5 Tips To Beat Your Common Cold

The common cold is so common that every human being in this world has experienced it one time or more in their lifetime. It could range from a simple sneezing with a little runny nose to something leading to a bacterial infection secondary to a post nasal drip. Below are simple but effective ways to beat that common cold.

1.     Have a habit of drinking a lot of water – water is an essential part/nutrient of our everyday lives and is basically involve in many reactions in our body. Increase water intake could soften that sticky mucus in your nostrils causing them to be blown off easily. Water could also increase once immune system which could help you combat this common viral entity. So make a habit of drinking a lot of water, with or without your common cold.

2.     Take a good rest – your common cold is commonly cause by a viral entity and viruses are usually resolved by one’s immune system. A good rest or a couple hours of nap time could boost your immune system which would battle your common cold and decrease its stay in your body. So take some time to get some rest and that would prove helpful at the end of the day.

3.     Do some gargling – gargling could help soothe your throat which is usually affected by your common cold due to a posterior nasal drip. If constantly affected, your throat would be irritated and could eventually lead to a possible bacterial infection (sore throat).  Gargling with a simple combination of table salt and lukewarm water could do the trick for you. Remember, gargling is soothing.

4.     Blow your nose regularly – the common cold is usually accompanied by nasal congestion which could give you a headache, sinusitis and possibly ruined your day. Blowing off those clogged mucus in your nostrils could ease those congestion problems and prevent further complications. Together with increase water consumption, blowing your nose will not be a hard task. Always remember to use a clean tissue, napkin or a handkerchief when blowing your clogged nostrils.

5.    Avoid stressors – stress nowadays is a common cause of a lot of diseases. It could give you stress ulcers, an elevated blood pressure or could even lead to angina symptoms if the stress is too high. Having a lot of stress could also lead to a decrease in your immune system which is not good when having a cold. So keep those stressors away and think of happy thoughts.

At the end of the day, if these simple tips won’t rid you of your common cold and if the cold would remain persistent, seeking medical consult is highly suggested, your cold might be cause by other entities. Stay healthy and enjoy life.

Common Cold Remedies

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