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Welcome to Lego Ninjago Games page. This page is designed to introduce you to the ultimate Lego Ninjago games series for kids. Whether you want information about online or offline games, this page will act as a complete encyclopedia about it.

Ninjago has become a hugely popular game among young kids. Especially the boys have fallen in love with this awesome Lego game. This game features four ninjas and their master, Sensei Wu, working hard to defeat the skeleton army and save the four golden weapons from the evil emperor, Garmadon, who has taken control of the underworld.

Kai, Cole, Zane, Jay and Nya (Kai's sister) have taken up the responsibility of defeating Garmadon and saving the world.

This page will guide you to Online Ninjago Games, Video Games, Board Games and Spinjitzu Games as well as Ninjago Minifigures and spinners.

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Online Ninjago Games

Play Ninjago Games Online

Ninjago Spinjitzu Spinball, Smash Party and The Four Paths are the few Ninjago games that you can play online. These online games are highly interactive and quite simple to play. It will not take much time to figure out how they can be played.

In Ninjago Spinjitzu Spinball you can choose and customize your own Ninja. What you have to do is that you have to spin through different levels and battle snaky and serpentine enemies as you pass each way. You can angle your spin and use different power levels to take out as many snake people with minimum number of spins.  You have to use a little of your brain and make up a plan to hit just right with the ideal angle and spin speed. You can create card decks and upgrade your weapons. The cards can also be used to attack the enemy as well as improving your health.

In Ninjago Smash Party, you can play any of the 4 ninjas. This game is based on missions on which Sensei Wu sends you, but all in all it really is about the battles.

The game play is that there are two 3x3 game boards. One for the Ninja and other for Skeleton Army. You have to stay on your game board and attack the skeleton army by throwing weapons at them.

You move around a 3x3 game board and get to throw weapons at skeleton army attackers who are in another 3x3 game board - You can also use game cards to attack opponents or improve your health - you need to be in the right position on the board for some cards to have the right effect on the skeletons. You unlock new levels and codes. This is a really fun game to play and there's plenty to do in there.

Another online Ninjago game is The Four Paths. This game requires your mouse moving skills as you have to move the mouse in order to avoid obstacles in your Ninja's path.

There are four games here, or we can say there are Four Paths!The Fire Dash, Rocky Road, Flash Dance and Slippery Slope. They are related to the four golden weapons of fire, earth, lightning and ice. In this game you have to cross the path avoiding all the obstacles that come in the way. Extra points are given for collecting the bouncing or floating coins. It is the game i liked the most as it doesn't involved any planning or strategies!

LEGO Battles Ninjago

Ninjago Video Game

This Ninjago video game is for older Ninjago fans as it is a real time strategy game. It might be sophisticated for younger fans who would get stuck while playing. It has good customer reviews and has been praised for its quality.

Lego Battles: Ninjago - Nintendo DS
Warner Bros $14.69

Spinjitzu- The Lego Ninjago Game

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu is targeted on children between 7-14 years. Younger children can also try it but it will be a little difficult for them to master the complex spinning techniques and the rules. This game is played with spinners and battle cards in a battle arena.

How To Play?

Spinjitzu is a two player game. Each player needs a spinner, battle cards, weapons and a mini figure. It is a turn based game in which the battle arena is used to keep the spinners within the battle area. What you have to do is load the spinner with your mini figure and spin your spinners by saying Ninja Go! The player whose mini figure falls off early, wins and loses one of his weapons to the other player. Game cards can also be used in this game. They can make your opponent lose in several ways if  you have the right ones. A player wins when he gains all the three weapons of the second player.

The Ninjago Spinjitzu starter set is a good value set for starting the game. It has spinner sets and two mini figures of Jay and Frakjaw. Cards, Battle arena and Extra Lego blocks used in the game as well as instruction manual is also included.

How to Play LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Battle!

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Starter Set

Ninja Mini Figures Sets

The Ninjago Spinjitzu Starter set is for beginners. If you want to get some present for a Ninjago fan then you can purchase the mini figure sets of the four ninjas. Each set includes a mini figure along with the ninja's weapons, game cards and spinner. This would be a great gift for the kid as now he can compete his friends with any of the Ninja he likes.

LEGO Ninjago Kai ZX 9561
LEGO $56.99
LEGO Ninjago Jay ZX 9553
LEGO $14.99
LEGO Ninjago Zane DX 2171
LEGO $22.99
LEGO Ninjago Cole DX 2170
LEGO $19.73

Lego Ninjago Battle Case and 3D Battle Arena

LEGO Ninjago battle cases are an affordable way to store your Spinjitzu pieces. They can also be used as a battle arena as they open up in a wide mat that can be placed any where to play. The 3 D Battle arena is a big and expanded battle arena that enables upto 4 players battling at a time. It has a storage space for items and also a 3D lightning effect. This set comes with a Sensei Wu mini figure and spinner. Sensei Wu is the Master of Spinjitzu and is the Ninja teacher.

Snake Themed Ninjago Starter Set & Battle Case

The new theme for 2012!

LEGO has introduced a new snake theme in 2012. This theme has captured the widest interest of all the Spinjitzu fans. This snake themed starter set comes with Rattla and Cole minifigures along with a green spinner with gold crown and yellow spinner with purple crown. 2 golden weapons, 6 regular weapons, 2 character cards and 8 battle cards are also included.

To store these pieces you can buy the snake themed Battle case for your Ninjago Lover. This will be the best present you can give to a Ninjago fan!

Snake Themed LEGO Ninjago Products

Ninjago Board Games

The LEGO Ninjago Board Game is designed for 2-4 players. The players are on the same team i.e the ninja team and they have to fight together to save the golden weapons from Garmadon and the skeleton army. An instruction booklet is included in the set. It contains 1 buildable LEGO dice, 234 LEGO blocks, Building instructions and 10 LEGO mini figures.

It has good reviews and was really appreciated by parents for the fact that the players get to work together on the same team instead of competing each other.

Contents 1 buildable LEGO dice, 234 LEGO pieces, rules booklet, building instructions. 10 LEGO microfigures included.

LEGO Ninjago 3856
LEGO Ninjago $44.92


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