How to draw an ice cream cone

Easy Ice Cream Cone Tutorial

Ice Cream Cone Drawing Instructions

Ever wondered how to draw an ice cream cone from scratch? Well, you're in luck! Today I will show you exactly what you need to do to draw a fantabulous drawing of an ice cream cone. Whether it be for fun or for some serious project your planning, this is intended to walk you through the entire process. This may seem like a very unusual tutorial at first glance, but it never hurts to learn something new for a change, right?

Step 1

Drawing the ice cream scoop

Ice cream scoop 1

Firstly, we're going to start by drawing the top of the scoop. A generic ice cream scoop on a cone is rounded at the top like a half moon. So an easy way to go about doing this is by simply drawing a half moon shape at the top of your sheet.

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Step 2

At the base of the scoop, the ice cream begins to flare out at where the cone would usually meet. Start drawing a similar design for the base of your scoop as shown above.

Step 3a

Now we are going to begin drawing in some extra detail for the ice cream scoop. This will be shown in 3 steps total, starting on this one. Don't be afraid to get a little creative at this point. You should be drawing this in pencil so if you need to go back and erase something, feel free to.

Step 3b

Notice that I am drawing little lines on the ice cream which resembles the detail.

Step 3c

As I said above, this is a somewhat experimental part. Try to make the drawing look as natural as possible. If it helps, you can look up a few pictures of how a real ice cream cone looks. Now we are ready to move on to the cone itself. :)

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Step 4

Drawing the cone

The best way I can describe this step is to imagine you are drawing an upside down skinny triangle. The is is the easiest part of this step. Now, for the somewhat complicated part!

Step 4b

If you look at an ice cream cone, it might sort of remind you of a giant folded up waffle. The pattern we are going to draw will look criss cross in appearance. Draw some semi-twisted diagonal lines around your triangle shape (the cone). 

Step 4c

Next, draw very similar lines like the step above, but going in the opposite direction. This should complete your ice cream cone entirely!

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