Food perler bead patterns

Food perler bead patterns

food perler bead patterns

Lots of fun and easy food perler bead patterns to choose from such as popcorn, hamburgers, fruits, vegetables, desserts and more.

Also How to make a perler bead ice cream cone.

How to make an ice cream cone with perler beads

food perler bead patterns

You will need:

36 light brown perler beads

11 dark brown perler beads

74 green perler beads


star pegboard

wax paper

Use your light brown perler beads to make the bottom of the cone, start with one bead at the bottom of the star tip and work your way to the top of the cone which will end with 8 brown perler beads.  I used 11 dark brown perler beads for the chocolate chips, you can use as little or as many as you like. Place the beads as shown above.  For the ice cream make outline the ice cream first and fill it in with green beads.

ice cream hama beads

food hama bead patterns

Place a piece of wax paper on top of the beads and heat your iron. Place the iron on top of the beads until they fuse together. Make sure you move the iron around so they all melt evenly.  Flip on the other side and repeat.  Use your cute ice cream cone to make a magnet or as a party favor.

Perler beads to buy

My cute bucket of perler beads, well its not mine but it is the same one I used to make my ice cream cone

Free food perler bead patterns

food perler bead designs


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These are fun to do with the grandchildren. I use to love them when I was younger as well. Cute patterns.

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