Hello kitty crafts

Hello kitty crafts

hello kitty crafts

Hello kitty crafts to make. How to make a hello kitty craft with little pink confetti hearts and felt.  Makes a cute hello kitty valentine's day gift or a birthday gift for any hello kitty fan. Also find more ideas for hello kitty crafts such with paper, patterns and much more.

hello kitty crafts

How to make a hello kitty craft

How to make a hello kitty craft

You will need:

Pink felt

Three Pink confetti hearts

Thirty one Silver confetti hearts

Two Red confetti hearts

Six pink confetti letter ā€œIā€

Magnet sheet

Craft Scissors

Craft glue



You will need 31 silver confetti hearts to make your hello kitty craft.  One of the hearts will be for the nose.  Use 30 hearts to make the hello kitty outline.  You can make the shape with the hearts on a piece of felt first without gluing to make sure it looks right.  Then use your toothpick to add a touch of glue to each heart and glue on the pink felt.  Near the top right ear glue three pink hearts for the bow, one in the center and two hearts on their side for the bow.  Glue two red hearts for the eyes and a silver heart for the nose.  For the whiskers, I used 6 alphabet letter ā€œIā€, 3 on each side.  When your hello kitty dries, cut around the hearts.  You could use your hello kitty as an embellishment or decoration.  You could also attach an ornament hook at the top and make a hello kitty ornament.  I wanted to make mine a magnet, so I cut off a piece of magnet sheet to cover the area on the back and attached it with some glue.  

hello kitty crafts

hello kitty magnet craft

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bill on said:
Nice work! My daughter has a Hello Kitty board book that she really likes. Great instructions on making a Hello Kitty craft - the photos make it especially easy to follow. Welcome to Zujava!
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Absolutely lovely, great crafts here. And although I'm an adult, I love all Hello Kitty stuff...

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