Cupcake halloween

Cupcake halloween

cupcake halloween

I think cupcakes are the perfect paring for halloween because you can be so creative with them. But I also love making cupcake crafts and so I made a little orange and purple cupcake for halloween. All you need is a little bit of felt and some glue to make your own halloween cupcake craft.

How to make a cupcake halloween craft

You will need 

purple felt

orange felt



With your purple felt cutout a strip measuring 12 inches by 1/2 an inch.  For the bottom of the cupcake cut out a cupcake shape with the top measuring 2 inches.  For the details of the bottom of the cupcake cut out 4 orange strips measuring 1/4 inch bu 1.5 inches.

how to make a cupcake halloween craft

Glue the orange strips on top of the bottom of the cupcake.  With your purple strip glue the beginning of the strip at the top of the orange cupcake bottom.  Fold the purple strip on top of itself 7 times until you are left with a little tip at the end. As you are folding, fold the strip over in smaller and smaller steps.  Use your little halloween cupcake to make a magnet,ornament, brooch, hanging decoration or to decorate your trick or treat bag.

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