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Become a WWII flying ace with AppGear Foam Fighters planes and the AppGear Foam Fighters download

AppGear Foam Fighters

Foam Fighters AppGear toys with their free Foam Fighters AppGear download are going to dominate the skies during 2013.

These collectible foam airplanes fly on their own as a traditional toy, as well as accessing special missions in the Foam Fighters games app, which is compatible with both iOS (Apple) and Android powered tablets and smartphones.

AppGear Foam Fighters are becoming increasingly popular within the arena of augmented reality gaming, so if you're looking for information on where you can get Foam Fighters and the Foam Fighters download, then you've landed at the right place.

How Does the Foam Fighters Game Work?

AppGear Foam Fighters planes attach to your smart device and then interact with the games app

In the AppGear Foam Fighters download, unlock the missions unique to each foam fighter by scanning the special marker on the fighter’s wing. Then following the instructions to attach the foam fighter to the back of your smartphone or tablet device, you'll be able to view it on the screen through the device’s in-built camera and against the background of the games app. Once the foam fighter is correctly positioned, it's then ready for action in a range of training missions, escort missions, dogfighting, dive bombing or free flight.

AppGear Foam Fighters Downloads

The games that accompany the planes

Foam Fighters provide a unique gaming experience of immersive aerial combat. With the theme of WWII, each games app and foam fighter toy plane enters the battle over Great Britain, Europe or the Pacific.

Over local Wi-Fi, you can connect with up to eight of your friends and battle it out in multiplayer skirmish mode.

WowWee W0112 AppGear Foam Fighters Battle of Britain Mobile Application Game for iPhone or Android - Combo Pack - Retail Packaging - Green
WowWee $2.75

In this game, the fast-paced action takes place over the British Isles. Pilot foam fighter "The Bulldog", a British plane whose performance can only be matched by the German "Blitz", whose maneuverability is perfect for dogfighting.

WowWee W0113 AppGear Foam Fighters Europe Mobile Application Game for iPhone or Android - Combo Pack - Retail Packaging - Blue
WowWee $4.29

Long-range American fighter "Screaming Eagle" dominates the skies during missions that extend over Europe. Or play as "The Wolf" - a worthy adversary from the German foam fighter force.

WowWee W0111 AppGear Foam Fighters Pacific Mobile Application Game for iPhone or Android - Combo Pack - Retail Packaging - Blue
WowWee $5.70

The lightning speed and versatility of the Japanese foam fighter "Shogun" cannot be beaten in the skies. But maybe "Black Sheep", another long-range American fighter, can save the day.

AppGear Foam Fighters in Action

Foam Fighters plane and game app on an iPad

This video gives a quick overview of how to set up a Foam Fighters plane and what the gaming action looks like.

Get your hands on AppGear Foam Fighters

Foam Fighters have landed...

AppGear toys and games are relatively new, so you may have to shop around to find them. However, I've included links to the Foam Fighters which are available to purchase through Amazon (see further up this page). Also, see below for offers on AppGear Foam Fighters.

There are a whole range of different AppGear toys with downloadable games in addition to Foam Fighters, such as Alien Jailbreak, Elite Commandar, Zombie Burbz and Mysterious Raygun. Check out my other site which gives more details about these great AppGear games.

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