Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls

Do you have a 7 year old girl on your gift list?

If you know a 7 year old girl then you are probably well aware of how thrilled she is to see a gift with her name on it.

A seven year old girl is busy with school, her friends, and play. She has a lot of interests and any of these areas of interest are ideal in which to theme her gift in.

Like most girls she loves shopping, new clothes, flavored lip glosses, video games, movies, and spending quiet time playing, drawing, or coloring. She is becoming very aware of the value of money and would really appreciate receiving a monetary gift.

A 7 year old girl is also still very much interested in the toys that she has collected over the years, and is starting to classify many of them within collections, and as her collectibles. So she would be thrilled to find these items gifted to her as well.

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The Monster High Toralei Werecat doll set.

EXCLUSIVE Monster High 3-PACK FEARLEADING Werecats TORALEI Meowlody and Purrsephone

This ghoulish kitten cheer leading squad is beyond cool. Scratching, clawing, and nipping their cheers out they are definitely Monster High dolls that incite a little action when they make an appearance. This 3 doll set is really to drool over.

Purchase the Monster High 3 doll set here. Advertisements served by Amazon.

Clothes, theme bedroom accessories, and other personal gifts are ideal for 7 year old girls.

A theme bedroom set, blankets, sleeping bag, or sheet set are perfectly acceptable gifts for a 7 year old girl. If it's for her personal space, and is in a theme that she collects or is interested in, then she will love it.

A desk set, artist easel, or play tent are great gifts for a 7 year old girl as well. At seven years of age she is still a little girl with a super big imagination. When she isn't busy at school learning then she will be busy at home playing.

Like most girls she enjoys new clothes and appreciates new ones that are stylish. A gift card or monetary gift that allows her to pick out her own clothes is also very acceptable as well. A seven year old girl is pretty good at selecting items which she knows are her style.

Kigurumi Pjs are adorable gifts for kids.

Zicac Unisex Adult Children Kids Anime Cosplay Costumes Onesie Children and Adult Children Kids Pajamas Pyjamas Sleepwear Nightclothes Cosplay Gift For Hallowmas (Children Height 100-110cm(39"-43"), Green Frog)

Kigurumi pajamas are costume pjs that are as comfy as they are cute. Available in a wide range of sizes these adorable fashion statements are very popular with kids of all ages. Delightfully fun, cozy, and warm.

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These cute costume pajamas come in a wide selection of styles.

Tabby Cat Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Cute Kigurumi cat costume pajama is adorable for both girls and boys wear. Fashionable and fun these onesie pjs are a terrific gift idea for children of all ages.

Zicac Unisex Children Anime Cosplay Onesie Children Pajamas Sleepwear Cosplay

The Kigurumi unicorn pajama onesie for children is absolutely adorable. Too cute for words this is a sweet little costume pj. Delightfully sweet.

Dinosaur Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Pajama onesie that is in a super warm styling. Hands can flip in and out for extra warmth. Cute and fun the Cosplay pjs are fashionable fun. Kids love these adorable animal theme night time wear.

Fierce Tiger Kigurumi (All Ages Costume)

Tiger cuteness in comfy pj fashion for kids. Warm and cozy these are ideal for bed or lounge time wear.

There are an amazing array of gifts for a 7 year old.

A seven year old girl has a great imagination, and can easily create a fantasy land for her dolls, fairies, unicorns, dinosaurs, or dragons to play in.

She is happy playing with her friends or playing alone. This opens the door for hundreds of wonderful gift choices for girls of this age.

A 7 year old girl will be thrilled with the majority of gifts she receives which makes her a real sweetheart to shop for.

Fitness, video, and dance games are very popular with 7 year old girls.

Sunny Health & Fitness 40" Foldable Trampoline with Bar
Sunny Health & Fitness $56.99

A small personal trampoline provides crazy fun exercise and young girls love it. It is truly an exciting gift for a seven year old to receive.

Nintendo Wii U Console 8GB Basic Set - White
Nintendo $300.00

The Nintendo Wii Interactive game system gets kids up and moving while they play their favorite video games. It's a super cool gift idea for a 7 year old girl. Wii now moves directly from a full screen version to a hand held and back again. You choose the game you want to play.

Monster High Portable Karaoke Machine - Pink (68148)
Monster High $74.99

A Monster High Karaoke so she can have her own music. This is a super cool gift for a seven year old girl.

Chicago Girl's Sidewalk Skate
National Sporting Goods

A set of roller skates so she can dash around the neighborhood in style. Just remember to add in knee and elbow pads with this gift.

Nintendo DSi XL - Metallic Rose
Nintendo $189.99

Nintendo DSi xl offers big game play in a small personal game system. Now with a new larger screen area.

Wii dance is fun exercise for kids.

Wii Dance is the fun way to get fit with friends.

Just Dance Kids
UBI Soft $16.95

Wii Dance for kids has over 40 songs designed specifically for dance.

Just Dance 2 - Nintendo Wii
UBI Soft $17.49

Over 45 rocking songs with the hippest dance moves will have your kids getting fit in a fun new way. Wii dance is an amazing way to play.

Just Dance 3 [Nintendo Wii]
UBI Soft $12.63

With Wii Dance's 45 hot and happening music tracks this is one video game that will keep your kids on the move.

Just Dance 4 - Nintendo Wii
UBI Soft $21.60

Just Dance 4 has all the right moves to dance along with their favorite singer's musical tracks. Wii dance is video game fun for young and old alike.

Just Dance: Disney Party - Nintendo Wii
UBI Soft $17.03

The Wii Just Dance Disney Pack is an ideal gift choice for a 7 year old girl. She can bop and hop along with her favorite movie characters. Unique dance steps to help develop style and fitness.

Classic toys remain a popular gift choice for a seven year old girl. There are some items which just never go out of style.

Legos, pool toys, hula hoops, skipping ropes, marbles, skates, or toboggans are all great gifts for a 7 year old girl. She has so many interests that there are simply a ton of wonderful gift choices for her. 

She may collect My Little Pony, Barbie, Beanie Babies, or Monster High dolls. If you can add to her collections she will be thrilled with your gift to her.

These are themed toys with so many items and accessories that come along with them that she can just never have too many to add in to her collection.

There are a lot of great gift choices for a 7 year old girl.

ALEX® Toys - Do-it-Yourself Wear! Friends 4 Ever -Jewelry 737WX
Alex $15.20

Friendship bracelets are a craft project that young girls adore. Girls love to make a special gift for their friends which makes this a great gift for her.

EXCLUSIVE Monster High 3-PACK FEARLEADING Werecats TORALEI Meowlody and Purrsephone
Mattel $49.75

The Monster High teen monster dolls are hugely popular with young girls. They are ghoulishly great.

Melissa & Doug Pasture Pals
Melissa & Doug $18.55

Animals are a very important aspect of a young child's world. Horses are of particular fascination. These beautiful powerful yet graceful creatures are a delightful play time toy.

2013 Holiday Barbie 25th Anniversary-Auburn
Mattel $29.99

Collectible Barbie dolls are popular with young girls. Barbie dolls are delightful gifts for 7 year old girls but it is the collectible dolls which truly become her treasures as she moves into her maturer years. Being small in size these gorgeous Barbie dolls can be easily displayed on a dresser top or shelf.

Fashion Headbands
Creativity For Kids $14.65

A crafty style kit for her hair is a great gift idea for a 7 year old girl. It is bling with a zing and she can accessorize her look for the day with a number of interchanging head band options.

Webkinz toys come with a secret code for online play.

Webkinz are another popular small plush toy that young girls find very collectible. The Webkinz come with codes which let you go online to play games on the Webkinz site. Webkinz are wonderful gifts for 7 year olds. If she winds up with two the same, don't worry, she'll just laugh because she has twins.

Webkinz Froofroo Fox Plush
Webkinz $16.99

The Webkinz pink fox is adorable and is a birthday, Valentine's day, or Christmas gift that a 7 year girl would love to receive.

Webkinz Sabertooth Tiger Plush
Webkinz $16.98

She can go wild in her virtual play world with a Webkinz saber tooth tiger.

Webkinz Signature Ragdoll Cat with Trading Cards
Ganz $39.94

A Webkinz signature rag doll cat is a cute pet for her to adopt. Cuddly, cute, and anxious to go pouncing off into her own Webkinz virtual play land.

Webkinz Stormy Dragon Plush
Webkinz $12.39

Dragons are always fascinating creatures for kids and having her own dragon pet that she can play with in his own virtual world is truly fun child style.

Webkinz Rockerz Cat
Webkinz $25.04

The Webkinz rocker cat is cute as can be.

Webkinz are small plush toys with a code that opens the door to a virtual online world for them to play in.

A vanity table set is an amazing gift for a young girl.

Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table/Stool, White Finish with Beige Seat
Crown Mark, Inc. $91.19

A personal vanity table is her very own special beauty place. She can brush her hair, preen in front of the mirror, and play dressup with her friends. The drawers give her plenty of space to store her favorite treasures, lip glosses, lotions, and notes.

Pencil crayons, fancy erasers, doodle, and art books are hot gifts.

Art sets and how to draw books are ideal gifts for a 7 year old girl.

Seven year olds love spending quiet time drawing and coloring. These activities allow her to tap into her creative side and gifts which allow her the opportunity to increase her artistic talents are great gift choices for a 7 year old girl.

Cra-Z-art Spiral Art (12422)
Larry Rosen Art Materials and Activity Co. $9.17

A spirograph is a great gift idea for a 7 year old girl. She will love creating and coloring her designs. it's a gift which she can do by herself or with her friends.

Drawing Manga Animals, Chibis, and Other Adorable Creatures
J.C. Amberlyn $16.34

How to draw cute manga creatures book is a great art gift choice. She'll have a ball of fun with this book.

How to Draw 101 Monsters: Easy Step-by-step Drawing (How to draw)
Top That Pub Plc $4.49

How to draw monsters book. This is a book that will have her and her friends giggling over.

Drawing: Baby Animals: Learn to Draw Step by Step (How to Draw & Paint)
Cindy Smith $8.06

How to draw animals book is a great art resource for a 7 year old girl.

Monster High Full Size Sketch Portfolio
Fashion Angels $8.00

The Monster High fashion sketch portfolio book makes it easy to create designs for her favorite Monster High dolls.

A 7 year old girl loves the magic of fairies, mermaids, & unicorns.

Flavored or scented lip glosses are a great gift for a 7 year old girl.

Most seven year old girls are very envious of all the glittery lotions and potions that older girls are allowed, so when it comes to beauty sets which are designed specifically with her age group in mind, well she is thrilled. Lip gloss, dusting powder, bubble bath, scented hand lotion, and decorative soaps are great gift choices for a 7 year old girl.

Disney Princess Bubble Bath Set For A Royal Week (7 Days of Fun) 14 Fl Oz $28.00

A bubble bath set is a sweet gift set indeed. It makes bath time so much more fun.

12 Pc Desert Sundae Lipgloss Party Favors Assortment
RIN $13.66

She'll love the 12 piece dessert sundae lip gloss as it is just so cute. This is a practical gift which is also very charming and the 7 year old girl on your gift list will love it.

Crayon Soap - Handcrafted in the USA
Just Bubbly $17.50

Kids crayon soaps are delightfully fun. Now she can get styling and clean while she has fun too.

Cupcake Lip Gloss (12 pieces) Girls Birthday Party Favors - Assorted Styles and Flavors
RIN $10.55

Friends are very important to a 7 year old girl. A set of 12 cute cupcake lip glosses gives her plenty of lip gloss to keep for herself as well as to share with her friends. Cute lip glosses really are a great gift choice for a seven year old girl.

Cutie Ice Cream Lip Gloss Set (6) package
Kinyon $10.99

Set of 6 adorable ice cream cone lip glosses. This set is so cute that it is going to melt the heart of the 7 year old girl on your gift list. This is a great gift choice.

Stand Ups are ideal for birthday, Halloween, or Christmas parties.

The latest or hottest movie is a fantastic gift for a 7 year old girl.

Monsters University (DVD)
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment $19.96

Monsters University is the hottest kid movie this year. It's a great gift choice for kids of all ages.

Despicable Me 2
Universal $12.99

Despicable Me 2 is the latest movie to be released in this set and kids and adults alike are enjoying this one. Fabulously funny.

How to Train Your Dragon (Double DVD Pack)
DreamWorks $12.96

The How to Train Your Dragon movie made all things possible.

Universal Pictures $17.19

The movie Hop brought Easter bunny graphics to a new height. This bunny has it all and he warmed the hearts of his audience to his never ending antics.

Brave (Three-Disc Collector's Edition: Blu-ray / DVD)
Buena Vista $27.02

Young girls are love to watch movies and the mystical magical world where history, cartoons, and humor are intertwined are ideal gift choices for seven year old girls.

A positive message is a wonderful gift for a seven year old girl.

*The Monster High dolls are ghouls with a positive attitude and they are very popular.*

Monster High Bedroom Set

Monster High Ghoulie Gang Bedding bed in a bag twin/full comforter and twin sheets
Monster High $68.75

The Monster High teen dolls are very popular with 7 year old girls and a theme bed set is a gift that will have your little girl howling at the moon in excitement. These young ladies adore having their room personalized to their interests so this is a gift that fits perfectly into their world.

The new Monster High 13 Wishes dolls are cool.

Monster High 13 Wishes Party Lounge & Spectra Vondergeist Doll Playset

This ghoulishly popular Monster High 13 Wishes play set includes the always ravishing Spectra Vondergeist and play set. The teen dolls are dressed in the hottest Moroccan fashions with glitter, highlights, streaks, and other freakishly adorable style oozing excitingly throughout their new look. So cool they are absolutely irresistible.

Purchase the Monster High 13 Wishes dolls here. Ad served by Amazon.

A wee peek at the new Monster High 13 Wishes movie.

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Monster High Cleo de Nile

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Monster High Ghoulia Yelps

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Monster High Frankie Stein Doll and Make-up Sets.

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Monster High Toralei Stripe Doll

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Monster High Lagoona Blue

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Monster High Draculaura Doll

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Monster High Nefera de Nile

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Take time to play - It's important.

*Play is how children discover the talents and skills they will use as they grow.*

A wee peek at Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2.

Mermaids are very popular gifts for 7 year old girls.

Disney Princess Favorite Moments Mermaid Doll 7-Pack - The Little Mermaid Sisters
Mattel $34.99

Disney The Little Mermaid Princess Ariel and her mermaid sisters set is a great gift choice for a 7 year old girl.

Barbie Purple Color Change Mermaid Doll
Mattel $23.33

The Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 mermaid dolls have tails which change color in cold water. The Barbie mermaids are very popular with young girls.

Barbie In a Mermaid Tale 2 Mermaid Australia Doll
Mattel $34.99

Barbie In a Mermaid Tale 2 Australia Mermaid Doll.

Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Doll
Mattel $52.99

Magic Barbie in a mermaid tale 2 is my favorite. She is gorgeous.

Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 African-American Mermaid Doll
Mattel $23.99

Barbie in a mermaid tale 2 mermaid doll. She's beautiful, magical, and mystical.

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Which item would you purchase for a 7 year old girl on your gift list?


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My girls would have loved this stuff at the age of 7 (and I would have too). Some great gift ideas here :)
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Ladymermaid on said:
Girls are so very easy to shop for. I love shopping for young girls. It does not seem to matter what age they are, girls just love to get presents, and that makes them so easy to shop for. Thanks for stopping by to see the selection of 7 year old gift ideas.
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Daniela12 on said:
great selection of gifts!
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There really are some great gift ideas for pre-teen girls now. I love it as it makes shopping for them so much easier.
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I love all the movie selections!
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I do too. Of course I only get to watch these movies when I visit my grandchildren because of course they are their favorites too.
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Marie on said:
I love those lip glosses, I know my nieces love those and they make fab little extra gifts and great stocking stuffers too.
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Ladymermaid on said:
When I was a kid we didn't have the great assortment of flavored products like they do now. I would have loved these personal care beauty products when I was young.
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Fun ideas. I really like the Just Dance for kids. Kids can have fun with it while they get some good exercise.
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Lorna on said:
Great gift ideas, my niece would love then all. Thanks!

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