How to See a Real Ghost

How Can I See a Ghost?

Ghosts Cartoon

Wondering how to contact ghosts? If you are hoping to see a ghost, I'll give you some different ways in which you might be able to connect with one.

Curious if they're even real? Well, many scientists within the field of parapsychology believe they are and have done extensive research on the topic.

Let's look at a variety of ways you might be able to see a spirit. Just be sure you're ready for it!

This image is by Elysia in Wonderland from Flickr under Creative Commons licensing. It's a fun image from The Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland.

Seeing Ghosts

Can People See Ghosts?

Spooky Ghost Picture

You don't have to be a medium to see ghosts. Many everyday people end up having some kind of a ghostly encounter.

One way to try to achieve this is to see if there are any local ghost haunting groups in your area. These groups visit various haunted locations in order to investigate paranormal phenomena.

This does not mean you'll see a ghost, but it could give you some kind of evidence of their existence at the location through  such methods as EVPs.

Ghostly image by Crazy_Steve at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Haunted Ghost Tour

Ghost Encounter

Spirit Image

One way you could possibly see a ghost is on a ghost tour. However, do keep in mind that often these tours are for entertainment purposes only.

In some cases, you may walk by or drive by a haunted location, but it doesn't mean you can go inside. In other cases, you may hear some wonderful storytelling about ghosts, but it doesn't mean any ghosts are present.

Then again, you might just get lucky enough to have a ghostly encounter. I would suggest having both a video and digital camera with you. Although you may not see anything with the naked eye, it is possible you might capture something on film.

Ghost Caught on Video

Here's some creepy footage from the TV series "Ghost Adventures."

Ghost Adventures DVD

Ghost Adventures: Season 1
Travel Channel

Ghosts Sightings

Ghostly Encounters

Haunted Virginia City

I have found that historic locations often have haunted places in which many individuals have had ghostly encounters. An example of this would be Virginia City, Nevada, which is home to numerous ghosts.

Another example is Tombstone, Arizona, which has it's fair share of ghosts. If you have a historic area near where you live or plan to travel to one, do some research on the Internet for local haunted spots.

Do keep in mind that although you might see a ghost, you may encounter one in a different way. Perhaps it could be a sound, the moving of an object or a scent that shouldn't be there. Ghosts have many different ways of presenting themselves.

Virginia City image by aresauburn from flickr under Creative Commons licensing. 

Ghost Poll

The Everything Ghost Book

The Everything Ghosts Book (Everything (New Age))
Jason R. Rich

This has tons of information about ghosts including locations, ghost hunting groups and scientific information.

Ghost Experiment

Can Children See Ghosts?

Absolutely! In fact, children are much more prone to see ghosts at a young age. It's important to parents not to discount if a child should declare that he or she has seen a spirit.

If you should have a child that sees ghosts, you might want to check out the TV series Psychic Children to get a better handle on things. Although some may discount this as an imaginary friend, there are many instances when a child is having a true ghost encounter and really needs family support.

Ghost image by V. H. Hammer at Flickr under Creative Commons licensing.

Many people see ghosts, but are afraid to talk about it.

Ghost Story Books

Here are some really good books when it comes to ghosts. Each one I highly recommend. 

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Do you have a ghost encounter to share? Please tell me about it.
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I haven't seen one yet...but I love that show Ghost Adventures. Zak rocks!
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kburns421 on said:
I've never *seen* one, but I believe I have been in the presence of one before. Interesting leaf!
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Must have been quite an interesting experience.
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Pretty freaky, actually, but it convinced me. It was a nice ghost though as it lived in our house (maybe it still does), and never did anything bad.
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I think that sounds really cool, especially since it seemed nice.
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I actually belong to a very amateur ghost hunting group. If you are ever in Indiana, check out the Historic Hannah House. There is definitely something there!
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How fun that you are in a ghost hunting group. Thanks for telling me about the Historic Hannah House.
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I have ghosts, and it has changed the way I think about other detentions.
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I know exactly what you mean. There's so much out there we really don't know about.
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I live near New Orleans, and many buildings are said to be haunted. Also, many nearby plantations are aid to have ghosts. I cannot claim their existence, nor disprove it.
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I have heard a lot about how haunted it is there. I would love to visit there.
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Tolovaj on said:
It doesn't matter if somebody believe in ghosts or not, they are always interesting subject to bring up and great source of inspiration for hundreds of writers.

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