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If you're a fan of Bleach, you simply can't get enough. You wait each week for every new anime episode or manga chapter. However, sadly, all good things must end and Bleach is nearing its stopping point as the mangaka Tite Kubo announced awhile ago. Though in the manga they was just drawing it out by going on hiatus. However, after Bleach is over and done with, or while you find yourself waiting for the next bit to come out, there is tons of other anime series out there to fill the void.

For those who aren't familiar with Bleach it is a supernatural action anime that follows the trials and tribulations of Ichigo kurosaki, just your average teenage boy who just happens to see spirits. However, one night he meets Rukia Kuchiki a Shinigami—a god of death that reaps evil spirits. After Rukia is injured, she transfers her powers to Ichigo and he becomes a temporary Shinigami.

Bleach then goes onto follow their adventures together. Fighting evil spirits and unwinding a thrilling mystery of Ichigo's lineage and a dark plot within the spirit world.


Bleach with Ninjas

Bleach and Naruto pretty much go hand in hand. Essentially, if you like Bleach you will like Naruto and vise versa. Like Bleach, Naruto has tons of memorable characters and even more fast-paced ninja action. Some often get turned off of the Naruto anime because it is not well done and filled with filler episodes, however, if you can tough it out through that Naruto: Shippuuden is your treat. Shippuden is where the story gets epic and it is done with much better animation.

The story follows a young hyperactive ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, who is the trouble of his village Konohagakure. Moments after his birth a raging fox demon named Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox, was sealed inside him. Due to this, the people of his village shun him and Naruto in turn is trying to find his place in the world. Motivated by their rejection, he sets his goals high and wants to be the Hokage, leader of the village.

D.Gray Man

Like Bleach But Less Well Known

Like Bleach and Naruto, D.Gray Man hosts the adventures of numerous characters. however, the major difference is, not many people have ever heard of D.Gray Man and it is a crying shame. Like Bleach, the characters in this series each have their own unique powers in which they use to fight demons that seek to wreak havoc on the world. They, like Shinigami, are part of a secret organization, but are not gods of death, just mere mortals.

D.Gray Man follows Allen Walker who officially joins the organization of Exorcists that destroy the Akuma—mechanical beings built by the Millennium Earl out of the suffering souls of the dead. These exorcists all have anti-Akuma weapons and Allen Walker is not different. Allen however, has an anti-Akuma weapon built into his arm and a curse eye that allows him to see hidden demons. Allen, along with his fellow exorcists must put a stop to the Millennium Earl before he carries out his ultimate plan  to destroy the world.

D. Gray-man: Season 1 S.A.V.E.
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Yu Yu Hakusho

The Bleach Before Bleach

I remember the days before Bleach. Yu Yu Hakusho was the Bleach way back then. Just the main character and his ragtag band of demons and humans fighting evil to preserve the balance between our world and the spirit world. In fact, comparing the two there really is quite a lot in common.

Yusuke is a 14 year old thug—cutting school, starting fights, the usual. However, one day he proves he is not such a bad guy. he sacrificed his own life to save a child from being hit by a car. Yusuke died. Game over. However, the afterlife was baffled that he made such a sacrifice and cannot figure out where to send him. With nowhere to go, Yusuke wanders around as a ghost and gets a chance to earn his way back to life.

He falls under the employ of Koenma, son of the ruler of the Afterlife. On Koenma's command, Yusuke must fight the demons  that threaten the lives of people everywhere unseen. Throughout Yusuke's journey, he is usually joined by; his arch-rival, and local bully, Kuwabara Kazuma. He is also joined by two demons named Hiei and Kurama, whom are ex-convicts of the afterlife that managed to escape from Koenma.


The Dark Bleach

Claymore is, essentially, a darker version of Bleach. Where in Bleach the heroes tend to be clear and usually prevail, Claymore blends the line between hero and villain with situations that don't always end well. Dark and brutal, Claymore shows a different side of demon killing—where demons must kill demons.

The world of Claymore is one in which humans coexist with demons predators called Yoma. These demons feed one human innards and stalk their prey by taking human from. To combat these beasts, an organization created warriors of half-human and half-Yoma  origins, named Claymores after the huge swords they carry. However, the price for being half-Yoma means they are detested by humanity.

The story follows one of these warriors named Clare who saves a young boy from a Yoma attack. The boy—Raki—becomes Clare's ward, much to Clare's chagrin. However, as they travel, the pair form a strong bond, but the life of a Claymore is neither a long nor happy one.

Buso Renkin

The Funnier Bleach

Buso Renkin features action packed fights, comedy and a male and female lead just like Bleach. Both animes have similar plot developments and characters. However, Buso Renkin takes things on the lighter side, that is to say, it is less serious than Bleach.

Buso Renkin follows the story of high school student, Kazuki Muto. One night he is killed after saving a mysterious girl from a monster, only to wake up at school as if nothing had happened. He soon finds out that he did indeed die and that he was revived thanks to the alchemist he had saved by implanting a special medallion to replace his heart.

This medallion allows him to form his on Buso Renkin (a powerful weapon capable of destroying the horrible monsters). He teams up with the alchemist and joins the fight against the monsters and their master.

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Joanne on said:
I have not heard of these, but if I had to pick one it would be the Buso Renkin, as it sounds most interesting and I like a bit of comedy too.
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Wonderful review of the anime Bleach. I have not seen it here where I am but I know that there sure is a devout following of the anime series. Currently very popular.
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My siblings recently got into Naruto, and have been looking for more anime's to watch, I'll have to tell them about this.
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Naruto or Claymore for me in terms of Bleach like animes.
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very good list!
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Horrible list!

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