Dragon quilling patterns

Dragon quilling patterns

dragon quilling patterns

How to make a dragon quilling pattern.

Dragon quilling poll

How to make a dragon quilling tutorial

dragon quilling designs

You will need:

20 strips of green quilling paper

3 strips of orange quilling paper

quilling tool


I used 1/4 inch strips of paper for all of the quilling shapes except for the little horn.  For the head roll a coil and shape into an oval. For the neck roll a regular coil and shape into a rectangle by pinching the center and shaping the sides.  The body consists of two regular round quilling shapes. For the legs, roll two medium coils and shape into triangles, pinch the top and shape the bottom flat.  Roll 9 coils and shape into triangles for the dragon scales.  Roll 4 loose coils and shape into marquise leaf shapes, two for the tails and two for the dragon wings.  For the little dragon horn cut off a 1/4 inch piece of quilling paper and shape into a triangle.  For the fire I used three strips of orange quilling paper. All three were shaped into marquise leaf shapes but one of them was rolled a little looser so that it would be longer when shaped.

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bill on said:
Ah, that's really cool! I bet it would look cool framed, too. Nice work, as always.

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