Easy Upcycled Crafts to Create

Popular Craft Ideas Using Recycled Items

Upcycled Black Glass Dessert Plate

Upcycling is the art of using items that might normally be discarded and creating new ones. The upcycle trend is both green and popular, making it fairly easy to get  craft ideas from crafty blogs and websites. Upcycled craft ideas range from creating a cute purse out of an old pair of jeans to making your own cupcake stand out of glass you probably have around the house.

In fact, the black glass plate in the pic was made by me... or rather, upcycled by me. Originally it was a clear glass thumbprint plate I salvaged from a garage sale. Gold leafing, a little bit of iridescent embossing powder and coats of matte black paint turned it into an upcycled dessert plate that is food-safe (and makes a great gift idea!)

Here are a few resources for finding some of the most popular Upcycled Craft Ideas:


Upcycled and Cool

An evergrowing list of recycled craft blogs and websites

Great Upcycled Craft Books at Amazon

These are super fun and have tons of ideas that reuse and recycle all types of materials.

Rubbish!: Reuse Your Refuse
Kate Shoup
Amazon.com: $14.46

Common Materials to Use in Upcycled Crafts

Now see, isn't this better than adding to landfills??

  • Glass Jars

    Glass jars make hummingbird feeders, hanging outdoor votives, blender jar replacements, pen holders and so much more.

  • PVC Pipe

    PVC pipe is easy to cut into lengths that can be used for wall collages, closet storage and toy displays.

  • Altoid and other Candy Tins

    Save these for cute "emergency" kits, mini alter art projects and gift boxes.

  • Cardboard rolls

    Paper towel rolls, gift paper rolls, toilet paper rolls -these are used in hundreds of craft ideas.

  • Wire Hangers

  • Clear Glass Plates and Bowls

  • Cardboard Boxes

    Cereal boxes, tissue boxes, pasta boxes... there's a craft for that!

Upcycle Craft Videos

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Cool ideas! I wish I had more time for this, but I am getting a bit better at it. I love finding things I can use in my garden that are reused.
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bill on said:
Unique ideas, I like the bath mat idea. I'm sure you can create some cool things with Altoid tins as well. Nice addition to the Green Living topic!
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Bonita on said:
What clever ideas! I really like your upcycled Pinterest board as well.
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Sunnyside on said:
I have created some very artful upcycles re-using glass jars and vases, by adding polymer clay. I really do like your ideas here.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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