The Best Heavy Metal Album Ever Tournament: Part IV

The Evil Eight


**The voting for Part IV has closed.  Click here to vote on Part V**

Your voting has narrowed the field down from thirty-two of the best heavy metal albums to the eight best metal albums of all time.  This week, voting will be opened for the four matchups in the Evil Eight to crown winners of each of the four regions.  The four regional winners will compete next week in the semi-finals (The Big Four) in the region of Great Britain.  There have definitely been some huge surprise winners in this tournament and the top ten is shaping up somewhat differently than I had thought it would.  This week’s results are no different.  There are some major surprises in the top eight.   For those who have not read three parts, you can view them by clicking here: Part I, Part II, and Part III

We are only three more weeks away from crowing the best heavy metal album of all time and formulating a top ten list based on all of your rounds of voting.  The best heavy metal album of all time will have an entire leaf dedicated to it, discussing all tracks and details in depth from start to finish.  With the top eight competing this week to begin to decide where they will fall on the top ten list, I can tell you that numbers nine and ten on the list have been decided by your votes.  I will discuss those below in the results section.  Obviously these albums are not in the top eight which means they lost their matchups in the last round.  The two albums with the highest percentage of votes of the losing albums will be listed at numbers nine and ten. 

Here is a quick refresher of the rules for those who have forgotten or have not voted before in previous rounds.  The tournament is a thirty-two album single elimination tournament.  There are four regions where each album is seeded one through eight, just like the NCAA Basketball Tournament.   The first two rounds have been voted on and two albums in each region now remain for a total of eight albums.  This week we will be crowning the four regional champions.   Each matchup will be presented to you with one YouTube video representing it in this round.  In my first two articles, I gave details and critical reviews for each album.  I will place links next to each album that will bring you to those reviews.  You can also click on the album cover which will bring you to Amazon for more details and fan reviews.  After the matchup and videos are presented, there will be a voting link below the YouTube sections for you to pick which album you think should move on to the Big Four.  Let’s check out the winners from last week and see who will be competing in the Evil Eight.

Screaming Sixteen Results

Regional Semi-Finals

Scandinavia Region:

Paranoid (1) 100% defeated Black Metal (4) 0%

Rust In Peace (3) 100% defeated The Art of Balance (7) 0%


New York Region:

Reign in Blood (2) 51% defeated The Fall of Ideals (6) 49%

Angel Dust (4) 100% defeated Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (8) 0%


Massachusetts Region:

Master of Puppets (2) 100% defeated Clayman (6) 0%

Upset Special:

Korn (5) 67% defeated Number of the Beast (1) 33%


San Francisco Region:

Vulgar Display of Power (3) 67% defeated The Blizzard of Ozz (2) 33%

Upset Special:

Badmotorfinger (4) 78% defeated Ace of Spades (1) 22%



This sets up this week's Evil Eight Regional Final Matchups of Paranoid vs. Rust in Peace, Reign in Blood vs. Angel Dust, Master of Puppets vs. Korn, and Vulgar Display of Power vs. Badmotorfinger



Starting the Top Ten List:

10. Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden (33% of the vote; seeded #1 so wins tiebreaker with #2 seeded Blizzard of Ozz)

9.  The Fall of Ideals – All That Remains (49% of the vote)






Scandinavia Region

Regional Finals

Viking Skull Vector

Paranoid (1) vs. Rust in Peace (3)

Black Sabbath takes on Megadeth

"Planet Caravan" vs. "Polaris"

YouTube Video thumbnailYouTube Video thumbnail

Cast Your Vote

Paranoid or Rust in Peace?

New York Region

Regional Finals


Reign in Blood (2) vs. Angel Dust (4)

Slayer versus Faith No More

"Criminally Insane" vs. "Smaller and Smaller"

YouTube Video thumbnailYouTube Video thumbnail

Pick the Best

Reign in Blood or Angel Dust?

Massachusetts Region

Regional Final

The Worcester Palladium

Master of Puppets (2) vs. Korn (5)

Metallica grapples with Korn

"Orion" vs. "Shoots and Ladders"

YouTube Video thumbnailYouTube Video thumbnail

Punch the Ticket

Master of Puppets or Korn?

San Francisco Region

Regional Final

Fillmore Sign

Vulgar Display of Power (3) vs. Badmotorfinger (4)

"Regular People" vs. "New Damage"

YouTube Video thumbnailYouTube Video thumbnail

Make Your Selection

Vulgar Display of Power or Badmotorfinger?

Tournament Week 5

The Big Four

Voting is closed.  Click here to vote on part V.

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bill on said:
I voted for Rust in Peace, Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood, and Badmotorfinger. Three of the Big Four. Could we see Slayer vs. Metallica in the end? Or Metallica vs Megadeth? Soundgarden vs. Slayer? I'm curious to see how this turns out.

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