Flooring For Wheelchairs

Best Flooring Options For Wheelchair Users

A Dirty And Marked Floor

Have you ever seen what a wheelchair can do to a floor? The floors of most wheelchair users tend to get dirty and marked very quickly. Dirty and marked floors can be not only unattractive, but also unhygienic. So there are two options, get wheelchair friendly flooring or prevent the tire from contacting the floor. This article will discuss several different flooring options for wheelchairs.

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Wheelchairs Can Destroy Flooring

Wheelchair Tires Leaves Marks, Scratches and Dirt on Floors

A wheelchair tire is a floors worst enemy. The wheelchair goes outside and filth gets embedded in the treads of the tire. Everything from small rocks to dirt to gum and dog poop can get in the wheelchair tire and it is impossible to get out.

Some people put a small rug at the entrance to house or apartment and this will take out the easy to remove dirt. Others may try wiping down the wheelchair tires or using a brush. But no matter how much you brush a wheelchair tire, you will never get all of the filth out, as can be seen from this video.

Rocks in the tires can scratch most flooring. The rubber from the tires can leave black tire marks. Dog poop leaves very unhealthy bacteria on the floor. So what are the best options for flooring for wheelchairs?

Wheelchair Flooring Options: Inlaid Sheet Vinyl

Inlaid Sheet Vinyl Is Durable and Inexpensive

Inlaid sheet vinyl flooring is ideal for wheelchair use. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to clean and durable. The pattern of inlaid vinyl goes all the way through the sheet, so if an area wears down, you will not see it so easily. Wheelchair users should stay away from rotogravure vinyl flooring. The reason is that the pattern is only on the top of the flooring. If the wheelchair makes a scratch or a wears out an area, it will wear out the pattern on the sheet leaving an unattractive worn space.

Vinyl Flooring Can Look Like Wood

Vinyl Is More Resistant Than Wood To Wheelchair Tires

Wheelchair Flooring Options : The Least Expensive Solution

Wheelchair Slippers Protect All Floors

Looking for the cheapest and easiest way to protect your floor from wheelchair tires? Watch the demonstration video about RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers. Wheelchair Slippers are machine washable. Wheelchair Slippers protect all types of floors from dirt, damage and germs caused by wheelchair tires.

Wheelchair Flooring Options: Tiles

Tiles Can Be Ceramic Or Vinyl

The advantages of tile flooring for a wheelchair user is that it is relatively easy to install and clean. Tiling can also be resistant to marks and scratches caused by wheelchair tires as well as water that is tracked in. What is the advantage of tiles over sheets? If a tile gets damaged it can be removed and replaced relatively quickly. If a large sheet gets damaged, the entire sheet may have to be removed. Finally, tiles can look attractive and many people prefer the looking of tiling to vinyl sheeting, but that is a matter of taste.

The disadvantage is that tiling can seem cold to some people. And of course tiling, particularly ceramic tiling is hard and unforgiving. If you fall on ceramic tiling, be prepared to be bruised. Read more about the advantages of a tile floor.

Tile Living Room Floor

Tile Can Be Very Convenient For Wheelchair Users

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Wheelchair Flooring Options: Rubber

Rubber is softer and has a natural traction

Some wheelchair users may enjoy rubber flooring. Rubber flooring has the ability to cushion a fall. So, if the wheelchair user is making frequent transfers or is elderly or just maybe likely to take a tumble, rubber flooring will cushion the blow and may save a broken bone or nasty hit on the head.

Also. rubber flooring has a natural gripping effect that many wheelchair users may appreciate. Read more about the advantages of rubber flooring.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers

Wheelchair Slippers Protect Your Floors And Keep Your House Clean

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Have you experienced dirty and marked floors from wheelchairs?

How do prevent wheelchairs from destroying or marking your floors

There may be other options for wheelchair floors. If you can suggest some ideas for taking care of the floors of wheelchair users, please let us know.


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Rose on said:
The rubber flooring sounds the best solution to me, especially if it softens falls
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Ladymermaid on said:
There are so very many issues that come to light when a person becomes disabled. I would not have thought of the dirt and tracks that wheelchair tires leave behind them in the home but it does make logical sense.
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orange3 on said:
Great solutions. The slippers look great for a quick, less expensive fix if flooring is not yet in the budget!
Anonymous on said:
My Father is in a wheelchair but he doesn't go outside so we don't have the usual problems. What is happening we have vinyl flooring in the kitchen and the small wheels on the front (backs are covered with slippers)make very bad marks where he constanly goes. I have tried everything I can think of to clean these marks but to no avail. They do not make slippers for the front wheels because of the piece of metal that the wheel pivots on. Does anyone else have this problem?

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