Beautiful Fall Colors Pictures – Autumn Scenes

Fall Color Photos

Beautiful Fall Leaves

Please enjoy these free Autumn pictures. I have Fall leaves pictures, along with photos of kids in the fall, landscaping scenes and autumn animals.

Listen to some autumn music while you're here and vote for your favorite pictures. Autumn is a beautiful time of year with the changing colors of the leaves and there are so many gorgeous images which represent this time of year. I hope you enjoy these.

Leaves image by born1945 at Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing. 

Autumn Leaves Images

Fall Photos Free

Red Fall Leaves Picture

Don't you love the colors of fall? Previously green leaves turn into various shades of yellow, orange, red and purple. This is due to chemical changes in the leaves. 

As summer comes to an end, there is less light during the day. With less light, the amount of chlorophyll decreases, thus causing the leaves to lose their green coloring.

Please enjoy these beautiful fall leaves photos.

Image by tattooedme at Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing.

Fall Leaves Image

Tree with Yellow Leaves

Tree with Yellow Leaves

Image by CJAG93 and uploaded to Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing.

Tree with Orange Leaves

Autumn Orange

Tree with Yellow Leaves

Image by foxrosser at Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing.

Purple Leaf

Fall Leaf Color Change

Purple Leaf

Leaf image by Dawn Huczek at Flickr through Creative Commons Licensing.

Autumn Leaf Poll

Autumn Leaves by Nat King Cole

Please enjoy this beautiful song along with pretty autumn images.

Autumn Landscapes

Fall Landscape Pictures

Fall Landscaping Picture

Ever wonder why leaves on trees are so important? First of all, they are great at providing shade. This is not only nice for people, but for animals, too, like birds and squirrels.

In addition, leaves are responsible for providing food to a tree. So, as beautiful as they may look, they are also very functional.

Tree image by Arpingstone and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Matanya (usurped).

Get ready to vote for your favorite Fall landscaping picture!

Autumn Image #1

Fall Landscape

Image by Adrian Pingstone and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Arpingstone.

Autumn Image #2

Beautiful Autumn Picture

Image by Muffet at Flickr through Creative Commons Licensing.

Autumn Image #3

Autumn Nature Picture

Image by Michael C. Rael at Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing.

Autumn Image #4

Fall Trees Image

Image by UNE Photos at Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing.

Landscape Poll

If you like these pictures, why not go out and take some of your own? This could make for a fun family project. Afterwards, you can place your pictures in a photo album.

Autumn Scrapbook

Pioneer Photo Albums

Here's a perfect scrapbook for your Autumn images. I love it because it fits the fall theme perfectly.

Kids in Autumn

Fall Children

Playing in Leaves

Image by ientu at Flickr through Creative Commons Licensing.

Autumn at the Park

Autumn at the Park

Image by laughingboyottawa at Flickr through Creative Commons Licensing.

Girl with Leaves

Girl with Leaves

Image by D. Mych at Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing.

Fall Craft Kit

Autumn Crafts for Kids

Sorry! We can't find product B002T2QT8O

Time to vote for your favorite Autumn animal picture!

Autumn Animals #1

Autumn Animals

Deer image by Dr Max at Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing.

Autumn Animals #2

Dog in Leaves

Image by sneakerdog at Flickr through Creative Commons Licensing.

Autumn Animals #3

Image by JSDavis82 at Flickr through Creative Commons Licensing.

Animal Photo Poll

Beautiful Autumn Print

Landscape Mountain Autumn of Giclee Print Canvas Art with Oil Brush
All In One Group

If you enjoy autumn, you can enjoy an Autumn image all year with this stunning oil brush print. It's printed on art grade canvas, so it's a high quality print.

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30 leaves
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What is your favorite thing about Autumn?
54 leaves
313 forum posts
beckyf on said:
The colors--and the cold weather!
30 leaves
146 forum posts
Love the colors, but don't like the cold weather.
49 leaves
51 forum posts
I have lived in the Northeast my entire life and autumn has always been my favorite season. The colors, a little nip in the air, wearing a cozy sweater - I love it all!
30 leaves
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We've been having triple digit weather, so a little nip in the air sounds good right now.
88 leaves
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Daniela12 on said:
Beautiful pictures. Nature is beautiful .
28 leaves
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Bonita on said:
The colors are my favorite part of autumn. Nice leaf!
30 leaves
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I love them, too. It's so nice to drive around the neighborhood and see all of the different colored leaves.
72 leaves
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Marie on said:
Beautiful images, Fall is my favorite time of year. Love the fire reds and oranges.
30 leaves
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They really are quite bright, aren't they?
5 leaves
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Karen on said:
I've always wanted to go on a New England fall foliage tour.
40 leaves
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Rose on said:
The second picture from the top - the pink and purple one, is exquisite. What a lovely page!
30 leaves
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WriterJanis on said:
Thank you! I love all the pictures of Fall.
25 leaves
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Lorna on said:
I love Fall season, the colors are vibrant. I love your pictures.
30 leaves
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WriterJanis on said:
I appreciate your compliment.
5 leaves
19 forum posts
It's the very first day of June but I'm looking through my window and there's just no sign of spring. The temperature and the atmosphere is rather like on these photos here :) great leaf Janis!
30 leaves
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You must live in quite a cool area. Summer has hit here and today it reached 100 degrees.
15 leaves
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Joanne on said:
Love these photos, especially the ones with kids and animals.
30 leaves
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Kids and animals go so well together, don't they? Thank you for the compliment.
11 leaves
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marciag on said:
These photos are gorgeous and they're so appropriate with fall almost upon us already!
31 leaves
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Sunnyside on said:
Autumn is a beautiful time of year with all the colorful leaves. I really enjoyed your look at nature and all the photos. Just as pleasant as can be.
30 leaves
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I am so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me know.
16 leaves
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Tolovaj on said:
The squirrel is adorable!
70 leaves
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Beautiful collection of fall photos. Nicely done!
We don't get a lot of those color changes where I live. But then, we don't get the sad, bare tree limbs (just a very few) that follow the colors, either, so it's a good trade off.
30 leaves
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I think I would miss not getting the fsll colors as they are so beautiful.
31 leaves
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Sunnyside on said:
Stopped by to pin this beautiful fall page leaf.
30 leaves
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I;m in the west and we get some beautiful coloring during the fall.
70 leaves
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Hmm... I couldn't vote in the poll about favorite leaf colors, because my favorite wasn't there. I like that most of our trees stay green all year here, so that's my favorite fall leaf color.
30 leaves
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That makes sense as you prefer green leaves.

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