Cake Ribbon

Cake Ribbon

Cake ribbon is a fun way to make any cake look professionally made in just a few minutes! There are many different types of ribbon in endless color schemes available, so be creative!

Applying ribbon to a cake is super simple! First, measure the circumference of each layer by wrapping the ribbon around the outside of your cake pan. Allow an extra inch to compensate for icing or fondant and cut your ribbon. Fabric ribbon needs to be dipped in warm water to help it adhere to the cake. Run the ribbon through your fingers to get rid of any excess water, then gently drape the ribbon around the bottom of the layer to hide the seam. Press it evenly and gently into the cake to help the sugar in the fondant and the water in the ribbon form a bond. Be sure to place the cut edges at the back of the cake!

If you are using rhinestone cake ribbon, you will measure it the same way, by wrapping it around the cake pan and leaving an extra inch. Use sharp kitchen scissors to cut between the rhinestones, or bend the ribbon in half and wiggle it back and forth until it snaps. Rhinestone cake ribbon has low lead rhinestones so it is perfectly safe to decorate your baked goods with. Place it gently around the bottom of the layer and press slightly to adhere it to your frosting or fondant. be careful not to push too hard so you don't mess up your frosting.

See? It's as easy as that to use cake ribbon! A perfect, professional looking cake with no skill required!

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Rose on said:
It looks like a great way to pretty up a cake and make it look more professional

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