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Parachuting Poster

While browsing online recently, I found some cute, nice and funny products for people that like to go skydiving. Is your loves one a skydiving fan? Choose from a large selection of T-shirts, greeting cards, refrigerator magnets, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, and posters with cute pictures or funny sayings.

Whether you're looking for:

  • a bumper sticker with the words " My other vehicle is a PARACHUTE! ",
  • Coffee mug stating "I'd rather be skydiving",
  • a greeting card with a picture of special forces skydiving out of a plane.
  • A fridge magnet with a cute cartoon and the words "I love skydiving". 
  • a poster of a skydiver with a sunset in the background
  • On the back of a T-shirt: "Warning: If you can read this, I forgot to put on my parachute."

Or T-shirts stating:

  • I jump from perfectly good airplanes
  • I'd rather be skydiving
  • Skydiving is my therapy

..... You'll find it all here, and more!

Parachuting Sunset Poster

I'd Rather Be Skydiving- Coffee Mugs

My Other Vehicle Is A PARACHUTE! - Bumper Sticker

I Love Skydiving- Refrigerator Magnet

Skydiving Is My Therapy - Cheap T-Shirts

Sky High Skydiver Greeting Card

Back of Shirt: "Warning: If You Can Read This, I Forgot To Put On My Parachute."

Click through to see the back of the T-shirt: "Warning: If you can read this, I forgot to put on my parachute."

I'd Rather Be Skydiving- Shirts

I Jump From Perfectly Good Airplanes

Special Forces Skydiving Greeting Card

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