Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls

Do you have a 7 year old girl on your gift list?

If you know a 7 year old girl then you are probably well aware of how thrilled she is to see a gift with her name on it.

A seven year old girl is busy with school, her friends, and play. She has a lot of interests and any of these areas of interest are ideal in which to theme her gift in.

Like most girls she loves shopping, new clothes, flavored lip glosses, video games, movies, and spending quiet time playing, drawing, or coloring. She is becoming very aware of the value of money and would really appreciate receiving a monetary gift.

A 7 year old girl is also still very much interested in the toys that she has collected over the years, and is starting to classify many of them within collections, and as her collectibles. So she would be thrilled to find these items gifted to her as well.

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There are an amazing array of gifts for a 7 year old.

A seven year old girl has a great imagination, and can easily create a fantasy land for her dolls, fairies, unicorns, dinosaurs, or plush animals to play in.

She is happy playing with her friends or playing alone. This opens the door for hundreds of wonderful gift choices for girls of this age.

A 7 year old girl is thrilled with the majority of gifts that she receives which makes her a real sweetheart to shop for.

*The Monster High dolls are ghouls with a positive attitude and they are very popular.*

A wee peek at the Monster High 13 Wishes movie.

Monster High items are still just as popular this year.

The ghouls from Monster High are not cooling off at all. These collectible dolls just get more popular as each new character is added into the gang. The dolls, playsets, clothing, costume, and bedroom decor items are hot hot hot! They are simply vampishly fabulous!

Monster High Ghoulie Gang Bedding bed in a bag twin/full comforter and twin sheets

A 5 doll Monster High pack with a really great price.

She has her own style and enjoys new clothing.

Clothes are a good gift for a 7 year old but add in a little extra special treat as well. A small plush toy, a sweet edible treat, or an accessory such as hair bands or a small purse to go along with her clothing item will thrill her.

Like most girls she enjoys new clothes and appreciates new ones that are stylish.

A gift card or monetary gift that allows her to pick out her own clothes is also very acceptable as well. A seven year old girl is pretty good at selecting items which she knows are her style.

Wii dance is fun exercise for kids.

Fitness can be fun when you add music swing and sway.

It has all a kid needs to get up and on their feet. All their favorite singers and the latest greatest dance moves. Definitely time to get up and dance. Fitness really can be fun.

Just Dance Kids 2014 - Nintendo Wii

These dance moves are so much fun that mom and dad will want to get up and dance too. Music makes play fun and when it is to the hottest songs it just makes it so much more great. Let's get up and move to the beat.

Just Dance Kids 2 - Nintendo Wii

Theme bedroom accessories and educational gifts are ideal for 7 year old girls.

A theme bedroom set, blankets, sleeping bag, or sheet set are perfectly acceptable gifts for a 7 year old girl.

If it's for her personal space, and is in a theme that she collects or is interested in, then she will love it.

A personal vanity table or desk will be her very own special space. The drawers give her plenty of space to store her favorite treasures, lip glosses, lotions, and notes. She can display her collectibles there, color, read, and play games with her friends. 

An art set, artist easel, or play tent are great gifts for a 7 year old girl as well. At seven years of age she is still a little girl with a super big imagination.

When she isn't busy at school learning then she will be busy at home playing.

A 7 year old girl's world thrives on imagination.

Bring the magic to her. Nothing says creative quite like a decor that brings her imagination to life.

Princess Canopy By Sid Trading. Buy it here! Buy it Now!

Classic toys remain a popular gift choice for a seven year old girl. There are some items which just never go out of style.

Legos, pool toys, hula hoops, skipping ropes, marbles, skates, or toboggans are all great gifts for a 7 year old girl. She has so many interests that there are simply a ton of wonderful gift choices for her. 

She may collect My Little Pony, Barbie, Beanie Babies, or Monster High dolls. If you can add to her collections she will be thrilled with your gift to her.

These are themed toys with so many items and accessories that come along with them that she can just never have too many to add in to her collection.

Every year Legos top the toy list for girls and boys.

Pencil crayons, fancy erasers, doodle, and art books are hot gifts.

Bring her natural talents to the surface. Creativity begins with a giggle, a smile, and a gentle nudge.

Webkinz are small plush toys with a code that opens the door to a virtual online world for them to play in.

There are hundreds of Webkinz pets to choose from.

Take time to play - It's important.

*Play is how children discover the talents and skills they will use as they grow.*

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Which item would you purchase for a 7 year old girl on your gift list?


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My girls would have loved this stuff at the age of 7 (and I would have too). Some great gift ideas here :)
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Ladymermaid on said:
Girls are so very easy to shop for. I love shopping for young girls. It does not seem to matter what age they are, girls just love to get presents, and that makes them so easy to shop for. Thanks for stopping by to see the selection of 7 year old gift ideas.
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Daniela12 on said:
great selection of gifts!
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There really are some great gift ideas for pre-teen girls now. I love it as it makes shopping for them so much easier.
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mysteeqz5 on said:
I love all the movie selections!
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I do too. Of course I only get to watch these movies when I visit my grandchildren because of course they are their favorites too.
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Marie on said:
I love those lip glosses, I know my nieces love those and they make fab little extra gifts and great stocking stuffers too.
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Ladymermaid on said:
When I was a kid we didn't have the great assortment of flavored products like they do now. I would have loved these personal care beauty products when I was young.
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Fun ideas. I really like the Just Dance for kids. Kids can have fun with it while they get some good exercise.
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Lorna on said:
Great gift ideas, my niece would love then all. Thanks!

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