I Want to Write For Fun And Profit

Writing as a home based business

Once you begin to create an online portfolio of writing this form of employment can earn you a tidy source of income. Writing from home is indeed a viable home based business. So if writing is your choice in a home based business, and if you want your employment venture to succeed, then you will have to insure that your work receives the respect that it deserves.

I learned quite quickly that it is up to you to set out the guidelines for your home based business in a manner that satisfies both your work needs and those of your family.

I want to write. So I made the life altering decision that I was going to work from the comfort of my home and write online articles. It was my dream job but working from home does come with it's own unique set of rules. I quickly discovered that there are a number of issues which arise on a regular basis when you choose to work from home.

Photos appearing on this article were taken by myself.

When you work online a computer is vital for the job.

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One of my most important writing tools is my laptop. It allows me to take my work with me no matter where it is that I might be traveling. When you write online it is very important to be able to access your email account throughout the day.

Working from home requires dedication:

When you decide to write online in an earnest attempt to earn extra income it takes dedication to succeed. Writing online is a job like any other. It is a home based business and it requires that you treat it as such if you are to become successful in your goals.

When an idea for a new article comes to mind, you want to sit down, and get writing out those thoughts as quickly as possible before they have the opportunity to slip away from you. But anyone who works within a home based business atmosphere soon realizes that there is a very thin line between work and the many distractions which attempt to steer you away from it.

Family members, friends, and relatives are perhaps the most pressing of these. People generally respect your right not be disturbed within a business workplace, but when you write from home, people some times feel that these same rules no longer need apply to your work situation.

Writing as a home based business definitely comes with it's own unique set of rules and it is up to you to define them.

Creating your writing home office area:

Create a space that is your home office.

Once you make the decision to begin writing for money then one of the first things that should do is create a home office space from which you will work. Having your own personal work space will help to keep you on track, give your work efforts respectability, and set clear perimeters for visitors to your work place. When writing is your means of earning a living, then your work efforts deserves as much respect as if you put on your hat and coat, and went out of the home to earn your income.

Create a designated space in your home to function as your office work place. It does not have to be a large space but it does have to be an area that is specifically set aside as your work area. It is important for your family and friends to view this area as your home business office and to treat this area with the respect it deserves.

Your next step will be to set out a clear set of work rules for yourself, your children, your spouse, your friends, and your relatives. It will be up to you to insure that everyone, including yourself, stand by these guidelines. This is your home based business and you are the only one who can make it a succeed.

Stand by your rules and others will learn to respect them too.

I want to write online and my camera is a very important part of this process.

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I write online, which means that my work requires me to create a number of webpages, on which to display my articles. I require pictures for these articles which means that a good camera is a very important tool in my work. I can snap a picture, download it to my computer, and have it on my article in a matter of minutes.

Writing when you have children

Many parents are now choosing to work from home. This not only saves the cost of providing daycare for your children while you work but it also lets you know that your children are cared for in the manner that you think is most appropriate for them. But if you choose to work from home so that you are able to be with your children, then you also know that you have to work around their schedule, and adapt your office hours accordingly.

If you have preschool children who require your attention throughout the entire day, attempting to get your daily writing quota filled can be a little difficult, you are going to have to work around their schedule a bit more than you would have to for older children.

You will have to figure out a way to fit preschool children snugly into your home work program, and that can take some serious juggling of tasks, until you get the best schedules all worked out.

The time right after young children are fed, or changed, is usually a good time to attempt to squeeze in a half hour of writing. Nap time, and after bedtime, will be the time periods which allow for the least amount of distraction from your preschoolers, so may be the best time for you to schedule as work hours.

Preschoolers require a fair amount of care and attention so prepare to still be available for their needs. Setting up a play pen or play station within your work area to keep them corralled, happy, and amused can help. Having a space for them within your office area can give you a little extra time for writing. Just make sure that they understand that your desk is off limits. Most children are usually pretty good at being respectful of your work area when they have their own distinct work space as well. The earlier you set out the boundaries the better.

For school age children it is a little easier to have time to write. You can do up a lot of your writing during their school hours which gives you almost a full work day. Any additional writing hours needed can be picked up after your children go to bed, while they watch television, or while they play with their friends.

The best thing about working from home is that you can set your own hours. You can work when it is most convenient for you to do so, and this allows you to work out which times are best set aside for family time, and which hours can best be utilized for your work.

I want to write online so I use USB flash storage drives to keep my photos organized.

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A cute set of colored monkey USB computer flash storage drives is a fun way to categorize your photos.

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Storing your photos never looked so good and external flash drives make it so easy to take your pictures with you wherever you go. 8 gb USB heart flash drive.

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A set of three cute USB flash drives lets you organize your photographs for easy computer access and storage.

Managing household obligations and work:

Often it is household obligations that are the distraction which steals away your work hours. House work, cooking, yard work, and other household chores can take your attention away from the article that you are writing. By the time that you get back to your writing your mood, and incentive to carry on, may be gone. Don't try to mix writing too heavily in with household chores. Create separate times to complete each.

If you have a number of household chores that need to be completed during the day then set aside distinct times in which to do them. Set up a schedule so you have it all planned out in black and white.

Then if you find that you are having difficulty writing during a period that is set aside for it, reschedule your writing into a block set aside for housework, and swap the two. You will still accomplish both your work schedule, and your household chores, but in a manner more suiting your attitude that day.

It is unhealthy to be sitting for extended lengths of time, so this also gives you the perfect opportunity to set out 20 minute break periods for rest, exercise, or the completion of household jobs. When you know that a break period is coming up, your mind will usually automatically begin to summarize, and tidy up your current task thus preparing it to be closed down. Having your current work project ready to be picked up again sometimes actually helps the writing process flow a little smoother when you return to it.

It is your schedule, and the joy of working from home is that you are able to set up your work program to best meet your obligations, and needs. A desk calendar and desk organizer are great for keeping you on schedule and your work commitments on track. Keep a note pad set on your desktop for jotting down reminders, appointments, and ideas as they come to you.

Writing for a living is a very satisfying field to enter into, and although some adjustments in your home will be necessary to insure your success, the benefits of working from home are well worthy of these. Be patient, be dedicated, set your priorities, and your efforts will be rewarded.

I want to write well so I keep my dictionary and my thesaurus handy.

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I want to write in a professional manner and so checking my work in a dictionary is vital. I also use a thesaurus as it provides me with a choice of words by which to make my articles more creative and exciting. I could not write without either of these vital literary tools.

A few more of my rambling thoughts on the writing process.

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Free Pictures, Photos, Clip Art, and Public Domain Illustrations.There are thousands upon thousands of online images that include clipart as well as photos that are available for public use.

Writing for fun and profit

There are numerous websites where you can go to post online articles. Most sites are free.

Many websites actually pay you to share your knowledge, hobbies, and interests. All you have to do is write.

Online writing was made popular by the emergence of internet blogging in 1999....Writing for fun and profit.

Do you write online or work in another type of home based business?


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bushaex on said:
Thank you for the concise wisdom about writing. Helpful thoughts for anyone currently thinking about future writing.
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Tolovaj on said:
I am self employed writer for more than 20 years now and publisher for eight year and when somebody asks me how does it feel to be in my skin, I always remember Pratthett's qoute (I hope I'll remember it right): writing is most entertaining thing to do without company.
I'm still learning how to write on-line...
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Tina on said:
Thank you for this article. I hope that some day I will be able to earn money with my writing.
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bill on said:
I started writing online in 2007, and while it was a slow upward climb, I finally got to where I wanted to be. Carving out your own desk/office space is crucial to getting work done when there are other people constantly coming in and out.
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Paz on said:
Good advice, I love working from home, and hopeful will make a living out of it. I do find I have to remind my family that I am working, otherwise they can be a distraction.
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tvjunkie on said:
Good advice LadyMermaid. I'm sure new writers will find this very helpful!
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beckyf on said:
Excellent article! My biggest problem is the people who call or just drop by because they feel that a person who works from home isn't really "working"!
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SherwinG on said:
Good stuff. I've been trying this stuff and still haven't made a dime yet. I'm not giving up though. I'm going to try some of the suggestions you gave in your squidoo lens for link building. I got websites and lenses but no traffic lol. Thanks for the tips.
Anonymous on said:
Great article! It is quite frustrating trying to train family and all that I now work at home. You bring up some excellent points.
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belinda342 on said:
A lot of people think those who work at home have it made, when the reality is often quite different. Hopefully this article will shed a little light on some of the trials they face.
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I've worked from home since 1995, and I agree with the majority of what you've written here. My downfalls are usually phone calls from family & friends, and the distractions presented by all my farm animals. Great article!
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mouse1996 on said:
Great information. I really need to work on my dedication to writing. I think that is the one thing holding me back from success. Great suggestions.
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Some days, I am my own worse distraction. Self discipline and goals are real keys to success in working on your own.

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