How to draw an anime eye

So you wanna draw anime?

So you wanna learn how to draw anime? Well have no fear. Today, I will give you a little lesson on a specific facial feature that is most prominent in 99% of anime characters. You guessed it! Those big, huge eyes! For many people, drawing an eye can be a very difficult task, especially for artists who are just starting out. Follow these step by step instructions on drawing a simple yet awesome looking eye and soon, you'll be well on your way to making a character of your own.

Step 1

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Draw the rounded out top of the eye shape on your piece of paper. A normal human eye is shaped like an oval pretty much, but since this is meant for an anime character, we're going to make it a little bit larger than a normal eye.

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Step 2

Draw the lower half of the eye. It should be shaped somewhat like the upper half but with a little hook shape in the corner of the eye.

Step 3

This step will help you get started in drawing the eyeball. This is a very easy step. All you need to do is draw a circular shape in the center of the eye.

Step 4

Draw the part of the eye that will shimmer. The glare will sit on the right side of the eye directly over the iris. Speaking of which, the next step will involve drawing the iris.

Step 5

See that I drew an iris which I also shaded in black as well. Next, we will finish up the eye by drawing in some added detail. Though not required, I feel it will make the overall drawing "pop out" a little more. :)

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Step 6

Draw some lines on the outside portion of your iris. Just simple, vertical lines all around the outer portion of the eye. Now that we have completed the eye, it's time to start focusing on the surrounding parts such as the eyelid and lashes.

Step 7

Draw the eyelid. The is the thin line at the very top of the eye. 

Step 8

Next, we will draw in some lashes as shown in the image above. If you don't want the eye to look as feminine as the one in this tutorial, simply skip this step. Not all anime characters have apparent lashes anyway. :)

Step 9

Lastly, you should draw in the eye brow. Whether you want the brow to be thin, thick, long, short or almost non existent is up to you entirely! I hope this was simple enough to follow and I hope you have learned something great from my tutorial!

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Bonita on said:
I would never in a million years known to draw the part of the eye that shimmers! Clearly, you know what you're doing! Great drawing tutorials and I'm going to link to them on my Pinterest board called "Teaching Art."
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WriterJanis on said:
Your instructions are simple and easy to follow. Looks like I'm going to learn how to draw!
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Bev-Owens on said:
Wonderful step by step instructions on how to draw an anime eye. I will have to practice some before I can get mine to look as good as yours.

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