Cute crafts

Cute crafts

cute crafts

These crafts are as cute as a button even cuter if you can believe it.  How to make a cute craft. Also find tons of cute crafts to make fruits, animals and yummy desserts.

How to make a cute craft

how to make a donut craft

cute crafts

To make this cute donut you will need:

Brown foam

pink foam

two black seed beads



2 inch scallop punch

On a piece of brown foam trace a circle 2 1/4 inch circle. In the center cut out a circle about 1/4 of an inch.  Use a 2 inch scallop punch to cut out a pink scallop circle. In the center of the pink circle cut out a 1/4 inch circle for the center of the donut.  

Circle scallop punch

I just recently purchased this scallop circle punch and I have to tell you I just love it. I've already tried it on everything I could.  I had some very thin felt and thought it would cut through but unfortunately it didn't, for a minute there I though I broke it. Thank goodness it was fine because I just adore it, works perfectly on paper and foam.  I can't wait to make all sorts of cute crafts with it like I did this little donut, its going to be great for making gift tags, cupcake toppers, embellishments and lots of adorable crafts.

Cute craft tutorial part 2

diy cute crafts

cute crafts

Glue the pink circle on top of the brown circle.  For the eyes, glue two black seed beads on each side of the donut.  I loved my little donut so much I made her into a magnet by gluing strips of magnet sheet to the back, I want to see this cutie every day.

Cute craft ideas

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