Paper Mache Easter Eggs Craft

Adorable Easter Eggs Made with Paper Mache

Cute paper mache Easter eggs with chicks and bunnies inside.

Paper mache eggs made with tissue paper, diluted glue and balloons are so simple and fun to make. You don't need to paint paper mache made with tissue paper, and your paper mache Easter eggs will be ready to fill with grass and treats as soon as the glue dries.

Paper mache is a simple green craft that appeals to crafters of all ages, from preschoolers to seniors. I enjoy making paper mache craft ornaments and gifts for all the holidays. Paper mache Easter eggs and candy boxes have been made by hand in Europe for centuries and vintage paper mache boxes and eggs have become pricey collector items. They're still made by hand today in Bavaria.

This year I crafted 6 colorful paper mache Easter eggs to stuff with bunnies and chicks and sweets for my grandchildren. 

Follow my step by step instructions to craft your own nest full of frugal and green paper mache Easter eggs. 

Paper Mache Easter Egg Craft Materials and Supplies

You probably have all these items at home already

Old fashioned style paper mache easter egg filled with candy treats

I made my paper mache Easter eggs with tissue paper. It created lightweight eggs and I didn't need to paint the eggs after the paste dried.

  • Bright or pastel colored tissue paper torn into 1 inch strips (I used some patterns and stripes just for fun)
  • White craft glue (Elmer's School Glue, PVA) - I bought mine at the local dollar store.
  • Small balloons (water balloon balloons make the perfect size eggs; that's what I used)
  • Foam craft brush
  • Craft knife (X-acto knife)
  • Easter grass, small candies, tiny Easter toys that will fit into the egg size you make

Shown: Old-Fashioned Papier-Mâché Candy-Filled Decoupage Egg, in Bunny Love available at Amazon

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Step by Step Photos - Easy Paper Mache Easter Craft

How to Make Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Easy step by step instructions

Here are the easy step-by-step instructions to make goose-egg size paper mache Easter eggs.

Paper Mache Eggs Instructions

  1. Tear tissue paper into 1-inch wide by 4 to 6 inch long pieces.
  2. Blow up the balloons to the size of a large goose egg (or larger if you want to make BIG ostrich size eggs)
  3. Mix white glue and water 50/50 to create your paper mache paste. I used a complete bottle of glue then filled it with water. Pour glue into a bowl or container  you can cover and store to use for other paper mache projects.
  4. Using foam applicator, brush a balloon with glue then lay a strip of tissue paper on the glue and gently smooth out by stroking or dabbing. Take care not to shred the tissue. Continue with glue and tissue strips to completely cover the balloon. Brush the entire balloon with a final layer of glue Tie a thread around the knotted end of the balloon and hang to dry for a few hours or overnight.
  5. Apply two additional layers of glue and tissue, once again allowing balloons to dry several hours or overnight.
  6. When the paper mache eggs feel firm and are completely dry, you're ready to pop the balloon and remove it  Holding the egg gently, grab the tied end of the balloon sticking out of the paper mache and insert a pin into the rubber to deflate it.  Gently pull the balloon out of the egg, taking care not to crush the egg. If some balloon sticks, leave it until you cut off the top of the egg, then remove it.
  7. About one-third of the way down from the top of each egg, cut a zigzag line all the way around the egg. Leave about an inch of the shell uncut. That will create a hinge for the lid. If you prefer, you can cut the entire top off and then place it back on the treats after you fill the eggs.

Now comes the fun part! Place a small amount of Easter basket grass into each egg, then add candies and a small toy. Allow some Easter grass to spill over the edges of the shell; place the top back onto the egg.

Cut Open Your Paper Mache Eggs After Completely Dry

Home Made Fill and Thrill Paper Mache Egg Boxes for Easter

Cut zigzag openings at the top of the paper mache eggs after they're dry.

It's easy and fun to make these fillable paper mache eggs for Easter. I made a batch of half a dozen in almost not time. Here's how you can make your own cute paper mache Easter egg gift boxes.

I worked on this project over a couple days because I let the paper mache layers dry overnight. It's possible to do all the messy work in about an hour or so, then you just need to let the eggs dry thoroughly before you slice open the tops and fill them with candy and tiny toys.

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by Jackie Hall

Get creative on a budget with the green, simple craft of paper mache.

This book has plenty of projects actually created by the author, who not only shows you how to make beautiful items from papier mache, but also guides you toward how to design your own original paper mache crafts.

Reviewers recommend this book for both experienced and beginner paper mache crafters. Enjoy a frugal, green paper crafting art medium - paper mache.

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bill on said:
These are really cool. My daughter I'm sure would love them, and will love helping make them in a couple of years. We were considering what we should do for Easter eggs this year, so this is one option for us. Thanks for the ideas! This leaf is currently featured on the home page.
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Pastiche on said:
I had so much fun making these paper mache eggs for my grandchildren's Easter baskets. They make a nice keepsake, and they're child-safe. Thanks for the feature, and Happy Easter!
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So crafty I love it! I have not made paper mache crafts in years. I love the bunny with its little head poking out of the easter egg, super cute!
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Pastiche on said:
Crafty is my middle name ... well, not really but I do love crafts and these were so much fun to make for the family. I may try these again next year as ornaments to hang in the windows or on a branch painted white. Thanks for stopping by!
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Lovely! These are cute paper mache eater eggs. I never tried making paper mache. I have a few things I want to try in paper mache with my son, including a mask, but I might try the eggs first since easter's coming. Welcome to Zujava by the way
Anonymous on said:
I love your helpful instructions. I made a craft similar to this in 5th grade and decided to make this craft again - I ended up making three large Egg Shaped Easter Baskets. I found your post to be very helpful concerning the glue ratio and using a tupperware container to store the glue paste in between drying time. The foam brush also proved invaluable! I linked back to your post as a source of inspiration. My papier mache egg baskets are larger with a hole cut out but your tips were still very helpful! Thank you! My egg basket post is here:
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Marie on said:
I love these eggs. Wish I'd seen this before Easter but I think I'll have a go at this with my daughter for next year.
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Tina on said:
These easter eggs look really cute!
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Ahh, paper mache! A child's dream craft! I remember working with it as a child myself. Adorable!
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Each year I seem to get a paper mache Easter Egg that one of the kids have done in school... and they are always so wonderful and different. Such a great and fun craft for kids.

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