Angry Birds Party Supplies & Favors

Angry Birds Birthday Party Supplies & Ideas

Angry birds party supplies & ideas

In December 2009, the whole world was captured by some really angry birds. And this abduction continues till date. Every single person no matter what age group he/she falls in, is essentially obsessed with this exciting puzzle game. People's obsession with this game has triggered the demand for angry birds themed accessories.

Keeping this in view, I will share with you my ideas for planning and executing a perfect angry birds theme party. All the necessary items that you might require for your theme party are featured on this page. But this is only to unlock your creative potential, use these ideas to unleash your creativity and throw a party that will make your guests go Wheeeee! 

Angry Birds Party Invitations

Join an Angry Birds Celebration

Before you start off, list down names of all the people you want to invite so that you do not miss out a name while sending out invitations. You can buy ready made angry birds themed party invites online if you have less time to spare. You can also look up on the internet for your kid's favorite angry birds characters or scenes and feature them on your party invitation.

If you have ample time, try making simple and cute angry birds theme party invitations at home with your little ones. This will not only be a fun sport but will also bring out the artists in your kids. Angry birds party invitations can be made at home using colored cardboard and angry birds stickers or decals. The possibilities are endless, all you need to do is do a little brainstorming and you'll be all set to shoot!

Angry Birds Tableware

Supplies for angry birds party

Angry Birds Party would seem very dull and incomplete without an angry birds party table all set for the treat. Angry Birds tableware will make the party more special for the birthday child and for his friends as well. Themed Party lunch plates, dessert and dinner plates, cups, napkins and cutlery sets can be purchased at a local store.

If you are working on a budget and want to do something different, try transforming plain colored balloons into angry birds. Inflate the balloons, cut out eye and hair silhouettes from chart paper and stick them on the balloons. Your angry birds are ready to be hung around in the room.

It will be of advantage if you buy party supplies pack online as you wont have to search for hours in market and will also have the items delivered at your doorstep.

Angry Birds Cake & Cupcake Ideas

Fun ideas for party cake

Angry Birds are one of my favorite themes for cakes. I just love the way how the cakes turn out. If you're not so good at baking, order your angry birds cake at a bakery. But if you know how to bake, consider preparing the cake at home. You can take help from different tutorials available on the internet and create your own angry birds cake. You can also buy a ready made cake sponge from a local bakery and then use fondant or frosting to cover it up.

You can either use fondant characters, edible cake toppers or small angry birds characters to decorate your angry birds theme cake. The cake gallery featured below will give you some fantabulous ideas for an angry birds cake.

Gallery: Angry Birds Cake & Cupcake Ideas on Flickr

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Angry Birds Party Favors

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