Dragon Naturally Speaking Contest Winners

March-April 2012 Zujava Contest: Win a Free Dragon Naturally Speaking!

Dragon Naturally Speaking Contest 2012

In March-April 2012, we ran a contest to give away two free copies of Dragon Naturally Speaking home edition, which allows you to dictate into a microphone to transcribe text instead of using your keyboard. For writers, this could boost your productivity immensely! In some cases, the product has said to increase productivity by 300% or more. Imagine being able to get three times as much done on the computer as you usually do? 

The lucky winners were Janet21 and Rose Mary, and while we're discussing it-- luck had nothing to do with it. These two authors published two amazing leaves, with original photos, incredible ideas, and a very thorough explanation of each topic. Three runners-up, Everyday Miracles, Paz, and Ladymermaid were chosen also for their beautifully written, illustrated, and formatted leaves. 

Read on to get acquainted with the winners!

First, Here's the Product:

Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Edition - what we gave away!

The product's premise is simple: dictate into the microphone and have your words show up as text. You do have to "train" your program to work with your voice, and you'll have to make some corrections, but for many, this works very well. The two grand prize winners received this product, shipped right to their front door!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 11 [Old Version]
Nuance Communications, Inc.
Amazon.com: $31.97

This product has 99% accuracy, so it could wind up paying for itself in spades.

The Grand Prize Winners

Featured on the Zujava blog!

As Grand Prize winners, we not only offered up the free prize, but we featured the winning leaves in full on the Zujava blog. Read the leaf spotlights below:

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The Runners-Up

Everyone received their own featured post on the blog!

Runners-up don't just receive an honorable mention, they get a full post on the Zujava blog that explains exactly why we picked that leaf. No guessing games here! 

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