A Few Important Tips to Get More Facebook Fans

A Few Important Tips to Get More Facebook Fans

It is very difficult for every one now a days to live without using a facebook. It has become a part of life. And everyone tries to invite more fans to visit their facebook page .Given below are some tips to increase your fan club.

  • The simplest way is to send invitation to other users. You just have to click on ‘suggest to friends’. You can easily claim a user friendly page after having twenty five fans.
  • You can also invite the subscribers to be your fan, by giving them a special offer which can convince them.
  • For more publicity and for faster results you can display your facebook page on places which are important, like you can display it on business cards, brochures and stores etc.
  • The important feature of the facebook is that the comments which you get on the page and from your blog post can be seen on your facebook profile. It is the best way to increase your business. In this way your friends and other person on facebook can read those comments, and you can make publicity in this way.
  • Facebook has introduced a lot of widgets .you can add those widgets on your site and send invitations to others to become your fan.
  • You can perform various contests on the face book. Like you can ask others to comment on your page or share a video. You can also make different offers, like a person who will comment the most will get a price or things like it. In this way you can invite more people.
  • You can attract users who are not your fans by displaying a tab .this tabs will be displayed to the users who are your fan and also to those who are not your fans, by activating the reveal-tab option. But the tab you want to reveal must contain something interesting, which can attract the users, so that they can become a fan of yours.
  • You can ask your fans to tag the image of any event, person etc to themselves and to others also, so that it can be displayed on each other’s wall. In this way every one would be able to see that image.
  • Making use of facebook advertisement is the best option to give knowledge to others about what are you doing. However if you do not want to make use of this facility you will waste a great advantage.

Everybody knows about inserting you tube videos. The same thing can be done in facebook also.

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