Mega Man Games: The Best Ever

Classics and New Mega Man Video Games for Playstation, Nintendo DS, Xbox, PSP and More

Mega Man Games

With an impressive lot of Mega Man games dating back to 1987 and spanning a dozen or more systems. The series started with the first original Mega Man video game for the Nintendo NES system, with five more to follow. From there, the SNES, Playstation, N64, Game Cube, XBox, Nintendo DS, and the PSP (to name a few) have all released incarnations of Mega Man games. All of these games really provide a lot of entertainment and fun. When you beat one game, you'll want to move onto the next on that same system (or grab one from another game system).

Mega Man Anniversary Collection

Includes ten amazing classic games in one set from Capcom!

Don't want to spend a huge amount of money getting every single game from the NES and SNES? You're in luck, because the anniversary collection includes games 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and two unreleased games! This is an awesome deal that will have you playing not for hours, but months.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection - PlayStation 2
Capcom $12.99
  • Play every single classic on the NES, two incredible SNES games, and two unreleased games!
  • Works perfectly with updated versions of Playstation

Is Mega Man 2 The Best?

Dr. Wily returns in Mega Man's greatest game for the NES

Air Man

This is quite possibly the best game in the entire franchise. Here, the number of bosses was upgraded from 6 to 8, with the robot masters being Metal Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, Air Man, Wood Man, Heat Man, Quick Man, and Bubble Man. The game featured great gameplay, with the 8 stages just challenging enough. After completing the 8 stages, you head to Wily's Castle to fight the Dragon, and eventually Dr. Wily himself.

Own Mega Man 2

In its full original form on NES!

Yes, this game is available in other formats, but what fun is that? This verison is a hard copy collectible that's playable and nostalgic. Yeah, sure, you might have to blow the dust out of the end of the game cartridge, but that's part of the challenge. Beat the game before the console heats up so much that it freezes or randomly flashes. It's like a ticking time bomb you're racing against that will erase all of your hard work. Okay, maybe only 80s kids will get this, but it's cool.

Mega Man 2 - Nintendo NES

If you own any game, this is the one single game to own from the series!

Mega Man X Series

Classic games on the SNES, Playstation and More

Mega Man X

After 6 games on the NES with 8 bit graphics, it was time to rejuvenate the series. In 1993, the first installment, Mega Man X, was released to much excitement. The game takes place years after the first series. The creator of Mega Man, Dr. Thomas Light, creates a new robot called "X" that is superior to his original creation. It is capable of making its own decisions, though Dr. Light felt the world was not yet ready. 100 years after his death, the "X" robot was found, and the prototype was used to build a new line of robots. These robots initially caused no problems, but some were infected by a virus created by Dr. Wily long ago, causing some of them to go "maverick." These maverick robots, bent on destruction, are hunted by the "maverick hunters" Zero and X in order to protect humanity.

Later in the series, the maverick hunter "Axl" is introduced, who initially has no memory of how he came to be. Their nemesis is the maverick Sigma, who is included in most of the "X" series in place of Dr. Wily.

Mega Man Image Gallery

Mega Man X Series Games

Face Sigma in these classics from Capcom on Playstation

Mega Man X4
Mega Man X8 - PlayStation 2
Capcom $109.99

The First Mega Man Game

was released in 1987 on Nintendo's NES system. It was a smash hit, leading to more than 50 subsequent spin-off titles in the coming decades.

Mega Man PSP Games

Fun handheld games available for play on the PSP

The DS isn't the only handheld game system to offer cool Mega Man games. These two titles below have received excellent reviews.

Mega Man Powered Up - Sony PSP
Capcom $16.30

This game is a remake of the original game from 1987, with two new bosses added to the mix (Time Man and Oil Man). It includes updated Manga art style designs, and improved graphics.

Nintendo DS Mega Man Games

Classics that you can play on your handheld system!

Nintendo DS has a huge line of games to choose from. The Star Force series are all action role playing games, with anime style graphics. It is a completely stand alone series that requires no back knowledge on the other classic games.

Mega Man ZX: Advent
Capcom $19.93

Classics Mega Man NES Titles (8 Bit Nintendo Games)

The origin of the Mega Man series on Nintendo!

By the fourth installment in the series, things were in blueprint mode. If it ain't broke don't fix it. The one big addition was two castles extending the gameplay beyond the traditional one "last level". The new enemy robots included Pharoah Man, Skull Man, Bright Man, Dust Man, Ring Man, Drill Man, Toad Man, and Dive Man.

Mega Man - Nintendo NES

The classic original game available on this NES cartridge. Fire Man, Ice Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, Bomb Man, and Cut Man are reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, and only Mega Man can defeat them.

Mega Man 3

One of the best received editions of the franchise, battle Magnet Man, Proto Man, Needle Man, Top Man and many more in this Nintendo classic.

Mega Man 4

The fourth edition, where instead of Dr. Wily (yeah right), we fight Dr. Cossack and his 8 robot masters.

Mega Man 6

The final game on the NES, this 8 bit gem featured two robots designed by the fans.

Watch and Learn: The Original Mega Man Game

A walkthrough of the first game - start to finish!

How to Play Mega Man Games on Wii or DS

How to download games right to your Wii console!

Mega Man

Are there any Mega Man games available on the Wii? Yes. You can download to brand new games via the Virtual Console, Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. These games are also 8 bit, and add a bit of a challenge to seasoned players! Simply add the WiFi information to your Wii to gain access to the Virtual Console. You'll be able to purchase the games there. You can also play Game Cube games on the Wii, so if you have one of those games, you'll be able to play! You'll need the Game Cube controller, however. As for downloading games to your DS or 3DS, it's as simple as visiting the website with your handheld system and downloading. Easy!

Play Mega Man on Wii

Use GameCube controllers to play these collections!

Really want to play all of those classics? Well, you can on the Wii, if you have a GameCube Controller. Just check out Amazon for deals on GameCube controllers that are compatible with the Wii. Right now, they're pretty affordable, and you'll be able to play hundreds of other GameCube games on the Wii. A great way to increase your video game library and access some fairly new classics!

Mega Man Games on Ebay

Find dirt cheap auctions right now

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Which Mega Man Game Is Your Favorite?

Is it Mega Man 2, one of the Zero Titles, or one of the "X" Series?

Thanks for dropping by! Everyone has a favorite in the Mega Man series. Which one is your all time favorite? Is it the classic second game, which featured the likes of Metal Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, and Quick Man? Or the original Mega Man X games which appeared on the SNES system? Share your favorite games, and why!

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