Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll

Abbey Bominable is a seriously cool teen ghoul.

Monster High's Abbey Bominable is one seriously gorgeous teenage doll. With a mane of long flowing hair that glitters and sparkles like newly fallen snow she is a teenage Yeti who is constantly surrounded by a light falling of glistening snow crystals.

Being always surrounded by ice and cold Abbey Bominable is very icy cold to the touch. This can be a little shocking for those who are not pre-warned of her frigid demeanor. I mean like really, how cool can a ghoul be in school?

Abbey Bominable voyaged down from the high mountain ranges of her homeland to attend Monster High School along side the other teenage monsters and ghouls. But Abbey finds that she misses the high mountain peaks she used to roam as well as the ice and cold snowy weather of her homeland very much.

Abbey is distinctively cool.

Monster High Ghouls Rule Abbey Bominable

Her beautiful hair and clothing sparkle in the sunlight like frost sparkles on new snow or a cool blue mountain pool. She is beautiful shimmery glimmery cool.

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So who is Abbey Bominable?

Monster High's Abbey Bominable is one of a new class of teenage monster dolls and she is cool. Born in the Himalayan mountains of Yeti parents she is of course herself a Yeti.

Her most favorite subject at Monster High school is math while her least favorite subject is drama (Like what a waste of energy and oxygen that class is!).

Abbey Bominable enjoys spending time with her friends and after school you will generally find her enjoying the company of her pet wooly mammoth Shiver.

Abbey Bominable's favorite color is ice blue, her favorite food is pancakes and Yak cheese, and her favorite activity is snow boarding (Go figure huh?).

Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll Daughter of the Yeti

She is the coolest girl at Monster High School (chilly that is). Abbey Bominable has come down from high in the Himalayan mountains to attend school with the other ghouls. Her beautiful frost tipped hair shimmers in the sunlight but she is prefers an ice cold to the warmth of a sunny day. 

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Abbey's first day of Monster High school didn't start off too well.

Abbey Bominable is a cold creature with a very warm heart.

It isn't always easy being the only Yeti at school. As a student at Monster High school Abbey Bominable has learned to adapt to a much warmer climate than that which she enjoyed in the high mountains of her Himalayan homeland.

It has made her become more understanding of the distinct differences of the other ghouls in school.

Abbey Bominable is very short on words but fortunately the other ghouls are understanding of her literary short comings and don't often take offense to her blunt manner of speech.

Her best friends at Monster High school are Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue but she gets along quite well with most of the ghouls at school.

Abbey Bominable is a little different but thats because she is different.

Monster High Abbey Bominable dolls

Monster High Exclusive Doll Playset of 4 Dolls Includes: Abbey Bominable , Venus Mcflytrap , Rochelle Goyle & Robecca Steam
MATTEL $179.77

This 4 pack of dolls will be a great starter set for any young girl. Abbey Bominable doll includes her pet wooly mammoth Shivers. Ghoulishly cool and freakishly fascinating.

Monster High Dead Tired Abbey Bominable Doll
Mattel $14.54

Dead tired Monster High Abbey Bominable doll set.

Monster High Skull Shores Abbey Bominable Doll
Mattel $15.95

It's the beach as you could never have imagined it. Monster High - Skull Shores Abbey Bominable doll is frozen in style.

Monster High Exclusive Doll Figure Abbey Bominable 3 Frosty Outfits!
Mattel $37.93

Exclusive Monster High Abbey Bominable and 3 fashionable outfit set. It's an icy cool fashion pack!

Monster High Doll Exclusive Dot Dead Gorgeous ~ 3 Pack Draculaura, Abbey Bominable, Ghoulia Yelps
Mattel $159.00

Monster High Dot Dead 3 pack includes Abbey Bominable, Ghoulia Yelps, and Draculaura. Too freakish to miss out on.

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Abbey Bominable has fashion frozen in it's tracks.

Most folks don't know it, but the ice crystal that Monster High's Abbey Bominable always wears is more than just a fashionable piece of jewelry, it keeps the coldness of her home constantly surrounding her. Now how cool is that?

Her fabulous fashion sense doesn't stop there, Abbey's clothes are styled in the most beautiful of fake furs, and they are stunning. Why fake? Hey it's faux fur all the way for Abbey's wardrobe because wearing the real deal would be just oh so wrong. She may be a Yeti but she's a Yeti with a very big heart.

Abbey Bominable is drop dead gorgeous. Her multi colored mane of hair has glistening snowy highlights which make it shine attractively in the first rays of morning sunshine (or in the moonlight too). Abbey Bominable is one of the most freakishly fascinating ghouls at Monster High school.

She hangs out with the other ghouls at school.

What do you think Abbey's ice cold touch should be called?

Abbey heats things up in cooking class with Heath.

Frankie Stein and Abbey Bominable were destined to be best friends.

Monster High Abbey Bominable fashions and play sets.

Monster High CD Boombox (56049)
Monster high $63.11

Got a Monster High ghoul lover on your gift list? This is the music machine that will send them scratching and clawing up the wall.

Monster High Abbey Bominable's Bed Playset
Mattel $20.00

Abbey Bominable's favorite sport is snowboarding so when she hits the slopes you can bet that she is styling as only a monster can be. Her fashions rock the other ghouls at Monster High and ice up the hills where she plays. When it is nap time where else is she going to sleep but in a bed of ice. Brrrr... now that is cold.

Monster High High School Playset

Where else would a ghoul play except at Monster High school? It's the ultimate playset for your Monster High dolls.

Monster High Abbey Bominable Fashion Pack
Monster High $28.95

Abbey Bominable's fashions are distinctly fashioned to her own unique cold weather personality. She is one cool fashionable ghoul.

Monster High - Standard Pack for 8 Party Supplies
AMSCAN $29.26

Monster High Party pack for 8 ghouls.

Monster High Abbey Bominable costume?

It's easier than you think.

Monster High Abbey Bominable Halloween costume makeup.

Monster High Abbey Bominable costume and makeup.

Monster High Abbey Bominable Costume - Medium
Rubies $17.86

Monster High Abbey Bominable Halloween costume is available in sizes small, medium, and large. It's one stylish way to dress up in a monstrously cool outfit.

Monster High School Make-Up Kit, Abbey Bominable
Rubies - Domestic $5.23

Monster High Abbey Bominable make-up set. Get the colors that are right for you!

Monster High Scary Cute Beauty Set Licensed Mattel
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Monster High licensed make-up set.

Monster High 3D Nail Design Set
Fashion Angels Enterprises $13.98

Monster High 3D nail polish kit is the absolute perfect way to get paws that scream in the light or dark. Delightfully devilish this ghoul set is to claw for.

Monster High Abbey Bominable Child Wig

Monster High Abby Bominable hair wig will have your hair glittering enticingly just like your favorite ghoul.

Be cool - Be a ghoul

Be a nice monster and don't bite, chew, claw, or drool on the other ghouls at school.

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Do you think that Monster High's Abbey Bominable is truly one of the more beautiful Yetis out there?


102 leaves
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bill on said:
Yup, she has to be the most beautiful Yeti I've ever seen. Well done!
108 leaves
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Ladymermaid on said:
On the videos Monster High Abbey Bominable has light crystal snowflakes constantly falling around her and she looks so beautiful. She's a doll that actually makes me look forward to winter ha.
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belinda342 on said:
Reading your page really makes me want to start watching Monster High! And I love the thought of a Yeti person. Great page!
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Ladymermaid on said:
We are never too old to have a collection of our favorite items, or in my case to have a number of collections, I just love items that make me feel young. My granddaughters have almost all of the Monster High dolls so luckily I just go play with theirs every now and then.
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This Monster High Doll is my daughters' favourite doll so far... Abbey is beautiful :)
108 leaves
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Ladymermaid on said:
Monster High Abbey Bominable really is beautiful. The glistening snow falling so gently on her streaked hair is magical.

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