Bird crafts

Bird crafts

bird crafts

How to make a hama bead owl bird craft. Also find lots of fun bird crafts ideas with different types of birds such as owls, penguins, flamingos, hummingbirds and much more.

How to make a hama bead bird

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bird crafts

To make this little bird you will need 12 white hama beads, 3 orange hama beads, 2 yellow hama beads, 2 black hama beads, 10 dark brown hama beads, 46 light brown hama beads, hexagon shape pegboard, wax paper and an iron.


Start off by placing two black hama beads on the 7th row of the pegboard for the center of the eyes two spaces apart.  Around the black beads place 6 white hama beads to complete the eyes.  Under the eyes place 3 orange hama beads for the beak. You will need 5 dark brown hama beads for the wings on each side.  Fill in the remaining area with light brown hama beads.  Finish off with two yellow beads for the little feet.

hama bead bird crafts

Heat up your iron, place a piece of wax paper on top of the beads and place iron for about 10 seconds or until beads fuse together.  Flip on the other side, cover with wax paper and repeat on the other side.

Hama bead bird

Once your owl cools down you can use him to make a magnet, necklace or just for decoration.

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