Diaper Rash - What You Can Do For It

How To Soothe Your Child's Diaper Rash

Babies can get diaper rash from being in a diaper too long, but that isn't always the case.  Diaper rash can be caused from drinking things that are acidic like apple juice.  Diaper rash can also arise if your baby is teething and he or she gets loose stools or from taking certain medications, if your baby happens to be on any.  

Rather than using diaper rash medicines, there's a safe, chemical-free and inexpensive alternative that works just as well that you may just have in your kitchen right now -- cornstarch. Cornstarch is a great alternative to using diaper rash cream and it is less expensive. 

How To Use Cornstarch

using cornstarch to sooth diaper rash

Cornstarch can be applied to your child in a few different ways.  If your child has an existing case of diaper rash and you can't seem to soothe it, just run some water in the bath and dissolve about a cup of cornstarch in the water.  Then submerge your baby's bottom in it or have your child take a bath in it.  It is very soothing to them and even after one or two times, you will see it start to fade away. 

To prevent diaper rash, just sprinkle some cornstarch in the diaper just like you would baby powder, except cornstarch doesn't have any perfumes or chemicals in the ingredients so your child won't be inhaling anything bad. 

You can also make a paste with the cornstarch by adding water.  Once it turns into a paste, just spread it on your child's rash lightly with your hand or pat on their bottom with a soft cloth.

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Cornstarch Is A Great Cure

baby is happy now after the diaper rash is gone

Cornstarch really is a great cure for diaper rash.  I know because I used it on my kids when they were little.  Sometimes my oldest son would have such stubborn diaper rash that cornstarch was the only thing that would get rid of it.  Other times there would be no diaper rash cream in the house and rather than running to the store, I would just treat that nasty diaper rash with my cornstarch remedy.  I think the best way to use it is by putting it into their bath water and just letting them soak in it. 

Thank you for reading this leaf.  I hope you found it both interesting and useful. 

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Never thought of using cornstarch when my kids were babies. Great idea.
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mihgasper on said:
Thanks for this idea. No chemicals is my motto too!

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