Halloween Costumes for Guys Who Hate Costumes

What to do if you love Halloween, but hate Halloween costumes

Man in need of costume help

Tired of people giving you a hard time because you didn't wear a costume to the Halloween party? Are you willing to wear a costume, but refuse to wear ill-fitting getups, makeup, masks, or wigs? Want to be part of the fun this Halloween as long as you can be comfortable and still be recognizable as being in costume? 

These costume suggestions and detailed instructions are just perfect for you then.

Each of these costumes ideas involve wearing normal, regular clothing. The key to success, however, lies in adding a few key accessories to add realism to your character. It's in the details that it all comes together and what makes each of these costumes instantly recognizable.

Afterall, if you're going to wear a costume, you don't want to have everyone asking you what the heck you are all night, right?


Indiana Jones

Comfortable, recognizable, and cool

Is it Indy or just a look-alike?

This is a great costume for a guy who hates to wear store-bought costumes and the best thing about it is you can make this one out of your own clothing with only a few accessories.

First you'll need a pair of khaki pants and casual shoes. Add a plain cotton or twill button-front shirt, preferably in tan or beige. If the shirt is a little old and faded, all the better. Remember you're trying to look like a guy who goes wandering around in the desert looking for treasure.

Two accessories you must have? The hat and the bullwhip. Absolutely. These two items are what will make it obvious that you are that famous obtainer of rare antiquities.

Optional Accessories:

Indy carries a sidearm when on his expeditions because, as he says, "you know what a cautious fellow I am". He wears his gun belt slung slightly lower than the belt on his pants. Since he's right handed, the holster/gun should be on your right side. 

Indy also has a satchel that he wears across his chest, messenger-bag style. If you have a plain, solid messenger bag wear it so that the shoulder strap is on your right shoulder and the bag rests on your left hip.

If you own or can borrow a brown leather jacket, that would be perfect. If you don't have one, that's ok, you can go without it.

Indian Jones Costume

What you'll need

6 Leather Whip Indiana Jones
Rubies Costume Co
Amazon.com: $6.55

Brown braided leather wipe is just like Indy's.  At 6' long it's just the right length to coil up and wear at your hip.

Indiana Jones® Crushable Wool Hat X-Large Brow

The best thing about this hat is that it's a really nice wool hat - so it can be worn anytime, not just at Halloween!

Available in sizes from Small to X-Large.

Big Tex Holster Set
Amazon.com: $18.99

This is an excellent quality toy gun, very realistic looking. It is a childs toy with a child size belt though, so you'll have to thread the holster onto your own belt to fit it around your man-sized waist.

Brown Canvas Medic Bag
Amazon.com: $14.50

Be sure to wear your satchel underneath your leather jacket, just like Indy.

Red Kap Men's Industrial Work Shirt, Light Tan, Long 5X-Large
Red Kap Men's Apparel
Amazon.com: $13.63

A plain work shirt like this one is perfect for your Indiana Jones costume.

The Man with No Name

Clint at his very best

The Man with No Name

Men of few words, any of the gunslinging characters played by Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, or Outlaw Josey Wales make great role models for this costume. The Man with No Name, in his southwestern style poncho and flat brim hat is one of the best known looks and is easy to replicate with only a few key accessories.

Start with your own jeans and cowboy boots and add a faux gun and holster set. To make your 'cowboy' more recognizable as one of Clint's characters, your hat should have a flat wide brim. The key piece in this costume is the poncho and the one item you'll need to replicate with either a store-bought version (such as below) or by making one yourself from a southwestern style blanket.

Also make sure you have one more thing - a small little nub of cigar that you tuck into the left side of your mouth - it will help you sneer a little when you talk, just like Clint.

Image by heathervesta on Flickr under Creative Commons license

Clint Gunslinger Costume

What you'll need

Smiffy's Men's Belt And Holster
RH Smith & Sons LTD - Parent Vendor Code
Smiffy's Men's Authentic Wandering Gunman Dress Set, Brown/White/Blue, Medium
RH Smith & Sons LTD - Parent Vendor Code
Amazon.com: $29.93
Fake Puff Cigar Prop
Amazon.com: $4.09

Hawkeye Pierce from M*A*S*H

An oldie, but a goodie


Talk about being comfortable. If there's one thing that Dr. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce was, it was casual!

This costume is absolutely perfect for the guy who doesn't want to invest in a whole lot of expensive accessories. You may even have the clothing you'll need in your closet right now.

Start with a pair of green army fatigues or work pants. Add a plain army green or M*A*S*H logo t-shirt. Top that with a Hawaiian-print shirt or a solid red terry-cloth bathrobe. Now, place your dog tags around your neck and walk around with a martini glass. You're all set.

That's the ultimate in easy!

If you want some additional accessories to add even more to your look, try wearing a stethoscope draped around your neck and put a straw cowboy hat on your head!

Hawkeye Pierce Costume

What you'll need

Jungle Parrots Men's Hawaiian Shirts Red L
Pacific Legend
Amazon.com: $24.95

If you don't already have a Hawaiian shirt, get one like this - the more colorful, the better.

Classic 8 Oz. Unbreakable Polycarbonate Plastic Martini Glass
Amazon.com: $8.19

Don't forget the martini glass!  This one is shatterproof so it's perfect for carrying around.

Customized Military Dog Tags
Customized Dog tag
Amazon.com: $4.50

Don't forget your dog tags!

Straw Stained Hat / Straw Band with Silver Adornments Size S/M

A straw cowboy hat was Hawkeye's favorite headgear.

Which one is your favorite?

Adventurer, outlaw, or funny army doctor....

Do you have a favorite costume that's perfect for a guy who hates costumes?

Have any more suggestions for easy to make, easy to wear costumes for guys? Share them with us here...

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