Cake quilling patterns

Cake quilling patterns

cake quilling patterns

Free cake quilling patterns.

How to make a paper cake quilling design. 

How to quill a cake

paper quill cake tutorial

cake quilling designs

You will need:

a quilling tool or you can roll them by hand with a toothpick

Pink paper strips

white paper strips


I made my own strips measuring 10 inches long and 1/4 an inch wide. 

You will need 9 strips of white paper.  Roll each piece into a loose coil and shape into a square. Squish each circle into a square and pinch the sides to reinforce the square.  You will need three pink strips for the pink cake decorations. Roll each pink quilled paper strip into a scroll shape. Glue each side in the center to keep to scroll from unraveling. 

Cake quilling instructions

cake quilling patterns

Glue five white squares together in a row. Above the bottom layer of cake glue two pink scrolls on top. The next layer of cake consists of three white squares.  Glue one pink scroll on top and one white square for the top of the cake.  This cake would look fantastic on a birthday card or wedding card.

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Free quilling patterns

free quilling patterns

Quilling is a wonderful craft in which you roll thin strips of paper and shape into various sizes.  You can use the different shapes to make ... Read more


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Tina on said:
You are very creative!
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This is SO cute! I'm going to a wedding next weekend. If I have time, I'll give this a try for their card. Do you use any special kind of paper? Do certain weights work better than others?
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I just used regular paper. Thin paper works best, if its too thick it will be difficult to roll.

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