Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses

No Pull Dog Harness

I have always been around dogs, I grew up with not only a houseful of brothers and sisters but numerous dogs as well.  Big dogs and little dogs, mixed and pedigree.  We've had them all. 

Back then, the only option for your dog was a traditional collar and leash.  There were so such things as no pull dog harness or no pull dog collars.  It wasn't until I had my own family and pets that I researched getting a harness for our family dog and found that a dog harness is much more beneficial to walking and controlling your dog.

The Finer Points Of A Dog Harness

Why A Dog Harness Is Better Than A Leash

  • Pulling

    I find that my dog does not pull as much with a harness. Pulling a dog with a leash can lead to neck and back injuries of the dog.

  • Walking

    My son's dog, who is over 70 lbs. walks so much better with a harness. I have better control with a harness than a leash. It controls his body not his neck and head.

  • Harnesses Are More Comfortable Than Leashes

    Dog Harnesses are more comfortable than a leash pulling on a dogs neck.

  • Ease of Use

    Using a harness is just as easy to use as a leash. Simply slip the harness over his legs or torso and off you go.

  • Types Of Dog Harnesses

    There are 2 basic types of dog harnesses, both are outlined below and padding is an option for optimum comfort.

  • Sizes

    No pull dog harnesses come in 4 basic sizes. Small through extra large. Measure your dog to ensure proper fit and comfort. Dog Harnesses are also adjustable to provide the correct size.

  • Colors and Patterns

    No Pull Dog Harnesses come in a variety of colors and patterns with matching leashes. You can even dress your dog in your favorite team attire.

Step In Dog Harness

There are two different types of step in no pull dog harnesses.

The step in dog harness that fits around the front paws and around the neck with the leash attachment at the front or back of the neck as pictured in the Easy Walk.

Another type of step in dog harness fits not only around the front paws and neck but is elongated down the torso with the leash attachment at the torso, such as the Bison.

Whichever you choose, either style will make walking your dog a more pleasurable experience for both of you.

Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness

Premier Pet Gentle Leader Easy Walk Black Dog Harness (Large; 26

Premier Pet Gentle Leader Easy Walk Black Dog Harness

This is the most recommended Harnesses by dog trainers.  It is simple to use and easy to fit with the adjustments and quick snaps.  Unlike standard dog collars, the Easy Walk Harness does not choke or cause gasping and coughing because the strap rests across the body's breastbone and shoulder and not the neck.  It also helps to control your dog while walking since you are guiding your dog and not him guiding you, you are the pack leader.  What I like is the color coded straps to make it easier to figure out which strap goes where.

No Pull Dog Harness

Step In

These are wonderful no pull dog harnesses that allow your pet to step in to the harness and you can easily snap it without a hassle for you or the dog.  As you can see they are adjustable to fit your dog correctly and snugly and come in a variety of colors and sizes.  It important to you measure or weigh your dog and purchase the correct size for optimum performance and comfort.  They are machine washable and easy to clean.

Rogz Utility Medium 5/8-Inch Reflective Snake Adjustable Dog Step-in-Harness, Lime
RogZ $17.86

This is a fully adjustable high quality harness that is made with reflective fibers that make your pet visible at night. 

Lupine 3/4" Jelly Roll 15-21 Step In Dog Harness
Lupine, Inc. $21.99

A stylish jacquard woven nylon harness that is made just a little wider for superior strength and comfort.  Made is the good ole USA.

Hamilton Adjustable Easy-On Step-In Style Dog Harness, 5/8-Inch by 12-20-Inch, Small, Black
Hamilton Animal Products LLC $14.14

This harness is perfect for all breeds of dogs for it's durability and strength and comfort.

Angus Padded Cotton Harness, Step In Dog Harness by Kakadu Pet, Large, 1 1/2" x 32"-42", Blue
Kakadu Pet Pty Ltd $14.99

With just a little bit of padding this dog harness is very comfortable for your dog.  Made for all breeds of dogs with quality and strength.







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I don't have a dog but have also noticed harnesses are way better than leashes. It is good to know there are so many options available. Thanks for your presentation!

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