Old New England Farms In Postcards

There aren't many farms left in New England these days

old new england barn in winter

I grew up on a small farm in Vermont, where my father milked a small herd of Jersey cows. My parents bought our farm in 1961, and back then, it seemed like there were more people that farmed than didn't, at least in our neck of the woods.

As the years went by, economic conditions changed, and one by one, farmers would retire or go out of business.

It used to be common, when driving anywhere, to have to stop and wait until a farmer had gotten his herd of dairy cows safely across the road at milking time. All drivers were patient, waiting until each cow had crossed safely and was on her way to the barn.

Sadly, it's been many years since we've had to stop our car to let the "ladies" pass. No longer do we see peaceful herds of Jerseys or Holsteins grazing in roadside pastures.

There are few farms left in our state, and all over the rest of New England too.

This is a nostalgic page for me. I love seeing the pictures of all the old New England farms, and I hope you enjoy them too.

Photo courtesy of Lee Wright on Flickr

Old New England Farm Barns

You'll find all sorts of barns on old New England farms. Some are long, red barns. Others have become faded and weather-beaten to a worn gray over the years. Some barns have cupolas on top; others just a plain roof. The round red barn you see below is located at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. It's huge.

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Lots of animals down on the farm

Here are some we had on our own farm

We had a rooster that looked just like this. For a small guy, he could be mean when he wanted to be. They strut proudly, and make sure that nobody gets to sleep past the crack of dawn.

Don't let the cuteness of these little guys fool you. Piglets are THE WORST to try to catch when they get out of their pen! They are fast, and they are slippery, and you'll get a real workout if you ever have to try to round up several of them.

Here are a couple of Jersey cows, the same kind we had on the farm where I grew up. Aren't they pretty "ladies"?

Here's a Holstein cow, another breed that is commonly seen in New England. Holstein cows were made famous by Ben & Jerry's, the Vermont ice cream makers.

We had a lot of these cute, fuzzy yellow ducklings on our farm. One time we found a duck egg that the mother had abandoned, so my mother took it in the house and kept it warm on layers of cotton batting in the bottom of our electric frying pan, which was turned on at a very low temperature, just enough to keep the egg warm. That egg did hatch, and turned out to be a healthy duck, which we named "Gertie".

We had a big "tom" turkey in our barnyard when we were growing up. I didn't like him very much because he was kind of scary and mean. As I recall, he didn't last long on our farm, and might have ended up in the freezer at one point.

One year my brothers and sisters and I saved up all the money that we earned weeding in our huge vegetable gardens, and we bought a pony. We loved that pony, but he wasn't very cooperative when it came time to ride him. If he didn't want to move, he'd stand there in one spot. If he did actually let us ride him, when he got tired of us, he had a funny way of getting us off his back--once precariously close to the manure pile.

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Children learn about the farm

Not many children these days grow up on a farm, and a lot of them never get to visit one either, but if you know a child that is interested in the animals that live on a farm, or the farmer who tends the farm, this see-and-say toy will be a hit.

When my daughter was little, she enjoyed visiting Grampy and Grammy on their farm, and when she came home she had fun identifying the animals that she had seen and the sounds they made, while playing with this toy.

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The Farmer Says see-and-say toy is recommended for children from 18 months up to about 5 years. They'll have fun singing along with the songs, listening to the stories, and learning lots of fun facts about different animals that live on the farm.

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Cow Poll

Vermont-The Green Mountain State

Vermont farms in the Fall are absolutely gorgeous! My father had an old hayrake just like that in the first picture that I remember riding on when I was growing up. It was such fun bouncing along the fields behind the tractor. My father would give each one of us kids a turn riding around the field on the hayrake.

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Have you ever seen an old New England farm?


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No, but I feel like I did this morning with all your beautiful photography! I smiled at the story of Gertie too. Sounds like a wonderful place to grow up.
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beckyf on said:
It was, and I really miss it.
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Thank you for a lovely trip down memory lane for me! I live in an area that once was all farms too, and sadly we also have lost almost all of them. When I was a child I used to love milking time at my friend's dairy farm - mostly all I did was hang out and pet the baby cows, but I still have fond memories of those simpler days.
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beckyf on said:
They certainly were simpler days. I miss them. What's really sad is that most children these days have never even had a chance to see a real cow.
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Bonita on said:
What gorgeous pictures! New England is so beautiful!
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Gorgeous barn photos! Your animal pictures & stories made me smile.
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Joanne on said:
These are very beautiful images.

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