Fedora Fashions Perfect for A Tween Girl

A great gift for your fashion forward girl

Your trend-setting tween might already have a few of these in her collection, but there is always room for yet another stylish fedora in the bunch. (Just like there's always room for another pair of shoes!)

Fedoras are a hot accessory right now, and winter is a great time to be sporting them. And they aren't just for the guys, nor just for pairing with a masculine/tailored outfit. With flowers, bows, sequins and bright colors in the mix, these fedora designs are perfectly matched with just about any outfit. The red polka dot fedora hat shown here is a perfect example of a fun style that can add a nice touch to a school uniform, even.

I've picked my favorites in several categories of design - classic pinstripe, fun plaids and stylish touches of various kinds. There are tons of others beyond the ones I've chosen, but this collection will give you a great start to pick from.

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How to Pick a Fedora

Style, color, fabric, detail all to take into consideration

A fedora is a classic style and shape, although the brims and height can vary a bit between sizes and styles.

So since that part is already decided for you, your biggest decision comes down to style. Which comes down to colors, fabrics, and accessories. You can pick something in classic, masculine lines like the straw woven fedora shown here, or go a bit more feminine with a pink fedora complete with flower or bow. It really comes down to the colors your tween girl likes as well as how often she's likely to wear the hat. Neutral colors and classic patterns make one hat far more practical for every day wear, while the fun colors and styles would be limited to just a few outfits.

Almost any fedora will require dry cleaning or hand washing, so the type of material isn't as important in choosing for care as much as comfort. A paper straw hat or cotton blend will be better for a summer style, while wool felt or flannel definitely are the picks for winter hats.

Pinstriped Fedoras for Classic Style

Good looking design that coordinates with many outfits

If you're looking for a classic fedora that will work with just about any outfit, you can't go wrong with a pinstripe. Pick from grays, blacks or browns, as well as thin or thick stripes. The hatband can be blend in or stand out, and even dressed up easily with a flower clip or feather.

For that reason, if your tween girl has just one hat, this is the one to have in her collection. It can be dressed up or down and is just a classic piece to accessorize her style.

Luxury Divas Beige On Brown Pinstripe Fedora Hat With Plaid Interior
Luxury Divas
Amazon.com: $16.49
  • Cotton linen blend
  • Thick sewn in pinstripe design
  • Short brim is slightly turned up in the back
  • Fully lined interior is done in a matching plaid print
Luxury Divas Pinstripe Brown Fedora With Gunmetal Rivet Hatband
Luxury Divas
  • Wool polyester blend
  • Fine white pinstriped
  • Hatband is trimmed off in gunmetal silver toned rivets
  • Ribbed brim and pinched crown
EHA2521F - Unisex Structured Pinstripe Fedora Hat ( 3 Colors ) - Black/S/M
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Dry Clean Only. Imported.
  • Pinch top crown & self-colored attached hatband.

A Touch of Lace On These Fedoras

The overlay adds texture and femininity to the hat

The shape and styling of these fedoras is the same classic one you'd expect, but the touch of lace in the overlay brings an extra dimension of femininity without adding anything. I found one that comes in blue or pink and there are others with black lace. Pick from a black hat for a subtle look or a white hat like the one here that shows off the lace nicely.

Sequins Add a Touch of Glam to These Fedoras

Glitter and sparkle with sequins as a decorative element

Dressed up fedoras are a favorite of young girls. They take a fedora from ordinary every day and into fancy dress. Go with subtle colors or pick from bright shades that can't be missed. Ones like the red sequined fedora are definitely great added to a specific party outfit.

Keep an eye out that you are choosing a hat meant for every day use rather than a party costume hat that won't last long or look very quality.

Luxury Divas Black & Silver Velvet Check Pattern Sequin Fedora Hat
Luxury Divas
Amazon.com: $18.99
  • Checkered hat has the white squares covered in sequins
Juniors Red Fedora Style Sequins Hat
Amazon.com: $18.99
  • Polyester fabric
  • Completely covered in sequins
  • Choose from other colors
100% Polyester sequin embellishments and a sequin band Fedora Hat - H5643
Sparkle Fedora Hat
  • Choose from eight colors, including  black, orange, pink and white
  • Subtle striped hat band
Sequin Floral Fedora / Ice White
Amazon.com: $10.99
  • Sequins added to hat to create a floral design

Plaid Patterns Make these Fedoras Fun

No matter the color, plaid makes a fun change

Fashion should be fun and if your tween already has a classic gray pinstripe in her closet, it might be time to add a colorful plaid to the mix. Yes, yes, you can get some quite lovely gray plaid fedoras, but where's the fun in that?

Instead, I've picked a few very bright hats for very bright heads, in straws and cottons for summer wear and classic wool for winter

Luxury Divas Yellow Vibrant Plaid Lightweight Fedora Hat
Luxury Divas
Amazon.com: $26.99
  • Great look for the summer
  • 100% paper straw, woven
Hailey Jeans Co Womens Multi-color Straw Fedora Hat
  • 1.5-inch brim
  • 100-percent paper straw
  • Finished with a small ribbon and bow accent
Luxury Divas Wild Green Plaid Wool Felt Fedora Hat
Luxury Divas
  • Wool Acrylic Blend
  • Fully structured crown.
  • Look and feel of flannel. 

Positively Posh Polka Dot Fedoras

Tiny spots add a touch of color and fun

Polka dots are awesome as a design element - fun and girly, bold or subtle. Your choices come with either polka dots on the hat fabric or polka dot fabric  used as the accent along the brim or hat band.

Peppy Polka Dot Pattern Fedora Hat, S/M-Black/Red (HT0383)
  • Polyester/cotton
  • Available in 3 colors
Luxury Divas Brown Fedora With Polka Dot Hatband
Luxury Divas
Amazon.com: $22.99
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Band runs across front of hat with same fabric trimming the entire brim

Stylish Animal Print Fedoras

Walk on the wild side with an animal print hat

Animal prints are extraordinarily popular right now, especially with the tween set. My niece is really into zebra, but yours might like cheetah or leopard. And on top of that, you can even look for options in colors rather than neutrals. I'm particularly fond of the one with the bow.

Woman's Animal Print Striped Ribbon Fedora Hat - Leopard OSFM
Amazon.com: $38.49
  • 100% wool
  • Cheetah print body with striped ribbon band and bow

Flower Power Fedora Style

The ultimate in feminine fedora fashion

To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of most of the flower-adorned fedoras I ran across. Too many straw versions that lacked the panache a fedora should have. Part of the class of a fedora is the structured style, whether a pinched crown or a traditional indented one.

But you can easily give any fedora floral fabulousness just by sliding a flower hair clip onto the hat band. Match the band or add a different splash of color that way.

Feathery Fedora Fashions

Feathers flutter on the sides of these hats

Feathers are a classic touch on a fedora hat. Just don't get them too big or you start to move into pimp territory! But for a tween girl who wants decorative touches that aren't too girly, feathers are the way to go. (She can make them match the feathers in her hair!)

Some fedoras come with feathers that add a subtle touch, blending in to the color of the hat itself. Others come with bold feathers, often in red. One other I've chosen has a fancy hat band set off by subtle feathers.

Unisex Structured 100% Paper Straw Matching Feather Band Fedora Hat
  • 100% Paper Straw.
  • Pinch top crown & two-tone feather hatband.
  • black, brown, natural or off-white
EH0622F - Unisex Structured 100% Paper Straw Black Feather Band Fedora Hat - Black/One Size
  • 100% Paper Straw
  • Pinch top crown & black feather hatband
  • Elastic sweatband for comfortable fit.
  • Choose from brown, natural or white

Add a Bow to Your Fedora

Feminine but not overly girly touch

I think bows are my favorite style element for a fedora hat. They're often of the same material as the hat, which makes them far subtler than a feather or flower. And they're just the right amount of feminine.

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