Drop Dead Gorgeous: Fall Foliage In Vermont

Fall foliage in Vermont is breathtaking

Fall foliage in Vermont

If you've ever been in Vermont during fall foliage season, you'll agree that there's no other way to describe it than breathtaking.

I've lived in Vermont all my life, and every year when our Green Mountains turn from green to brilliant yellow, orange, red, and gold, I'm still amazed. It never gets old.

This page will feature places to stay, road trips to take, and other things to do that you won't want to miss while you're visiting Vermont during fall foliage season.

Photo taken by me

When you come to Vermont to see the fall foliage...

...you'll need a place to stay. Here are some suggestions for you.

Fall Foliage Season In Vermont

Road tours for viewing Vermont's fall foliage

Beautiful colors on a maple leaf

Fall foliage bike tours

If you've never been to Vermont during fall foliage season...

...this video will give you just a glimpse of what you can expect to see

This is a gorgeous video, and as a native Vermonter I can tell you, this truly is what you'll see if you visit us during fall foliage season. It's my favorite time of the year.

Don't forget to pack your guidebook

More ideas of where to go, what to do during Vermont's fall foliage season

No billboards in Vermont!

Billboards are not allowed in Vermont, so when you visit our state during fall foliage season, you won't see a single billboard on any of our highways that will mar the view.

Fall foliage in Vermont

Spectacular views, brilliant foliage colors

Here's just a sample of what you can expect to see when you visit Vermont during the fall foliage season. The colors are brilliant, the views are spectacular, whether you're touring up in our Green Mountains, or in the Champlain Valley. (Note: the images below are available on postcards, greeting cards, and other items for home and office. They are printed and shipped by Zazzle. If something here catches your eye, just click on the image to purchase.)

If you're coming to Vermont for fall foliage...

...maybe you'd like to pick your own pumpkin too

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Have you ever visited Vermont during fall foliage season?


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Bonita on said:
Visiting Vermont during the foliage season is definitely on my list of things I want to do. Thanks for the info!
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bill on said:
I've visited Vermont in fall foliage season many times. We were just there last summer, we rented a home in killington. We're talking about visiting again this fall. The Woodstock to Killington region is my favorite. The entire stretch of route 4 is excellent. Niche foliage here seems more vibrant than anywhere else.

Nice work!
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I have never been to Vermont in the fall, although I have always thought that this would be an excellent time to absorb all the fall colours that are featured in your beautiful leaf. I have taken the liberty of featuring it in my own tribute to fall -- "Ode to Autumn".
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WriterLady on said:
Oh, you're making me soooo homesick! I lived in upstate NY for a couple of years and visited Vermont often during the Fall. It's just Heaven!
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Going to New England in the fall is on my bucket list. With kids and my being a teacher, it is hard to get away during this time of year.
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Very beautiful photos. I can imagine myself taking endless walks under this impressive autumn foliage.
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Marie on said:
It really looks beautiful. I love the postcards which show such a rich display of fall colors.
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Sunnyside on said:
I have never visited Vermont, but sure would love to some time. I am enjoying the fall foliage in wilderness country though. :)
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Daniela12 on said:
What a wonderful place! I would love to live in places like this that fall turns into paradise. I never been in there but with all the pictures, I know it would be a good idea to go visit.
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Great images. I cannot get there in the fall because of my teaching schedule. We do not get to decide on vacation, and fall is not when it happens.

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