How to use skype for business

Do you use skype to it's fullest potential?

Skype Conversation

Skype is one of the largest platforms of communication we use today. There are folks all around the world using skype in many different ways. The most common and popular use of skype today is for business. So are you using skype properly? 

As we all know in business, networking and building relationships is key for a successful business model. Skype also gives you many features that will benefit you and your small business. 

When running a small business communication is a need. I'm sure you don't want to be answering emails daily that might take people a really long time to respond back to. As a business you are going to want direct communication between your clients and you. 

By using skype you are offered a free service that provides that exactly. You can directly call or video call your clients over the internet in real time. Now, you don't have to wait for an email or have miscommunications with your clients. 

Skype is good for business and is completely free to use. 

Are you using skype for your business? 

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Benefits for your business

Are you ready to maximize your use of Skype?

Skype Calls

Skype for business is becoming a huge turning point in using the internet to promote and build your small business. 

1. Voice Calls - When talking to clients from a different state or country, you might want a real time conversation to get to know each other or get to work. By using Skype's voice calls you can make things really simple and get straight to work. You can call someone by using their contact name (Username), the dial paid.

2. Share Screen's with Clients - One of my favorite features that Skype has is the ability to share your personal desktop with your client. When working on items that are related to online work, and that will benefit your small business you are going to need a way to show your client exactly what your doing. I've been in many situations where I needed to show my client instead of telling them what I am doing or did.  

3. Send a file - A great way to get work done is by using Word documents, Note pad and other files. A client might want a photo or a banner and the best way to give it to them is by sending it through Skype during your conversation. Now, you don't need to worry about them never receiving the email you sent them a few days ago. If a client wants to check up on something, you can send them a file of it instead. Skype lets you send many different types of files as well. 

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Whats your Favorite?

Skype Features

Skype has many features whats the number one feature you can't live without? 

Have an Online Business?

Use Skype to build your reputation

If you own an online business a you should look into using Skype to better brand yourself and make you more attractive to your costumers. We always want to grow, and open ourselves up to more opportunities. When using Skype you are opening up to many other possible clients that you can reach through using this Skpye platform. 

  • Turn Skype into a Customer Service form - You can let Skype be the way your customers contact you when there's a problem or situation they need help with. It's a direct way of contact between the customer and the associate's. Try using a little button on your website leading your costumers to your Skype username. This will make things easier for you and not expose you to much spam messages from other users. 
  • Record IM history - To keep your customers and associates in line, you have the chance to look into a conversations history up to 3 months. This will be able to get down to any customer complains about associate's or  to get both sides of the story better. You can even use this feature when talking to someone, and you forgot exactly what you said. It gives you the opportunity to remember exactly what you stated and not make any miscommunications happen. 
  • Quotations - Skype has another great feature that provides the user to quote other members when using Instant Messaging. Members receive/create a username that can be connected to the message automatically in a Quote form. This feature is very helpful when groups are having a large conversation and you need to directly address a statement presented in the moment.    

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"Skype is known to have audience of all kinds"

Who uses Skype?

Skype has many shapes and forms

  • Skype can be used on your office computer

    You'll be surprised on how many people just download Skype for their office computer and use it only on office hours.

  • Skype can be used on your home computer

    Many folks use skype as a personal way to stay in contact with friends and meet new people. Group video calls happen very often as well.

  • Skye can be used on Tablets

    People sitting down reading a book on their tablet have the option to login to Skype for a bit to check their messages.

  • Skype can be used on smartphones

    I personally used Skype on my smartphone. It's a great feeling knowing you can be anywhere in the world on Skype talking about business.

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MSN messenger is jointing with SKYPE so now everyone who used the messenger from Microsoft will also have Skype on their computers as well. I have heard that it is the most economical method for long distance phone calls but I have yet to use it.

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