5 Leafs Or More A Week

My Goal On Zujava Is Based On A Squidoo Goal


On Squidoo, I have a lens called "5 Lenses or More A Week" that challenged me to create 5 lenses or more every week. Ever since following up to this challenge, I am a recognized lensmaster for good content with over 100 lenses entering month #4 on Squidoo very soon. I think that Zujava is a great place to write for as well, so I want to create as many leafs as I can. I will start creating 5 leafs a week, and for those of you interested, I will still create 5 or more lenses a week as well. If I keep this up, I create 260 or more lenses AND leafs every year giving me a commanding position on these two writing websites. I am using the same picture for the 5 lenses or more a week goal because that is where I started.

Here Are The Rules

And You Can Do It Too!


When I named this leaf 5 or more leafs a week, I have to live up to that statement as you must too if you create a leaf like this. I will put the link to my Zujava leaf in the subtitle, but that is optional for anyone else. I also want to tell you all a little bit about my leaf so that you find it interesting. Leaving links with only 1 sentence about your leaf is for the forum, not for a rich text field. All of the leafs must be published as well, so they all must contain over 400 words of unique content.

The 5 Leafs Or More A Week Challenge

I Created This Leaf On Thursday

You Can Participate In The Challenge Too!


I created this leaf on Thursday, and I have to create 5 leafs before Sunday. However, for this week, this 5 leafs or more a week challenge will count as one of the leafs for this week since I do not have a whole week to work. Creating 5 leafs or more a week gives you a total of 260 leafs or more every year! With over 260 leafs, you're in contention for being one of the best Zujava contributors out there. That is what I want to become, and I am proud to be writing for Zujava. I have been a lensmaster on Squidoo for only 3 months, and this challenge is what helped my have over 50 extra lenses. I hope that this challenge helps out with Zujava leafs as well.

5 Leafs A Week Means 20-25 Per Month And Over 260 Per Year!

Facts About America

May 30

american flag

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How An eBook Can Help You

May 30


eBooks are the powerhouses of making money online, and they can prove to be very useful for you and your business. Many people don't have eBooks, and most of the people with eBooks tend to sell it all wrong. I want to show you why you need an eBook as well as tips and tricks that can help your eBooks succeed.


Why You Should Create More Zujava Leafs


There was a point when Squidoo lensmasters made over $50 a month from the Tiers. I hope that Squidoo returns to that standard, but it is a standard that Zujava will eventually reach. There are more rules for Zujava such as a minimum number of characters. These standards must be met in order to publish leafs on Zujava. These standards will prevent spammers from gaining access to Zujava. Spammers have hurt Squidoo a lot, but Zujava has no risk of spammers, and the only thing Zujava can do is improve.

How Do You Like This Idea?


20 leaves
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mihgasper on said:
It is great idea if you need motivation. In my case motivation is not a problem, but time is. If I find additional four hours a day, i will gladly take this challenge:-)
233 leaves
700 forum posts
Great idea. I just completed the 100 leaves in 100 day challenge. I might join in on the 30 leaves in 30 day challenge now. Good luck with your goal and leaves.
46 leaves
22 forum posts
heartycindy on said:
That is a good challenge to start with, will try on this one..
50 leaves
1158 forum posts
Good luck with your writing goals and welcome to Zujava.
2 leaves
23 forum posts
It's a good idea, if you can keep up with the quality of the leaves, in addition to the quantity! Unfortunately, I have a regular job, so I cannot devote enough time to write that many. Good luck, and hope you meet your goal!
78 leaves
22 forum posts
Seelyon on said:
I'm currently participating in the 28 leaves in February and I actually find it easier if I commit to making a large number of leaves in a single go.
11 leaves
0 forum posts
SimplySara on said:
This sounds like an achievable goal. Right now I am a bit behind on the 28 leaves in 28 days goal, but I'm not giving up! Once I get through this, I will switch to 5/week. Thanks for the idea!

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