upload your eBay store items to Google Base and increase your store traffic.
  27. Further research the average selling prices of ebay items and find the best selling products using programs like Terapeak.
  28. If you're not already using it, consider using Click N' Ship to save money, time and to get delivery confirmation free. 
  29. Take a minute on your more expensive items to figure out the price for express overnight delivery and offer Get it Fast. 
  30. Stop paying for packing peanuts and head to your local recycling center to pick up peanuts and boxes that you can reuse. Market this in your auctions that you use recycled peanuts.
  31. Stop selling a variety of items and target a niche. This way, you can advertise to certain customers that will revisit your store based on your niche. You're much more likely to retain customers this way.
  32. Accept credit cards as a form of payment. Not everyone has PayPal. It may not hurt to write a blurb about signing up for a PayPal account in your auction.
  33. Big time eBay sellers may find it worth it to accept credit cards as a form of payment, read here.
  34. Use Google Adwords to increase your targeted web traffic. Learn some of the basic rules about Adwords here.
  35. Use Craigslist and Kijiji to sell locally for free.
  36. Learn how to buy inventory from other countries and be the only seller on ebay to have the items that you sell.
  37. Grab auctions ending at low prices that no one else can find by finding out how you can do so here.
  38. If your store is consistently stocked with merchandise from a specific niche, consider offering up some affiliate marketing so others can promote your store for you.
  39. Market your items in forums by participating in discussions and bringing up your items when the opportunity arises (not whenever you feel like it). Also, include a signature link in your post.
  40. Include a business card in each order that you ship out.
  41. Use the free email marketing that eBay stores provide to stay in touch with customers and to send sales notifications.
  42. Purchase a forwarding domain for your Ebay store so people will actually remember the name. Long URLs like http://www.stores.ebay.com/ohiostatecameras are a lot less likely to be remembered than ohiostatecameras.com.
  43. Sell your old clothing to supplement your sales If you're not comfortable with it, try using another auction ID.
  44. Buy your supplies in bulk on eBay, it's way cheaper.
  45. Spellcheck. There are so many auctions with frequent misspellings. This quick fix can make you look more professional instantly.
  46. Stay on top of the latest news and trends in the area that you sell, and offer those items to customers (before they do).
  47. Make a list of goals that you would like to accomplish with your eBay business, and strive to reach them by certain deadlines by making a plan. 
  48. Always remember, the customer comes first. Have a solid plan in place of how to deal with difficult buyers, make things easier for them, and always treat them with respect. 99.9% of the time, they will reciprocate and remember your kindness.

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