How To Pooper Scoop

How To Popper Scoop

As us dog owners know there is a way to pooper scoop and then the correct way to pooper scoop. If you own a dog, then you have to know how to pick up the poop and know how to pooper scoop. It comes with owning a dog.  Just like talking about poop.

Believe it or not, there is a fine art to pooper scooping. Knowing how to correctly pooper scoop can make a very messy job a whole lot easier.

Using these tips and tricks while pooper scooping, will help you pick up your dog’s poop easily and without frustration.

Tips For Scooping Poop

What Goes In Must Come Out

For many of us dog owners, we have learned by trial and error the finer points of pooper scooping.  As a multi dog household, we have 3 big dogs, these are some of the tips I've picked up.  No pun intended.

First and foremost is to understand the different types of pooper scoopers and what works best for your dog and your grounds.  There are two basic types, a one handed spring action and a rake and shovel combination.  Each has their own specific use and works best on different surfaces.  I have found that spring action works best in grass and even on hard surfaces such as a cement walk way or driveway.  The rake and shovel combination works best on hard surfaces and not so great in the grass, the poop doesn't always rake into the shovel.

The best time to pick up the poop is right after your deposits it.  This way you know where it is, there is not a build up of poop over times.  And yep, the consistency is great for a pick up.

If it rains, wait until it has dried a little.  Wet poop is not fun nor easy to pick up.

How To Use A Pooper Scooper

One Handed Spring Action Pooper Scoopers

Since a rake and shovel is self explanatory.  Here's some extra tips on using the one handed spring action pooper scooper. 

Once you find your pile o poop, simply squeeze the trigger to open the scoop. Press the scooper into the ground while it is open, around the pile, positioning the claws below the poop.  Make sure that the claws are below the poop for the best clean up.  Release the handle to close the claws of the scoop, making sure that you have scooped all the poop, if not reposition scoop and repeat.

Sometimes you need a little twist to remove it all from a grassy area.  Give a little twist or turn to ensure you get it all.  Once you have completed your clean up, dispose of your poop properly.  Some of the newer scoopers have bags attached to make disposal easier.

Every Dog Is A Pooper

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The Best Pooper Scoopers

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