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Lego Ninjago Party Supplies

Lego ninjago has become a very popular game for all and kids love to play with it. If you are hosting a party for a ninjago lover then you will find fabulous ideas here for choosing the perfect cake for the day. From themed invitations to a themed cake you will need lots of ideas to make your party a hit. Cake decoration tips and cake toppers that you might need for the party cake can be found on this page. SpecialĀ Ninjago treats will be loved by everyone and will make the birthday boy really happy and excited about his birthday.

Ninjago Cake Ideas

Preparing a Perfect Cake For a Boys Party

A ninjago fan will love having a ninjago cake for his birthday. The red ninja 'kai' is loved by many kids. You can base your cake theme on the red ninja or use any other character that your kid likes to prepare his party cake. You can do a little something special for your boy this time by baking the cake yourself. It will add some sentimental value to the cake and will be a precious gift for your loved one.

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Ninjago Cake Decoration

Ninjago cake can be of many shapes. It is not necessary that you make a cake shaped like ninjago characters. You can bake a simple cake and decorate it uniquely to make a distinctively creative cake. Here are some ideas for your cake:

  • Bake a round cake and flatten it from the top. Use yellow fondant to cover the top and red cherry fondant to cover the sides and some parts of Kai's face. Make eyebrows and eyes using black fondant. Your Kai ninjago cake is ready.
  • Use fondant to cover your cake and ninjago characters to top it.
  • Single, double or multi tiered cake can be made and decorated using icing, fondant, chocolate molds or anything you like for decoration.
  • You can also use your kid's ninjago toys as cake toppers!

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Ninjago Cupcake Ideas

Ninjago cupcakes can be a good choice if you want an assortment of cupcakes instead of a cake. Use ninjago themed baking cups to bake your cupcakes. Red, Yellow, black or any other colored baking cups will also match perfectly to the theme.

Decoration of your cupcakes will require the same toppers as mentioned above( chocolate candies, ninjago toys or cake topper characters).

Lego Cupcake Pans & Molds


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