How to Decorate a Dorm Room for Halloween

Decorate for Halloween even with Restrictions and a Budget

Halloween Decorations for Dorm Rooms

Part of the fun of a holiday like Halloween is decorating. Without decorations, it just doesn't feel the same. Whether you like your decorations cute and fun, a little bit spooky, or downright creepy, you don't have to miss out just because you live in a dorm.

Dorms have a lot of restrictions when it comes to things such as wall decorations, noise, flames, and lighting, so it can seem impossible to find a ways to stay festive and make your room feel like home. The good news is, lots of products exist that are inexpensive, don't take up space, are simple to display, and will keep you feeling the spirit of Halloween!

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Window Clings

Window clings are absolutely perfect for college dorm rooms. They take up absolutely no space because they're flat and stick right to the window, if you have one. If you don't have a window, most of them will stick to mirrors just as well. They won't harm the window or mirror because they don't actually have any adhesive, so you won't need to worry about damaging any of the property in the room. They're also really inexpensive; all of the choices below are less than $5 each. It doesn't get much more simple or cheap than that!

You can decorate with cute clings, spooky ones, creepy ones, or mix and match for a fun, unique look.

Halloween Character Clings Party Accessory (1 count) (25/Sh)
The Beistle Company $4.49

These cute window clings are festive while still being cheery and nice.

Halloween Glitter Window Clings - Toil & Trouble
The Clever Factory

These window clings have all the classics of Halloween from ghosts to vampires but with a cute twist.

Spider Web Clings Party Accessory (1 count) (14/Sh)
The Beistle Company $4.49

Spider web window clings offer just the right amount of spookiness to get you in the Halloween mood!

Peeping Zombie Window Cling
Forum Novelties $4.76

Get a little creepier with this peeping zombie. Be careful though, it might scare you in the middle of the night when you forget it's there and think someone is really peeping!

Gel Clings

Gel clings are similar to regular window clings because they too don't use adhesive and can stick to any glass or nonporous surface without harm. They're different though because the less detailed, outline look provides a whole different look, and, honestly, they're fun to poke. They're squishy and fun!

You can even turn decorating into a game with these by standing about five feet away and tossing them at the window to make them stick.

A word of advice though: Don't use these on walls. They stain.

window gels stain walls

My roommates and I learned this the hard way when we got a little overexcited and carried away with our "game" of tossing them, not realizing they were messing up the paint!

Amscan Happy Halloween Gel Clings
Coolglow $6.97

This cute greeting wish a happy Halloween to everyone who visits your room!

Skeleton Glitter Large Gel Cling
AMSCAN $7.99

This skeleton is the perfect combination of typical, spooky Halloween decor and cuteness.

Halloween Window Gel Art - 6 Sets
BCC $17.99

This pack of six has a little bit of everything.

Set of Bloody Gel Self Stick Window Halloween Decor

Get creepy and scare guests with these gel blood splats.

Cob Webs

Cob webs and spider webs are great at evoking spooky Halloween feelings. They hardly take any space, they're cheap, and they're fun to put up. They don't damage walls because you can work with what's already in the room when finding ways to attach the web around the room. Doing it that way also make each web unique, like a real spider's web!

Spider Web Streachable white with (2) Spiders Pkg/1
Forum Novelties $4.99

For a small space, this single stretchable spider web with two spiders is perfect.

McToy $8.60

This 12 pack is a great deal if you have a larger space or want to go heavy on the decoration for a party.

Pumpkins and Harvest Foods

how to decorate a dorm room for halloween Pumpkins can be used to decorate for Halloween (as Jack-o-lanterns) or just for the fall season in general (often paired with other foods such as ornamental corn). These decorations take up more space because they have to sit somewhere, but you can find spaces that aren't often used like the top of the microwave, the windowsill, the center of the coffee table or dining table if you have one, the corner of your desk-- get creative!

how to decorate a dorm room for halloweenYou can usually purchase mini pumpkins, gourds, or ornamental corn for a couple dollars at grocery stores, roadside stands, or pumpkin patches. Not only do they make excellent decorations, you can play a competitive, laughter-filled, entertaining game of pumpkin bowling when you're done with them instead of just throwing them away. If you'd rather opt for non-food decorations, check out the interesting items below.

Halloween Pumpkin Tree with Ornaments - Decorative Accessories
Terrys Village

This little Halloween tree is absolutely ADORABLE. This is a must have if you like cutesy Halloween decorations.

Paper Magic Group Spooky Home Decor, Pumpkin Push-In, Mr. Potato Head Skeleton
Paper Magic Group $13.95

This Mr.Potato Head look-alike is a decoration and a fun toy all wrapped into one.

Jack-O-Lantern LED Light

You can't have candles in dorms, but no one said anything about LED lights!

Pumkin the Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin - MWMT Ty Beanie Babies
Beanie Babies - Halloween $6.99

This plush Ty beanie baby jack-o-lantern will gladly sit atop your table, your bed, or whatever spot you decide to place him.

Pumpkin Jack o' Lantern Orange Balloons Set of 12
Qualatex $3.99

Everyone loves balloons, so why not use them to dress up the room for the holiday?

A Final Word About Dorm Decorations

All of these decorations shouldn't be a problem when it comes to dorm rules, but make sure to check  if you're not sure whether something is allowed or not.

However you decide to decorate though, have fun with it! Keep it simple with one or two things, or mix and match with a little bit of everything for even more festivity.

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Fun ideas for dorm rooms! I especially like the cobwebs.
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Thanks for checking out my leaf! I lived in a dorm for a couple years, so I learned how to decorate small spaces firsthand. The cobwebs really add a lot!
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I love those bloody handprints, they look really gory for Halloween. Some very good ideas :)

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