Daisy Girl Scout Activities-A Guide for the New Leader

Are You a New Daisy Girl Scout Leader Who Needs Help?

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Planning Daisy Girl Scout activities can be overwhelming to a brand new leader.  There are Daisy petals to earn, community service projects and field trips to plan, and even a few fun seasonal crafts to throw in the mix.

Where should a new Daisy Girl Scout leader start?  How much planning to do largely depends on how often you meet.  An optimum meeting time is every other week.  This way you have time to plan in between meetings and you do not have the stress of figuring out what to do each week.

Here is a guide to help new Daisy Girl Scout leaders plan for the year.

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Earning Girl Scout Daisy Petals

The Heart of the Daisy Girl Scout Program

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There are ten Daisy petals to earn:

Daisy Blue Center -Promise 

Light  Blue-Honest & Fair 

Yellow-Friendly & Helpful 

Spring Green-Considerate & Caring 

Red-Courageous & Strong 

Orange-Responsible for What I Say and Do 

Purple-Respect Myself & Others 

Magenta-Respect Authority 

Green-Use Resources Wisely 

Rose-Make the World a Better Place 

Violet-Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

It makes sense to earn the blue Promise Center first, as that is the center of the flower. Plan an activity that shows the importance of making and keeping a promise.  

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You can earn Daisy petals in any order you wish.  If you are short on time, you can earn multiple Daisy petals during one meeting.

Field Trips

Another Way to Have a Meeting

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Going on a field trip is a fun way to have a troop meeting.  If it is possible, plan the trip at the same time you usually hold your regularly scheduled meetings. Parents have already carved that specific time frame out of their schedules.

Contact your Service Unit Daisy Girl Scout coordinator. She can walk you through the steps to taking a field trip, show you where to get the necessary forms and what information she needs to give you a trip approval number.

Field trips are not only a fun change of pace, they can also help your troop earn Daisy petals.  For example:

To earn the magenta Daisy petal, Respect Authority, you can visit the police station or the fire station.

To earn the yellow Daisy petal, Friendly and Helpful, you can visit an animal shelter and walk the dogs.  You can also bring items the shelter is in need of.

To earn the spring green Daisy petal, Considerate and Caring, you can visit a senior citizen complex and play Bingo, sing songs, or do arts and crafts with the residents.

To earn the orange Daisy petal, Respect Myself and Others, you can see if a karate dojo or dance studio is willing to let your troop take a free lesson.  This is getting exercise and that is one way to respect your body.
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The Girl Scouts of America have very strict rules about taking field trips.  Check your Council website for the Safety Checkpoints guide and information about the requirements for each kind of trip.  

Community Service Projects

Kids Love to Help Others!

Hand decorated shoe box with toiletries for homeless children, created by my younger daughter. Photo by mommymommymommy.

Even the youngest Daisy Girl Scout can participate in a community service project to help make the world a better place.  Young children may be egocentric, but they also are compassionate.  Ask them how they want to help and who they want to help and plan a project around that idea. The troop can earn the rose Daisy petal and show the girls that little people can make a big difference.  

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Lots of Ideas for Community Service Projects

 Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference

The Kid's Guide to Service Projects: Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference from eCampus

Sometimes you want to be a bit more creative with your community service projects.  After all, Daisy Girl Scouts are young and while they may have big ideas on how they want to help make the world a better place, it is you as the leader that has to take those ideas and put them into action.

This book has many inspiring ideas that can be adapted for younger girls who wish to make the community they live in a better one for all of it's citizens.

My New Daisy Leader Blog

This January I launched a brand new website just for Daisy Girl Scout leaders.  You can read it here.

Fun Girl Scout Activities and Crafts

Junior Vest Girl Scout Swap.  Photo by mommymommymommy.

Sometimes a meeting can be centered just on doing a fun craft.  You can buy supplies for the craft, or if you want to earn a Daisy petal while crafting, then create a project using recycled materials.  This helps the girls earn the green Daisy petal, Use Resources Wisely.

Another fun Girl Scout craft that will not take up a lot of time are Girl Scout Swaps.  These have been a scouting tradition for over fifty years.  Girls exchange little handmade crafts with girls from other troops in an effort to promote sisterhood.  They are keepsakes from their years in scouting.  

These are the basic Daisy Girl Scout activities to help new leaders get their first year off on the right foot.

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Cheap Daisy Craft Materials

As the new leader, you have a limited budget for craft items.  Here are some cheap ones that can be used for many different activities over the two years you are a Daisy Scout leader.

Pony Beads - 1 lb. Pony Beads - 1 lb. from Discount School Supplies

Foam Craft Sticks, 125-Pack Foam Craft Sticks, 125-Pack from Dollar Days

My Girl Scout Leader blog has been around since January 2010.  I share ideas for leaders of all levels, and Daisy leaders will find easy and inexpensive craft ideas to use.

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belinda342 on said:
Great ideas for Daisy Girl Scout leaders. I really like the idea of visiting a police station for their Respect Authority leaf. Nice job.
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Thank you! You are given no guidance when you sign up...I learned by doing and want to share it with everyone!
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Rochelle on said:
I don't know much about Daisy Girl Scouts. What age range does it target? Sounds good and I like the pictures and resources on this leaf. It looks like it would be very helpful for Daisy Girl Scout leaders.
Anonymous on said:
I just started my first year being involved in Girl Scout anything. And I am a Daisy troop leader. Daisies are K-1, so 5yrs to 7 or 8.
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Thank you for reading! These are all resources I have used for the past four years. You can be a Daisy Scout in kindergarten and first grade, so as young as 5 and as old as 7.
Anonymous on said:
OOh wow, I feel like I love you!!! I am a NEW 1st Grade Daisy Leader, and I have absolutely no idea as to how to start!! honestly, the only reason I volunteer it was because nobody else would!! Took me several days to get another parent to co-lead! There is so much to learn!! We will have our first meeting the 25th, and I am looking for ways to actually have a successful meeting!! we will not have the patch set yet! So I don't know exactly what to do, other than teach them the GS Promise and Law! a game to break the ice!
And personally I think its A LOT of money, especially for a new troop without money! the binder, the journey, vest, patches!! is a lot!! We are selling cookies but we wont sell that many! I gave them a goal of at least 30, but we'll see!!

Thank you so much for the resources!!
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You have so much great information here.
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I was never associated with the girl scouts but they have a truly wonderful reputation. Simply reading the lessons to be learned in order to earn the daisy badge is heart warming. What a fun organization to be a part of.
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I enjoy being a leader immensely. It is a form of teaching, and that is what I love to do!
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This is so useful for new Daisy Scout leaders. This must be a very rewarding position because the girls are so young, and so excited about being Girl Scouts.
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mihgasper on said:
I like the idea of mixing useful stuff with fun. This is always a good and efficient combination.

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