A Mother’s Guide to Writing a Resume When Returning to Work


Of late, many women have been leaving the workforce to raise a family. Not all these women come back to work, especially as their children get older. Any woman who has been a stay at home mom and decides they want to work again is making a huge change in their life. Unfortunately, because they have been home for years, even decades, there will be a large gap of work experience in her resume. This is a guide on how to weave motherhood experience and duties into a resume, showing any employer that being a mother is truly one of the hardest jobs.

Going About Writing

The number one advice when writing a back to the workforce resume is to not apologize or make excuses as to why time was taken off. A mother is the glue that keeps the family sticking together. Be proud of what has been accomplished, and be ready to show an employer what you’re really made of. Writing a resume isn’t easy, especially when you have had time off from working. There are several tools online, including an online resume builder, that can help make the resume writing process a little easier. The key is to just get started. You’re more likely to finish a half written resume than start one from scratch. Your resume can be the worst resume in the world, but if you keep writing, editing, and fine tuning, you will be sure to create a job landing resume!

Use the Situation to Your Advantage

There are a lot of skills it takes to be a mother. These skills are also completely applicable when writing a resume, whether they’re used as hard skills or soft skills. For example, if you used any software to budget your family’s income, or anything similar to that, don’t forget to mention that program as a hard skill! Soft skills that you used while parenting include organization, multitasking, time management, punctuation, problem solving, etc. Use these assets to your advantage and list them as soft skills. You could even use “Stay at Home Mother” as part of your work experience, listing your job duties.

Practice for the Interview

If you haven’t been in the workforce for a long time, it can often be scary coming back, especially if it has been years since you have had a job interview. Once you have your resume written, you might want to spend some time practicing for any interview you have. Practice can be as simply as thinking of commonly asked job interview questions and reciting your answers a few times. The key is to not be nervous. The more confident you are, the more you will be able to answer any questions without hesitation and provide answers that will give an employer reason to hire you. As a mother, you have played an extremely important role in your family’s life, and returning to work can give you an extremely important role in a company.


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