How to Promote Your Zujava Leaf on Craigslist

How to Promote Your Zujava Leaf on Craigslist


Promoting your Zujava leaf is essential to getting traffic to your leaf. Lets face it, the more traffic you have the more potential you have of your leaf ranking higher and of getting sales from the Amazon products, Zazzle products and /or other affiliate products you have on your leaf. There are numerous ways to promote your Zujava leaf, Craigslist if one of them. Craigslist if free to advertise on so why not give it a try to see if it brings more traffic to your leaf. 

How to Advertise Your Zujava Leaf on Craigslist

How to promote on Craigslist

Craiglist is free to use, there are no fees or advertising costs. It's a great way to promote your Zujava leaf. Craigslist allows you to post as many ads as you want as long as they are not the same or similar can only post the same or similar ad once within a 48 hour period.   

Here are just a few examples of the many ways to promote your Zujava leaf on Craigslist. 

  • Do you have a leaf that gives tips or advice? Promote it as "Free Tips" in the "Free" category. 
  • Do you have a leaf about an upcoming event? Promote it in the "Community" category under the "Events" section. 
  • Do you have a service based leaf? Promote it in the "Service" category. 
  • Join in on the "Discussion Forums" on Craigslist. There may be someone on there that needs exactly what your leaf has to offer, whether its tips or products. 

A few more examples:

  • If you have a Zujava leaf on "How to baby proof your home" you could post an ad in the "Baby" category and title it "Free tips on how to baby proof your home".
  • If you have a Zujava leaf on "How to ace and interview", you could post an ad in the "Job" catagory and title it, "Free interview Tips and Advice".
  • Do you have a craft leaf? Stop by the "Discussion Forums" on Craiglist, there may be someone on there looking for a craft project on the same topic your craft leaf is about. 
  • Do you offer writing services? Make a leaf about it and then post and ad on Craigslist in the "Gigs" category under the "Writing" section.

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What NOT To Post On Craigslist

What Not To Post On Craigslist

Be sure to follow Craigslist's guidelines when posting your ad on their website. Here are a few things you should NOT do.

  1. You can not post the same or similar content within a 48 hour period. You can post different ads, but not the same ad. 
  2. Do not post an ad on Craigslist on behalf of another person. You must post an ad only on your own behalf.
  3. You can't post ads on Craigslist using automated means. You must post all content personally and manually through all steps of the posting process.
  4. Do not post ads that include any illegal, false, misleading or threatening content.
When in doubt, read Craigslist Terms of Service Agreement.

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Are You Ready To Post Your Ad?

How To Post Your Ad On Craigslist

Step-by-step instructions for posting your ad on Craigslist.

  1. Got to
  2. Choose the state and county you want to place your ad in.
  3. On the top left side under "Craigslist", click on "Post to Classifieds".
  4. Choose a category that relates best to the ad you want to post and click on the link.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Craigslist will send you a verification e-mail after you post your ad, which will also include a link to your ad. You must verify the e-mail and click on the publish button or your ad won't post.  You can also edit and delete your ad at anytime. 
  • Add photos. People like photos.
  • Post an eye-catching, attention grabbing ad. (Don't be misleading or post anything false though).
  • Use titles that will stand out from the rest.
  • Your ad is good for 45 days. Every day that your ad appears it is listed lower on the page, so be sure to post your ad every couple days so that it appears back at the top of the list. 
  • Keep your ad layout simple and easy to read.
  • Use keywords in your ad.
  • Keep your e-mail address hidden. There is a box you can check when you post your ad.

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102 leaves
2127 forum posts
bill on said:
Craigslist is a unique idea to market your leaves, and I'd be curious to see what attention it garners. Congrats on leaf number 95!
233 leaves
700 forum posts
Thanks Bill. Only 5 more to go to complete the 100 leaves in 100 days challenge!
61 leaves
1275 forum posts
Rochelle on said:
In the past, I remember posting "help wanted" ads which cost money. I never tried out posting a free ad on Craigslist. Maybe I'll try it out soon!
33 leaves
42 forum posts
Pastiche on said:
I've only used Craigslist for promotion a couple times. I should give it another go. Thanks for the tips.
57 leaves
255 forum posts
Christene on said:
I never would have thought to promote pages on Craigslist. Good idea!
0 leaves
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Bonita on said:
Wow! You've expanded my horizons with this one! I had no idea this was even possible. Thanks!
7 leaves
61 forum posts
tvjunkie on said:
I never would have thought to try this! Thanks for some great ideas!
51 leaves
313 forum posts
beckyf on said:
If I ran across something like this on Craigslist, I'd think it was spam and wouldn't click on it.

If a lot of people start promoting lenses and leaves like that, do you think Craigslist would crack down on it pretty fast?
3 leaves
37 forum posts
I hadn't thought about posting a leaf on CraigsList. Interesting! I'll have to try it. Thanks for the tips!
35 leaves
120 forum posts
Now THAT is a new (to me) idea. Very creative.
10 leaves
10 forum posts
I never would have thought to post on craigslist, this is some interesting advice to try!

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