Host a Cow Appreciation Day Party

Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day

chick-fil-a cows

Round up the herd for a new kind of fun! It's a Cow Appreciation Day party!

Each year Chick-fil-A sets aside a day in July known as Cow Appreciation Day in honor of their official Chick-fil-A cow. People who come to Chick-fil-A restaurants dressed as cows that day get certain food items for free. Full cow attire warrants a meal, while partial cow attire gets an entree'.

But why stop at dressing up and getting free food? Why not throw a cow-themed party for all your friends? Find cow print products, ideas for fun things to do, and just about anything you need to throw a Cow Appreciation Day party right here. 

Don't let July 13, 2012, Cow Appreciation Day, sneak up on you. Prepare now for a fun day with your whole herd. 


Chick-fil-A cows via Forsaken Fotos on flickr creative commons

Where to Have Your Party

Option #1: Since Chick-fil-A offers free food to patrons dressed as cows on Cow Appreciation Day, this is a really good location for your party. You won't have to cook and you won't have to pay. Win/win!

Option #2: If you don't like crowds and herds, host the party at your home. This way you can go all out with decorating and the atmosphere will be a little bit calmer (maybe).

Option #3: Cows generally like hanging out in pastures so if you have a nice area outside and the weather isn't too hot, take the herd out to pasture (or in the yard). A farm would be even better.

Option #4: Anywhere your heart desires. Cows aren't too picky.

Cow Party Invitations

Click on any cow invitation to personalize it.

Decorating for the Party

It's all in black and white.

Milkshake Recipes

strawberry milkshakes

The perfect food to serve at a cow party is milkshakes. Try these delicious recipes.

Traditional Flavors 

Vanilla milkshake- A plain vanilla milkshake has got to be good if Paula Deen makes it! Try her simple recipe for a traditional vanilla shake. 

Chocolate milkshake- A 4.5 star recipe using real dark chocolate to make a creamy chocolate shake. 

Strawberry milkshake- This "killer" strawberry shake adds a special ingredient to make it extra good. 

Creative Flavors

Banana pudding milkshake- If you like good old-fashioned banana pudding, you're sure to love this milkshake. 

Ginger Snap milkshake-It's like a little bit of Christmas in the middle of July. 

Pumpkin Pie milkshake- Might as well have a little Thanksgiving in July too.

Butterscotch milkshake- It's got to taste good if one of the chief ingredients is butterscotch ice cream topping!

Oreo milkshake- Oreos and ice cream together? I think yes!

Coffee milkshake- One for the coffee lovers.

Shamrock milkshake- An Irish milkshake with a minty touch.

Key Lime Pie milkshake- The tangy sweet deliciousness of a key lime pie in a milkshake! 

Creamsicle milkshake- Orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream make this a light-tasting summer milkshake.

Nutella milkshake- The ever-popular Nutella makes a great milkshake too. 

Carrot Cake milkshake- Offers a bit more nutrition than the average milkshake, but tastes like carrot cake.

S'mores milkshake- All the scrumptiousness of s'mores blended into a creamy milkshake!

Don't forget that Chick-fil-A makes really good milkshakes too. Grab them while you're there or bring them home for your party. 

Milkshake image by jamieanne on flickr

The Official Cow Party Drink

Horizon Organic Milk,  8 Ounce ,18 Count
Horizon organic $39.99

How can you have a cow party without milk? It's a must, especially for those yummy milkshakes! Horizons organic milk with a cow on the carton makes a healthy sidekick for cake and cookies too. And it tastes good with chicken.

A Poll for Milk Drinkers

Cow Munchies

Goetze Cow Tales Mini Vanilla Chewy Caramels 1lb Bag $8.99

Caramel wrapped around a candy cream make Cow Tales a yummy treat and the perfect party favor for Cow Appreciation Day. 

More Yummy Grazing

cow cupcakes

How to make a cow cake- Instructions and a video tutorial from Family Fun on how to make a cow cake. 

Cow Patty Cookies- They might not sound good, but they taste yummy. 

Cow Cake Pops- Little cake balls on sticks that look like cows. 

Cream-filled Cow Cakes- A mixture of devil's food cake, vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting piped in. 

Cow cupcake image by cscott2006 on flickr

Party Favors

Playmaker Toys Flingshot Flying Animal - Flying Cow With Mooing Sound, Model# 4551
Playmaker $4.66

Slingshot flying cow with mooing sound

Country Moo Cow Can-In Despicable Me Movie July 2010
Loftus $6.99

Country Cow moo can. The moo without the cow.

Cow Pinata
Ya Otta Pinata $11.49

Fill a cow pinata with Cow Tales and let the kids have at it.

Beistle $39.01

Tie Cow Tales and other candies in a cow print bandanna for a party favor.

How Cows Have Fun

What to Do at Your Cow Appreciation Day Party

  • Make cow costumes together. 
  • Face paint one another to look like cows.
  • Visit Chick-fil-A to get your free food. 
  • While you're there take pictures and be sure to enter the Best Cow Contest.
  • Play pin the tail on the cow. 
  • Having a mooing contest. 
  • Play "moosical" chairs.
  • Sing a song without words, only mooing.

For more party fun, visit the Cow Appreciation unit study where you'll find interesting cow facts, cow jokes, cow crafts, cow idioms, and lots more. Also, stop by the Cow Appreciation Day leaf for cow costume ideas, more info on cows, and some fun videos. 

Unit Study: Cow Appreciation Day

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Cow Appreciation Day is a day each July designated by Chick-fil-A to honor their cow mascot. It's a day when patrons dress as cows and get free f... Read more

Cow Appreciation Day

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Chick-fil A Appreciation Day

Maybe you missed your chance to host a Cow Appreciation Day party this year, but would still like to support Chick-fil-A. You can do so on August 1, 2012, the first Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. Patrons of Chick-fil-A are being asked to simply visit a Chick-fil-A and purchase food that day in an effort to demonstrate their appreciation of Chick-fil-A's stance to uphold biblical values. Why not bring a big group and host a party? 

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