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Welcome to Zujava! Now that you've begun your journey and made the decision that you want to create excellent, high quality, original content, it's time to find out what that is, how to do it, and how to keep doing it consistently over time.

We'd like to see you get a great headstart on Zujava publishing high quality content that everyone wants to read! So that you experience the most success possible, we'd like to share with you what works best on Zujava with the following tips.

How to Attract Readers

The true key to creating great quality content for the web

There are a zillion different reasons to write on Zujava, whether it's to promote your business, make an additional income with our ad royalties, or to make a name for yourself on the 'net. There's no right or wrong motivation, and all of them are a very distinct possibility if you just keep writing!

The following are ways to attract readers with your content, and what readers might be expecting when they land on your page. 

  1. Write about what you are interested in. If you're interested in that topic, it will shine through in the content.
  2. Change up the content with videos, photos, and visual separators within the content. Use lists, bold, and link lists. 
  3. Only submit your own writing to the site.
  4. Do a spell check and check your grammar. 
  5. Improve upon your content to make it even better than what's already on the web. The better it is, the better the chance it will rank well for that topic!

Follow Your Passions, Not Your Wallet

Be true to your personality - write what you know!

It might be tempting to try to chase some sort of hot affiliate product or current 15 minute trend, but bucking the trend and creating a portfolio of great content that you are truly passionate about will stand the test of time. 

Yes, it sounds cheesy, but you should follow your heart with your online writing. You won't tire as easily if you write about topics that you love writing about, and you won't find it hard to continue to write about those topics again and again. 

Five Things That Define Great Content

The principles of amazing online writing

All great content shares the same important values that define their worth as "great content." The five principles that ring true on any piece of great online writing are the following:

  1. It's passionate. Great content is easy to see when the author has poured their heart, soul, and experience into the writing. It comes across as genuine.
  2. It's updated for right now. Great content of five years ago may not be great content today because of a lack of updates. Continue to improve upon old leaves by adding fresh information that readers will find helpful for right now.
  3. It stands out from the pack. What defines you as being the best in the sea of competitors in your niche? Making a page that's better will improve your reputation, and help the success of the individual page (leaf).
  4. It helps many people. The more you can share with your audience by being generous, the more the page itself will be shared. Giving away your best tips and advice can only help yourself.
  5. Last, but not least, formatting is a big thing. If the leaf is not visually appealing, you could lose your audience. Keep it easy to read by spreading your content across many sections, using lists, italicize, and make frequent use of images.

Three Things that Make Content Not-So-Great

And what you can do to fix it!

The not-so-great stuff is even easier to find than great content. The good news is that you can learn from your mistakes, and often fix up not-so-great stuff to make it amazing. 

Here are three common errors that can drastically improve your leaf right now:

  1. Grammar check. Spellcheck your entire leaf for punctuation and spelling errors, including capitalization. 
  2. Use more sections on your leaf. Break up big blocks of content into many sections, and fill out the titles and subtitles of each section. Don't forget photos for each section as well.
  3. Focus on just one topic, and move the other content to a new leaf. Being specific will help to narrow the focus of your leaf, making it easier to read and a better all-around piece of content.

Bad Stuff

There are just as many ways to create a bad piece of content as there are to create a good one. Our content policy will keep you up to date on what topics we don't endorse or allow. Some of these leaves share these attributes:

  • Too many affiliate products on a single leaf. Publishing a leaf should help the public make decisions, not bombard them with too many decisions. Keep affiliate products to a smaller number to keep the quality high on your leaf.
  • There's content just in the introduction, and not in the other sections. This doesn't look very attractive, and why not make use out of the other sections Zujava has to offer?
  • It's imageless. A lack of photos can be an eyesore and harder to read. (Did we mention search engines are in love with images?)
  • It violates our content policy. We allow many, many topics here, and only forbid a handful. 
  • It's spammy. Just like featuring too many affiliate products, if you're selling spammy products, that reflects back on your reputation. Likewise, search engines aren't in love with certain spammy topics like online dating and acai berries. 



Five Specific Ideas for Creating Great Content

Just ideas...

There are specific ways to add great content to your leaf. These methods are perfect for adding incredible value to your reader, and will work on any of your leaves.

  1. Share and share again. Linking to other great content, even if it's your own content, is a great service to your readers. When should you link to content? When you are writing about something that the reader of the page may not be familiar with, or as a list of recommended reading topics. 
  2. Feature only GREAT products with good reviews. Readers will definitely check the reviews of products you have featured, so why feature anything but the best? Great products also sell more often than the not-so-great ones.
  3. The first photo matters immensely. Pick a great photo that is properly attributed to the owner, and you'll make a good first impression.
  4. Be accurate and factual with your information. Of course, add your own humor and personality to make it interesting, but when researching the facts, cite your sources and make sure it's 100% accurate. 
  5. Write from an angle that hasn't been taken yet. Approaching the topic with a fresh mindset, attitude, and approach can yield a whole new take on topics new and old that can find lots of interested new people. You'll also be pleasantly surprised at the results you get from search engines and social sites.


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What Do You Think is the Most Important Part of Creating Great Content?

What makes great content? What is the best piece of content you've ever read in the form of an article?

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I am reading this sloooooooowly. It does seem like very good advice.
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I feel great content needs to be original,resourceful and interesting. Too much affiliation promotion is a turn off, I want to read an article that I can enjoy and maybe even learn something from it.
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Good advice, great reminders. Thanks Bill.

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