Butterfly quilling patterns

Butterfly quilling patterns

buttefly quilling patterns

Free butterfly quilling patterns 

Learn how to quill a butterfly with this cute butterfly quilling design. Also find simple and intricate butterfly quilled patterns.

Butterfly quilling pattern

how to make a quilled butterfly

butterfly quilling patterns

You will need :

9 strips of blue paper

3 strips of pink paper

1 strip of black paper

1 strip of green paper

I used strips 10 inches long and 1/4 an inch wide that I made myself. 

Roll your 9 blue strips of paper into heart scrolls for the wings.  Cut your black strip into 1 inch pieces and roll into a tight circle for the eyes.  For the antennas cut off two 1 inch pieces of pink paper and roll into spirals.  Roll your green strip of paper into a tight circle for the head.  With your two remaining pink strips roll each piece into an S scroll shape.

Quilling butterfly design

butterfly quilling patterns

Place your two black tight circles inside the green circle for the head and glue both pink spirals at the top.  Below the head glue both of the S scrolls for the body.  On each side of the body glue three hearts together for the top and bottom of the butterfly wings.

How to quill a butterfly

intricate butterfly quilling design

Free butterfly quilling patterns

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Butterfly patterns

butterfly patterns

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