Gift Ideas For a 13 Year Old Girl

Do you have a 13 year old girl on your gift list?

Sassy, moody, energetic, and sweet, you can bet that there are hundreds of great gift ideas for the 13 year old girl on your gift list.

Electronic and computer related gifts are high on the thirteen year old girl's want list. So are gifts of entertainment and of a monetary nature.

A thirteen year old girl is officially a teenager and her gift choices may reflect that she is now entering into the world of adulthood. Cosmetics, perfumes, nail polish, and gift certificates for local beauty treatments are exciting gift choices for her.

Girls love to receive presents and the 13 year old girl is no exception to this rule. But when it comes to shopping for a teenage girl it's important to be selective in your choice of gifts.

This gift will keep her charged where ever she goes.

LevinTM Traveller 7W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger for iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Series Phones and Other Android Phones,Windows phones, Bluetooth Speakers, and Many Other 5V USB-Charged Devices

This is one of the hottest gift items this year for both teens and adults. Compact solar charger easily slips into a backpack and keeps a cell phone or all your other favorite gadgets charged where ever you go.

School, camping, hiking, or vacationing this is the portable solar charger for fast power on the go.

Tech and electronic gifts are great choices for a 13 year old girl.

Tech and electronic gifts are some of the most desired gifts by teenage girls. Kids are raised using computers at school and playing video games with their friends, virtually every kid has a computer, a cell phone, and a digital camera so these items are very important to your average teenage girl.

Popular electronic and tech gifts for teenagers are: laptops, tablets, kindle wireless reader, stereos, personal music systems such as iPod or an MP3 player, digital cameras, smart phones, and video game systems such as Nintendo Wii, 3DS, and Xbox.

Games, skins, gift cards, flash drives, and other accessories that go along with these tech and electronic items are also great gift choices for teenage girls. 

How cool! This gift is a tablet and a laptop all in one.

Toshiba - Satellite Click 2-in-1 13.3" Touch-Screen Laptop - 4GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive - Ultimate Silver

A new touch screen laptop is an amazing gift for a teenage girl. Style and quality rolled up in one great new design. The new transforming laptops are the hot new popular tablet. Just clip it and go.

A pretty USB computer storage drive necklace.

Crystal Rose Flower Jewelry USB Flash Drive with Necklace:8GB(Black)

Teenage girls love to share with their friends and the great thing about portable computer storage flash drives is that they make it easy to take your stuff with you in a distinctively "you" sort of way. A big 8gb of computer storage space is hidden away on this beautiful rose USB flash drive pendant. How cool is that?

Make-up, cosmetics, nail polish, and other beauty products.

If it smells pretty, is glittery, glossy, or weirdly wild then she will probably like it. At fourteen she most likely has not chosen her favorite fragrances or cosmetic colors yet so gifts of sample packs are a great idea for her.

Teenage girls love experimenting with the many different colors and shades of cosmetics, nail polish, glosses, and hair glitter. She will get together with her friends and they will have a blast trying on a variety of different looks to see which ones are best suited to them.

This means that variety gift packs of beauty items are great gift choices for a 13 year old girl. There are hundreds to choose from and more coming onto store shelves all the time so this is a fun shopping choice as well.

Nail accent rhinestones and glitter are an easy way to style up.

Bundle Monster 10 Nail Art Nailart Manicure Wheels w/ 3D Designs Glitters Rhinestones Beads - total over 14000pc

Nail rhinestones add that extra little finishing touch to your nails and is absolutely the funnest thing to happen to nails since the invention of nail polish. What a gorgeous way to make a fashion statement.

She is discovering her favorite cosmetic color shades.

Teenage girls are busy experimenting with all kinds of make-up, clothing, hairstyle, nail, and other beauty product choices so these are some of the most exciting gifts that you can give to a 13 year old girl.

Keep the scents light or fruity and the make-up shades subtle. For nail polish colors go bold. She a young teen girl and her cosmetics should match her youthful personality.

There are hundreds of new and wonderful ways to be beautiful and a teen girl loves to get together with her friends to discover which of the new beauty products are the best ones for her.

Glitter tattoos are a great gift. Fashionable fun made easy.

BMC 12pc Party Fun Temporary Fashionable Multi-Color Glitter Shimmer Tattoo Body Art Design Kit with Stencils, Glue and Brushes

The new DIY tattoo sets are pure fashion fun. She and her friends will enjoy selecting designs and styles for their temporary tattoo. A body glitter set is a very fun gift idea for an eleven year old girl.

Glitter for hair, nails, or body. 45 peice set.

CyberStyle(TM) 45PC nail art glitter powder dust tips decoration

Plenty of sparkle and dazzle in this 45 piece set of glitter. Can be used on hair, nails, or body, or as a replacement set for the glitter tattoo set.

It is amazing how just a touch of sparkle can add dazzle to your look. Simple to apply.

Encourage her to be confident in her individuality.

Hair chalk is a great way to apply temporary dye highlighting color to hair.

It is amazing how easily a few accessories and a little color can transform and add a personal sense of style to virtually anyone. The new teen hair products are designed for ease of use and are a fabulously fun gift for teen girls. She and her girlfriends will enjoy experimenting with new styles and color combinations. It is pretty made easy. Hair Chalk | Metallic Glitter Temporary Hair Color - Edge Chalkers - Lasts up to 3 Days, No Mess, Built in Sealant, 80 Applications Per Stick, Works on All Hair Colors-6 COUNT.

Glitter color temporary hair chalk highlights hair for up to 3 days. A great gift for a teenage girl.

Clip-on 4"-6" Black & Brown with Beige Feathers for Hair Extension 5 Feathers

Clip on feather hair extensions are very popular with a teen girl. It's a quick easy way to personalize her hair style.

Yesurprise New 24 Colors Non-toxic Temporary Artist Pastel Ideal Hair Chalk Dye Soft Pastels Salon DIY Kit Diy Decorations Fashion Gift

A great fashion gift for those who want to highlight and fashion their hair in a non permanent way. Temporary hair chalks are great.

5 X Colored Grizzly Synthetic Hair Extensions with Feather Clip On.

Girls often help each other with their makeup but Christine gets her boyfriend to give it a try. So funny.

A nail polish set is an exciting gift for a teen girl.

Pedicure and nail care sets are a great gift idea for a 13 year old girl. Sparkle up her world with a little dash of pure magic. These personal care gifts can be so very pretty and practical.

SHANY Cosmetics The Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set (24 Colors Premium Quality and Quick Dry), 40 Fluid Ounce

Teenage girls are very close to their friends at this age and they spend a great deal of time discussing and experimenting with cosmetics, fragrances, and nail care products. So having a variety of shades, colors, and scents in a gift set is important.


Beautiful selection of quality metalic nail polish for the girl who likes to pretty up her fingers and toes. She can discover her favorites and match her nail polish to her fashion style. This really is a fun beauty set.

Victoria Secret is a name recognized and respected.

Victoria's Secret 7 Piece Gift Perfume Set

A selection of Victoria Secret perfumes is sure to be greeted with a squeal of delight. This is a name well recognized by teen age girls and a gift that is definitely a coveted treat.

Quick and easy hairstyles for teen girls.

Conair Infiniti Por Curl Secret Styling Wand.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

The new Conair Curl hair stylist is hot and it is a very popular gift choice for a teen girl this year.

This new curler offers hair styling options never dreamed of before in a wand. Versatile hair care made so much simpler.

She is amazing. Suit your gift to her personality.

Nintendo DSi XL - Midnight Blue

From Nintendo is personal game play in a handy small take with you where ever you go size. It is ideal for in the car road trips. The Nintendo DSi is a tiny game system with big play graphics. It's a great personal video game system and a very popular gift choice for all ages. Available in blue or pearl pink.

Nintendo Wii U Console 8GB Basic Set - White

Teenage girls love the Nintendo Wii fitness, sports, and dance video games that let them get active at home with their friends. The Wii game system and it's games are great gift choices for teenage girls.

Check out the new Nintendo Wii.

Zumba fitness is the ultimate new dance workout.

Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD (Multi, Small)

With amazing dance moves Zumba is the fun way to keep fit. Teens love learning the steps to the many dances included in this wonderful new fitness program.

It is fast paced fitness action that can easily be performed at home. Getting together with friends is fun with this gift. 

This is how the Zumba dance fitness program works.

Personalized sporting equipment is a great gift for a 13 year old girl.

Sunny Health & Fitness 40" Foldable Trampoline with Bar

Getting fit can be fun. A personal trampoline with handrail is a fun fitness workout for teens.

Tone Fitness - Hourglass Dumbbell Set, 20lb

Dumbbells in pretty pastel colors. These are a great gift for the active girl. She can use these in a variety of activity exercise routines.

Fun fitness gifts are fabulous for teen age girls.

Do you purchase gift cards as gifts for your family and friends?

Gift cards are becoming an increasingly popular trend in gift giving. Have you purchased gift cards for a friend or family member?

The cute animal onesie pjs come in a variety of styles.

Promithi All In One Adult Unisex Animal Sleepsuit Kigurumi Cosplay Costume Womens Pajamas (Available in sizes S,M,L,XL.)

Select from bat, cow, dinosaur, pig, dog, elephant, kangaroo, kaola, lion, monkey, penguin, tigger, zebra, bumble bee, ali, mouse, owl, unicorn, cat, oz, panda, skeleton, pooh, fox, or giraffe.

There is a fun pair onesie pajamas for everyone in the family including her. These are great for camping and sleep overs with her friends.

Clothing purchase for a teen girl: Yes or No?

Teens like to select their own clothing but accessories that are a little wild and crazy are perfect for teen girls. Hoodies, socks, slippers, and pjs are generally safe gifts to purchase for her.

If you were planning on purchasing a shirt, jeans, or a dress for a teenage girl a gift card may be a better gift instead. You can always specify on the gift card that it is for the purchase of clothing items. Teen girls have their own unique sense of style and they can be quite picky when it comes to selecting their clothes.

Teenage girls also love to shop but they don't always have the cash to go shopping with. She's still attending school and this does not allow for a lot of income earning opportunities. Which means that a gift card, or a gift of cash, will give her the opportunity to go shopping and to select the items that she really wants.

A gift card really is one of the best gifts that you can give a 13 year old girl.

A watch that lets her change its style and color.

XOXO Women's XO9069 Analog Display Analog Quartz White Watch

A uniquely fun way to style up your dress the interchangeable watch band sets allow for a variety of fashion styles in one convenient gift.

Practical and cute this is a fashion gift that really adapts to be a gift that will suit most teen personalities. A delightfully different fashion item.

Cerentino Women's RB001 Rectangle White Dial Interchangeable Set Silicone Multi-Colored Strap Watch

Teenage girls love new clothes but they often prefer to shop for their own items rather then to receive these items already purchased.

Accessories though are a no holds barred. So go ahead and shop for fashionable add ons in any style or form that you think she may enjoy.

How about some super cute toe socks?

Urban Boundaries® Classic Striped Toe Socks 12-Pack (Fits Ages 13+, Shoe Size 9-11)

Having pretty toes is cool so get her feet feeling happy in some cute socks to keep her toes toasty warm. Multi pack of assorted styles insures that she'll have a pair to match any mood she is in that day.

The great color assortment means she will be able to accessorize with her  outfit each day. Fashionably fun.

Art, craft, and creativity gifts for the teenage girl.

She is busy spending time with her friends experimenting with clothes, hair styles, and make-up. School work and participating in sports takes up a good bit of her time too. All of these past times are very important to a teenage girl.

As she is just unlocking her hidden talents and skills gifts that help her discover these are also ideal presents for a 13 year old girl. Art sets, design portfolios, how to draw books, origami, and craft kits are great gift choices.

Gifts of equipment for her favorite sports and hobbies are also excellent gift choices for teenage girls. She is very busy at this age with her friends, school, socializing, and family so will welcome gifts which help her participate in all her favorite things.

Give her a gift of creative fun.

The Fashion Sketchpad: 420 Figure Templates for Designing Looks and Building Your Portfolio

A fashion sketchbook will let her know if she has a hidden talent for clothing design. Perhaps a future career in fashion design is in her future.

Shojo Fashion Manga Art School: How to Draw Cool Looks and Characters

Manga is a fun way to encourage a love of art and drawing. This is creativity in fashionably fun play.

How to Draw Dragons: In Simple Steps

Gifts that encourage the development of her skills, talents, and creativity are excellent gift choices for a 13 year old girl. Learning really can be fun.

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Do you have a 13 year old girl on your gift list?


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belinda342 on said:
Great gift choices! I wouldn't mind getting some of them myself...and I'm way north of 13.
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Ladymermaid on said:
Yes I think the tech gifts are ideal for virtually any age and any occasion. Ideal for a birthday, Christmas, graduation, Easter, or a simple so glad you are 13 years old gift. Gifts are always fun.
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I love how you have such a wide assortment of gift ideas.
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Teenage girls have such amazing personalities that there a literally thousands of great gifts for them. I love shopping for girls and our family fortunately has a tendency to girls lol. Lots of practice at buying birthday, Valentine's day, and Christmas gifts for girls.
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Joanne on said:
No one in my family is in this age group right now, but one is approaching the teen years. You have some great suggestions here, girls this age are not that easy to buy for.
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These are some great gift ideas for the teen girl in your life!
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Stopped by again to pin this gift guide to 13 year old girls. Awesome selections!
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I have to take note of this page, we will be having a 13- year- old this coming July. I have to pin this!

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