How to Increase Your Zujava Earnings 101: The Official Guide

Get Paid, Then Get Paid More

You're here! So that means you are interested in making more money on Zujava. 

Zujava is a great place to earn money online, and there a number of ways to do so. How can you increase your earnings from the last payout? We'll go over some of the best ways to monetize your leaves, best practices, and tips for boosting traffic so your ZQ score starts to skyrocket, all right on this leaf. 

Ready to earn more? Keep reading!

Add an Amazon Product

Increase revenue by adding one specific product

Product oriented leaves aren't the only leaves that make affiliate sales from Amazon. Travel leaves, recipe leaves, homeschooling leaves, any topic can be monetized if just one (or two) excellent products are added. 

But, there's a catch.

Readers are smart. The internet isn't new, and they can see through fake testimonials or spun product descriptions. That's why you have to be genuine, which is easy. There's nothing easier than being yourself and telling the truth, and that's exactly what sells products. 

Here's what to do to sell more products on Amazon:

  1. Only feature products you own, if possible. Leave your own testimonial for the product in the description.
  2. Always customize the product description and the description above the product. 
  3. It's all about the benefits, baby. Explain the benefits of using the product in your very own words. 
  4. Only feature products with excellent ratings. Otherwise, your trust will be ruined once they click through and see that the product only has a couple of stars.
  5. Make decision making easy. Only feature one or two products, and narrow down the decision making process. People are in a rush, so make the winner abundantly clear.
  6. Bonus: Publish another leaf featuring more Amazon products. Rinse and repeat. 

Write About Popular Topics

The internet isn't high school. There are cliques, yes, but some of the geekiest, most random, topics are very popular with readers. So, which topics drive traffic?

All topics are equally capable of driving traffic, it depends on your expertise, the uniqueness of your topic, and how well you can write about the topic. If you want a sampling of what's hot, and what type of content ranks well, check out the Zujava Top 100. These leaves are in the upper echelon of successful pages because they are about topics people are actually searching for. Many of them are niche, but they are popular niches.

Please, DO NOT COPY these leaves for ideas and publish leaves on the same or eerily similar topics. Copiers are easily spotted. Uniqueness is what counts in the world of online publishing. More than one person can publish in any one niche, but do it in your own unique way. 

Any topic can perform well on Zujava. Yes, any topic. What really matters is that your page is the best, your page has great SEO, it's useful, and original. If you can manage to balance all of those at the same time, then you will have a very successful leaf on your hands!

Increase Traffic

More traffic to your leaves = a higher tier payout. Traffic is, by far, the number one factor we take into consideration when configuring the ZQ. 

Here's the magic formula to increasing traffic:

  1. Update and tweak old non-performing leaves. Think like a searcher. What terms would you use to find your leaf?
  2. Link to the leaf from your other related leaves. Cross traffic sometimes results in more affiliate sales as well.
  3. Promote your leaf socially, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. 
  4. Link to your leaf from another website. Google still loves links, especially good ones.
  5. Email it. 

That's it. It works like magic every time.

Get More Likes

Likes are part of the ZQ. It is a ranking factor that holds weight, but not as much as traffic. To get more likes, become active in the forums, comment on the blog posts, and comment on other leaves. Chances are some Writers will want to check out your work, and spread some "likes" across a leaf or two if they enjoy your content.

A word of caution: We don't endorse asking for Zujava likes. You'll naturally accumulate likes over time without having to ask for them. 

Interlink Leaves

Get traffic flowing between your leaves

What helps with your SEO will help with traffic. More traffic, higher ZQ. More traffic, the bigger the potential for Amazon sales. 

Interlinking your related leaves is a must for keeping interested readers on your pages. Try text links, link lists, and featured leaves as ways to interlink all of your leaves. Also try switching up the text when you link to your leaf. Don't always use the exact same text to create a link. 

External Links

Have a blog or website? Linking to your leaf is an immediate way to spread the love to your Zujava leaf. These external links (links emanating from outside of Zujava) have search engine clout, especially when they are relevant and high quality. 

And what do good, relevant external links get you? They don't get you a cookie, but they do improve your visibility in search engines, which, you guessed it, is responsible for raising traffic levels! 

External links can also be a great source of traffic to your leaves. Think other articles you've written, blog posts, websites, and forums.

The Biggest Way to Increase Payouts: Make More Leaves!

You're reading this leaf, so there's no doubt that you want to increase your Zujava earnings. The best way to do so, really, is to publish a new leaf.

Why not focus exclusively on editing, promoting, and reworking your previously published content? Those are all great ideas, but nothing is going to propel your earnings to the next level like a brand new set of leaves. 

  • Interlinking leaves promotes cross traffic, keeping the reader on your content longer
  • The more leaves you have, the more opportunities there are for your leaves to be found
  • As you create more leaves, you'll have a catalog of work to link to and refer back to

Want to get motivated with earning more on Zujava? Stop by the forum and participate in our next 30 day challenge! The forum community is rooting for you.

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